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It has been another whirlwind.

We got married almost a month ago..can’t believe it has been a month. Happy Anniversary babe!
I could go on and on about the wedding weekend and how spectacular it was…maybe a post for the future.

We kicked off the summer with family fun in Tucson and just enjoying some time at home in the pool…then it was time for the crew to head off in different directions for a few weeks. Fortunately the time apart flew by.

This past weekend MB and I had a fun roadtrip through Ohio and Kentucky. Enjoying my godson’s 2nd birthday party and lots of animals at the zoo and aquarium. There was lots of laughter and so many fun memories made. One of those weekends that remind you to just unplug and live in the moment…

Now we are embarking on another journey as a family……its a gamble but potential for a great reward. I have a feeling its going to be a pretty crazy ride and worth documenting… when the time is right there will be blogging. Lets just say for now for a girl who doesn’t like taking vitamins or any pills for that matter (or as TB would say- “you don’t really know how to get them down”) I have quite a few to swallow each morning.







2 weeks

It’s been two weeks since one of the best days of my life! (The other being Mb’s birth!)

I’m still living in the moment of how perfect it all was. There is not one thing I would do differently.

From start to finish everything was wonderful. I’ve got memories to last a lifetime. I’ve married the love of my life. I’ve given my daughter the best daddy she could ever imagine.

Now it’s back to reality…


Stress and cake

Today is just one of those nights when you want to cry. Stress. Emotions. Overwhelmed. Exhausted.

I probably should have a glass of wine but my throat is scratchy and my head hurts and I know I should just go to sleep, but I had to make some chaos of my to-do list…which tonight resulted in dividing my lists in 2 different ones so I don’t have to look at it all at once.

Can we say ARGGHHHHH. I need a good run or sweat in the gym but not sure that is going to happen…hoping tomorrow but I just realized I forgot to line up help for the soccer carpool.

The highlight of the day was wedding cake tasting. If it weren’t for the fact that lunch had consisted of an iced coffee and dark chocolate M&Ms my stomach might have been a little more forgiving of all the sugar, especially since I have been cutting back so this was like sugar overload!!! Anyway all of it was delicious….we decided on almond cake and vanilla icing for the top, carmel cake with chocolate icing for the middle (my favorite), and chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting for the bottom. MB was in heaven…I totally lost count of how much cake she had..but thankfully we sent the tasting tray back to the kitchen with half of the icing bowls still full!!! Between the sugar rush and the design discussion my head was spinning- another 2 hours of decisions.

I swear every time we meet I feel so lucky to have my wedding planner…I seriously don’t know what I would do without her. There are so many things that I count on her for…including swinging by and picking up the reprinted envelope for my invitations so I didn’t have to make that extra trip. I really couldn’t imagine doing that without her.

After I wrote about the highlight I don’t want to complain about the lowlights…sometimes it is better just to not try and reason with those who are unreasonable.

Now I just hope I can kick whatever bug MB brought into the house because I can feel it attacking and this is no time to be sick….


A little state love


When I saw these guest totes by wedding chicks I knew I had to get them. Reusable bags and cute enough to reuse plus I loved giving some Arizona love to go with our desert love wedding.

Thanks to our wedding planner thinking ahead we even got the fonts to match our invites. Can’t wait for them to arrive.
Then the next project is to fill them with more AZ love!


Dress shopping part 1


No worries you won’t see any dress photos here, TB reads the blog.

So after being throughly stressed out by knowing that I’m getting close to the cut off time for being able to order a dress in time for the wedding- I had no idea that it could take 5 months??? And that off the rack doesn’t happen as often anymore …Mb and I headed out this weekend to do some leg work before my bestie and mom come to visit.

I have to admit I really just wanted to stay home both days with my feet up watching football, especially after my 8 mile run on Sunday but I plowed through and Mb was really excited for it to be just us…even giving up a play date and afternoon with her barbies.

Now day 1 was ok, the dresses were awesome but the experience lacking…

Day 2 was amazing. Nordstrom wedding suite was brilliant. It started with Barb calling me the night before to get my shoes size, dress size, etc and style thoughts. Then we arrived she greeted Mb first and set her up with a clipboard and walked her through being a consultant, Mb was enthralled she didn’t even touch the iPad. I then went back to my dressing room, the pictures say it all. Water, Jewels, shoes, little touches. I know it’s sales but it works…way to make it special.

She had picked out some great dresses and I think we might have found the winner after trying on 4 or so….I can’t wait to go back with my mom and Mols. I believe I used the word floating….

So I left thinking about the dress and with the most wonderful keepsake. A sheet of paper numbered one to 6 with comments filled in about want MB liked and disliked about each dress. “Don’t like the scrunch”, “love it”, “tb would like it”….a small thing for Barb to do but what a memory we had together….and then of course I did get to put on my first pair of Jimmy Choos too đŸ˜‰


We have colors

Changed course a little bit from my first thoughts but…though we still have the blue.

I love how its all coming together and as I met the florist today and looked at the colors I realized it represented the 3 of us.

Blue for TB, pink for me, and orange for MB. Add a little white and naturals to bring in the desert we call home. Perfection!

First vendor meeting complete….flowers flowers and flowers. Love the ideas they had and was great to start getting a vision of it all. Water submerged orchids with floating candles as the centerpieces might be one if my favorite details so far. Little desert terrariums in mason jars for the outside cocktail hour, yes! Going with rustic chic and a splash of color!

Now to find a dress…..


pinning for a wedding

OMG how did we plan weddings before Pinterest. There are so many great ideas I see out there everyday. I can’t wait to incorporate them into the big day.

I am way to busy to even type a sentence right now so instead I will just leave you with my latest pins…soon I should be able to share photos of the winning ceremony and reception location, I HOPE!