Palm trees and sea breezes

I love when my travels include hotel rooms with palm trees and ocean views. It doesn’t happen very often, like 1% of the time…but when it does it sure does make being away from home a little sweeter. A very small bit sweeter.      Being away does make finding today’s happy a little harder but […]

A fun new spot in town

We found a fun new spot…for the mommas and the kiddos! Pinspiration I love how the place looks- its an explosion of fun…it is just how your would imagine it with the name Pinspiration! And then there are shelves full of pinterest projects…you pick what you want to do, they have all the supplies for […]

Yep what I said

Remember a few days ago when I talked about being a working mama. Today was sure a kick in the butt about that statement. Managing a webex and school drop off. Managing errands over lunch break. Managing pick-up, soccer practice, school carnival, and dinner with friends, all after a full day… Oh and then there was […]

Working Mama

So being a working mom can be pretty tough at times. There are times the other side looks a little greener. But if I am honest with myself I love the feeling at the end of the day when I have accomplished it all. The days when I enjoy that first (& second) cup of […]

The urge to blog

It has almost been a year since I blogged last. But lately for some reason I have been missing it. Maybe I miss capturing the memories so we can go back and read through them. Maybe I feel a little bit like I am not doing a good job with Baby S updates. Maybe I […]

Just like me

This morning when getting ready both MB and I are in my bathroom doing our hair. It is silent. Until she says “You look just like me, we look so much alike”. Yes we do honey. Yes we do. And as my mom mentioned…it won’t be long before she is as tall as me. Sometimes […]

100 Happy Days- Part 1

So awhile back when I was up in Flagstaff with a girlfriend she shared the 100 Happy Days movement (check it out here and we decided to give it a whirl. Finding happy in each day and capturing it in a photo. I love the idea and have plenty of happy in my life but […]

34 Weeks…go to newborn item?

4 weeks and 2 days to go….or less or maybe more. This weekend’s to do is to make sure we have everything we need for bringing home a newborn. I ordered diapers and wipes to be sent to MN…excited to try out the new Honest Diaper bundle service. Their designs are so cute!!! Baby B […]

We are back!!!

Well it has been a little while since I have visited the old blog but as we get ready to turn our family of 4 into a family of 5 I am finding my voice again. While the blog has been quiet life sure hasn’t been. We now have a darling little 4th grader who […]

A great big heart #kindness

It’s a normal Saturday. We are out running errands and we run across a homeless man on the corner. MB is so disappointed we don’t have our blessing bags with us in the car. (A girl scout community project that has been really rewarding). Right after we see the man we pass by a Chick-fil-A. […]