Around the table

Sitting down to dinner with the family. Wether it is a fancy sit down restaurant, In-n-Out for quick burgers, or a lovely home cooked meal there is just something special about sitting around the table with the ones you love.

Life gets busy. Life gets crazy.

And then you sit down at the table. Everyone in their spot. Everyone takes a bite of  food. There is silence. And then the day unfolds. There are laughs; sometimes tears. There are stories. There are memories.

2016 has been off to the races. Non-stop. This week we finally were able to slow down and enjoy time around the table each and every night. There is nothing better. We ended the week with a special “around the table” to celebrate our oldest.

I soaked it all in. The giggles. The smiles. The love.

I savored every moment.

Here is to many more memories around the table!

“You are the butter to my bread,and the breath to my life”

Snow fun 

One of the things I love about Arizona is how in 2 hours you can go from the desert to the mountains!

We did just that this past weekend to have some winter fun! And fun it was!

I can still hear the giggles and laughs when I look at this photo!


Twinkling lights

My favorite thing about the holidays (after down time with the family) are the twinkling lights!

This year we made the point of doing a few night runs, some with hot cocoa and some without, to check out the lights!

The oohhh and ahhhs were abundant!

Going to miss when all the lights and magic disappear for another year.



Reset and reflections 

This summer is all about hitting the reset.

The reset on eating. TB and I have both removed all processed foods from our diets and have cut out all sugar completely. We are 2 weeks in and starting to feel the benefits and crave the sugar a little less. Bonus trips to the farmers markets with girlfriends.

The reset on strength. While I’ve been hitting the gym consistently TB is now joining me at OTF and I’ve switched to a new barre studio that is really pushing me to the next level. I love working out together too ❤️

The reset on challenges. I’ve signed up to do the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim (in one day) with a few girlfriends. Our training officially starts in August but I’ve taken a training class, booked our hotel, and made my first REI purchase so it’s feeling real!

And then the reflections.

Simplify. Cleaning up the office. Cleaning out the closet. Less but more. Removing the clutter.

Focusing on the friendships. Setting up wine and coffee dates. Making those texts and phone calls and trips! Making plans and taking the time.

Growing and learning. Making time to focus inward and finding it so fulfilling. Reading words that resonate.

Laughter. SB has nothing but pure joy. She smiles and smiles and smiles. She is a constant reminder to slow down. Laugh. Smile. 


A little bit of life and 10 months 

wow finally catching my breath just to lose it again soon 😜

School is out – summer and 108 degrees at 8pm is here in AZ.

MB and I had a rockin’ adventure touring DC and NYC with my parents and their crew. It was such a special time for the two of us and a great disconnect from the rest of my responsibilities. We saw all the sights, we shared cupcakes, we held hands walking the streets, and laughed from morning to night. 

Memories from that trip keep me smiling weeks later.  
Back on the home front SB is happy as can be and loves to be on the go so TB and I are getting more creative with our evenings. Think food trucks, music festivals, outdoor activities…anything that will have lots to see and allows strollers!

Hard to believe she is 10 months old. She’s constantly exploring and looking for trouble 😃 with a smile on her face. She’s getting close to taking those first steps and will smile and let you hold her as long as mommy and daddy are close by…we are working on that!

I finally finished the Happiness Project and really enjoyed the little reset it gave me as I attack life. It definitely had an affect on how I approach and think about things and had me pick up a few other focuses for the summer. 

I’m also struck by a quote my pastor shared this Sunday that is so true and a great reminder. change of pace + change of place = change of perspective. I keep going back to it. Love it.  

A girl and her dog

When we found out we were having SB I was a little worried about how Indy would be.

Indy was the baby of the house. How was she going to take it when a new baby arrived?

I was worried she would be jealous.

8 months later I regret ever letting that thought cross my mind.

Indy has been perfect with SB since day 1.

The first week she slept outside of SBs room.

The first couple months she always kept a close eye on her and checked in when she cried.

When SB started to grab her tail, Indy let her.

When SB started to crawl and chase after her, Indy let her.

When SB grabs for Indy’s toys, Indy lets her.

Indy protects her, when she thinks I am not watching and SB is on the move she gets close to her to make sure she doesn’t go far.

They are going to be best friends. They already are.

A girl and her dog…a perfect pair.

Caffeine and a little time out

2 days of pounding headaches.

I usually get  a mid-day iced coffee. The last 2 days it just hasn’t been possible and the result means an excruciating headache for the last few hours of the workday. Brutal. Just brutal.

Part of me wants me to cut back on the caffeine…but the reality is I am ok with it running through my veins to keep the day going. 2 cups before the day begins and another one to keep the afternoon humming along. I just need to find a delivery service so I don’t miss the afternoon fix!

Today’s happy is a rough one. It was a really long day. Really long. But it is these days when you have to really focus on the happy to end the day right and start tomorrow’s fresh.

  • Listening to SB chat on the monitor at 5:30am and then go back to sleep till 6:30am
  • the dark quiet room at the end of the day where there is no TV, no cellphone, no talking and you can recharge
  • Watching Honest Company cupcake wars with MB and sneaking some cookie dough before dinner

Those eyebrows…8 months

Can you believe she is 8 months old?

I really can’t…it feels like just yesterday she was being born.

She is our little miracle.

She is our joy.

Last night as I was putting her to bed MB walked in and showed me her Star Student notebook from 3rd grade. All her friends had written a note about her and one of her best friends had written if MB could have anything she wanted it would be a little sister.

Well she got her wish and so did the rest of us.

SB is all smiles. She is out for adventure. She loves to roll and army crawl anywhere and she really turns on the speed for iPhones, MACs, and water bottles.

She rolls with the punches and can be found sleeping on the sidelines of soccer games, enjoying the desert mountain in her stroller, splashing herself silly in the pool, or just snuggling with her family.

Guess it is time to start thinking about her first birthday, OH MY!

And for Today’s happy…I will just give you this photo!


I totally feel like I could sleep for days. Not minutes. Not hours. Yes, DAYS!

This past week was brutal and then the weekend while lots of fun was non-stop as well.

So now its a new week and I am already starting off EXHAUSTED!

I know it is that time of year….we are in the end of school year crunch which is kinda like the end of year holiday crunch but no time off!

So it is 9pm and I am going to bed but would have been happy to go to sleep at 7pm too :)

Today’s happy, tired but happy

  • Sitting down for dinner with the family to a home cooked meal…I’ve gotten so used to cooking each night it was nice to finally have the chance to cook up dinner and all enjoy it together after a little week hiatus.
  • Making it the Orange Theory while MB was at soccer practice. Today was just one of those days where I needed to sweat it out…and thanks to my incredibly wonderful and supportive husband I could. I don’t thank him enough and truly take it for granted that he has my back! This house runs non-stop but we both share the duty.
  • Solving the paint discoloration puzzle…I am not the handy one around the house! Outside of the kitchen it is all TB’s domain…so when the new touch-up paint wasn’t drying on the ceiling the same color as the rest and TB brought me in to check it out I was quite pleased that I immediately jumped on did you use the right finish…the walls and ceilings have different finishes! See I told you I needed OTF…it got the brain cells working again!

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