How baby registries have changed

I will repeat myself over and over again for a while I imagine…10 years changes a lot. Baby gear is just one of those changes. Here are the top 5 things I learned when registering for Baby B. 1. The bottles I used with MB are no longer in production and of course TB in […]

Growing up

My 2 little girls are growing up. One is 20 weeks and doing great in the MN belly. You can read the latest update here on the blog if you haven’t already seen it. The other one is 9 and preparing for her little sister. One of our first projects is to clean our our […]

Andrea & Todd take on AZ Bride ;)

Our wedding article just was published online. I love looking back at the photos…such an incredible day for us all! Just want to bust out and dance to “I’m soooo happy….”. And I just loved our cake!!! Full article here

Oh boy…or wait girl

I realize I haven’t posted in awhile…its partly because there are so many thoughts swimming around in my head. First I guess I should share…. Yep TB is forever out numbered. He also will always be the Prince Charming of the house for 1 lady, 2 girls, and sweet Indy dog. We are at the […]

Today was the pits

You know when a day is so bad you just want to go to bed and have it be over. That is today. I lost a dear friend today. Someone who will be missed greatly. Another friend went home to hospice. She fought a brave fight but in the end the cancer won and know […]

Our Valentine’s Day Surprise

So we went public on Valentine’s day with our little maybe baby. Later that day MK went public with her announcement as well. The outpouring of support and well wishes were amazing. So far only one negative comment and it was a friend of a friend. We had expected it but it still blows me […]

The top 5 reasons to start watching Downton Abbey with your daughter

We haven’t ever really had a real family show we watch together. We catch the Voice on DVR or some other show recorded from the Food Network or HGTV. MB watches Disney by herself now and again but lately she is really loving Cutthroat Kitchen which means even more Food Network. That is until we […]


Balance. I really don’t like that word. It has so much pressure in it. I don’t balance. I juggle. The goal is not to drop a ball…or if you do pick it up quickly and start juggling again. Juggling is success for me. Juggling is achievable. Balance in a minute to minute basis is not. […]

Inside MB’s head

So today I thought I would ask MB what her top 5 questions were about the maybe baby…was kinda fun to see what she said. I will try and get her thoughts on the baby progress once a month as we wait for the maybe baby to arrive! After she was done she came back […]

Time to start spreading the news….

So we had another ultrasound today.   Results: The subchorionic hemorrhage is same size, and heart rate is 185 today. They said everything looked good. The doctor didn’t seem to be too worried about it. I let out a sigh of relief. While it isn’t gone it is a little less scary than it was […]