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A real life honeymoon

One ear infection

Two eye infections and an afternoon at LensCrafters to get glasses and sunglasses along with an eye exam

Food poisoning for one

Amazing views (if you have to be sick in bed not too bad to spend the day looking at the ocean)

Amazing resorts

One round of golf at Plantation golf course…crazy winds and incredible views

Amazing dinners, even if sometimes only one of us ate

Overall relaxing. Time together.

That sums up our honeymoon. I can’t say that I saw much of Maui but I did rest, relax, eat well, and just be in the moment with the one I love.

As TB put it….we had the most perfect wedding so our honeymoon wasn’t perfect, we can come to Maui again but we can’t redo our wedding weekend! So very true……and now back to reality!

Getting through the piles

Welcome home…we are back.

What a wonderful vacation, but just too short. We all needed a few more days.

But back home we are…at least some of us. TB had to fly off for business and unfortunately he didn’t make it as planned, but the lovely airlines wouldn’t let him come home either.

I am working on the 5th load of laundry and still haven’t even touched the surface of what needs to be done.

Note to self: do not go on vacation with the laundry baskets full.

Slowly I am working to clean off the counters only so I can pile them up again as I go through the mail, suitcase debris, and just stuff.

I have some fun vacation posts that I will get to this week…along with about 30 more items on my task list. Busy busy girl I will be.

And since I don’t like to get bored…haha. I did my first triathlon today. Yep!!! I finished in 1:02 and really loved it. I am surprised that I finished 150 out of 443 participants and 14/58 in my age group. In better shape then I give myself credit for.

As I ran the final stretch of the tri I started thinking about what a year 2011 is for me so far. A year of firsts. A year of doing things I swore I would never do. I completed my first half-marathon. I completed my first triathlon.

Life is good. Really good.

Love my lovebugs…and our adventure is the best yet!!!


Where is the week going

I swear I don’t know where this week as gone. It is Thursday already?

I went to bed last night before 8pm. Yes before 8pm. Actually we all went to bed early.

I think it is time for a family vacation. Only 3 weeks to go and I can’t wait.

One week with no computers. No work. Completely unplugged.

I know that while there I will miss checking email, facebook, blogs, etc…but I am really going to attempt to completely unplug for the week. While challenging it will be good for sure. It just sneaks up on you…how tethered we become to technology.

How I went from working on a computer. To having a blackberry and always “working’. Then facebook and blogs entered and I went from emailing with a few family and friends to be connected to so many more people. I love the connection. I love seeing old friends and their new families, I love reading about their adventures, seeing their kids grow up. Quick little comment connections daily…but it sucks you in. What starts as a quick check of the computer turns into a few hours later. Between work and life I spent most of the day plugged into one of the computers, an Apple product, or my blackberry.

I have made small steps in separation. You can now find me going out to lunch, the park, hikes, dinner….without any of those devices. My nightstand doesn’t always have them charging and available for a quick read when I can’t sleep. But when I look back on the day- so much time is spent with each of them…it is just crazy.

And I am not alone. TB is me times 2.

I actually silently wish technology hadn’t find my little slice of paradise. Used to be there was no Internet or cellphone access…so you really had to unplug, there was no choice. Now my blackberry will get service. There is satellite Internet. So staying connected is possible.

Yet my countdown begins today. 3 weeks and we will be unplugged!

Oh yeah – and we will be getting to spend lots of time with out feet in the sand, drinking rum and cokes, eating lots of good cooking and spending time with Nana and Grandpa 🙂

Doesn’t get much better than that, hope TB is ready.

Wordless Wednesday…"Mom I want to Jump"

If you remember when I posted about our last family vacation to Kauai I talked about the waterfall where MB was so mad we didn’t let her jump. These photos should tell you why! First is the happy girl thinking she is going to jump and my expression is watching another kid stumble on the rocks while climbing around…so scared of something going wrong and I am ready to help (notice my hands). The 2nd photo is the jump. She still talks about how we wouldn’t let her jump.

Dolphins and Sea Turtles…oh My

I am almost all caught up from vacation. Just 2 more days to go.

I think Thursday was my favorite day of the vacation. Todd arranged a catamaran boat cruise down the Nepali coast…he promised us dolphins 🙂 and snorkeling. Maddie was so excited…as soon as we got on board she headed out front to the trampoline (after I got happy and put on her life jacket!) and was ready for the boat to go. She loved riding the waves and enjoyed being on the water as much as I did.

It wasn’t long before they spotted some dolphins…but that was just the start. We then found some spinner dolphins that road right along side the boat. With the water so clear we could see them dive under the boat and got to watch themspin around in the air. It was so great and it is fair to say both Maddie and I were quite excited as we hung our heads over the boat.

Next stop was snorkeling. We got Maddie geared up with fins, mask, and  snorkel. Todd was waiting in the water for her as she jumped in. Now the captain had thrown out some muffins to the fish that were used to the boats coming for snorkeling trips, so we had tons of fish around the boat. Maddie jumped in put her head down and then grabbed Todd and started swimming back to the ladder. She held tight till I got in and we calmed her down…she thought the fish were going to bite her. After a few minutes Maddie got the feel of snorkeling down and yelled to us to look at her she was snorkeling. Now every-time she went to breathe she still lifted her head just a gut reaction. Then she saw it…a sea turtle. The excitement was too much. This was Nana’s favorite animal…she was off chasing the turtle down!

After the turtle she was done. We headed back to the boat for some lunch. On the way back the captain did some wave surfing. Where you hold on tight and he drives fast into the waves and you bounce on the trampoline. Maddie wanted in on the fun…so down we went but her little body took those waves in full force and after a couple she was done. We sat and watched the others and you could tell she was so conflicted. To be scared to go back down. Finally we went back down. This time on our backs and holding my hand and another woman from the boat. We latest for about 10min when a really big wave came and Maddie decided she wanted to go back in with Todd. The little daredevil had met her match with the waves.

What a fun trip…and we all got just a little bit too much sun. Perfect recipe for a lazy afternoon nap.

I slept in my flower– WAAHHH!

Well I should be reviewing the depositions and making my notes but instead going to get another vacation post done before I start. Much happier thoughts.

Mid-way through the vacation we opted for a more leisurely day. First stop was to Waimea Canyon (the Grand Canyon of Hawaii) which had some incredible views. At a couple of the stops we found more chickens so again Maddieattempted with no luck to catch one. Our first plan had been for a hike, but due to late start of the day and a sleepy little one we decided to just check the views out and move on.

On the drive back to the Lihue, Maddie was out and we enjoyed the beach views and a quick drive through some rugged road to see what was left of  a Russian Fort. One of those see the signs pull off to check it out and all you see is a rugged road, a wonderful beach, and what could either be a pile of rocks or a rubble of some old fort.

We then made it to a waterfall that we had heard about from other hikers Monday…it was one where you could jump off it so desired. We woke up Maddie who was über excited to put on her bathing suit and follow the jungle trail to the waterfall. The waterfall was a little higher than expected so after Todd and I exchanged a few glances and watched some adults jump we decided it was too much for Maddie. She disagreed and was more than a little disappointed that she couldn’t go in. We took some photos, listened to endless whining…even tried to take her to the edge so she would chicken out…but no luck – she wanted to jump.

Todd quickly distracted with the enticement of going back to the hotel pool and swimming. It worked, we took off and dashed to the pool. At the pool we made some friends and so did Maddie and enjoyed a few hours of splashing in the pool and relaxing in the hot tub.

Then it was time for “date night”. Maddie’s idea. We were both so happy with ourtour guides first couple days that we wanted to say thanks…so Maddie came up with the idea on taking him on Date night. Remembering our first “family date night” of going to see Shrek 4. So we go dressed…Maddie found a flower for her hair and we were off to enjoy some good Italian food and each other.

Another exhausted crew we went right to sleep…Maddie with the flower in her hair. This made for some fun the next morning when Maddie woke up and when she saw a petal in the bed went from happy girl to “I slept on my flower…WAAAAAHHHH”. This made us all crack up (well first Todd and I, then Maddie followed when we repeated what she had done) and became a constant joke by all 3 of us for the rest of the trip!

A lazy day

Tuesday was our lazier day. We had to do a room move, which wasn’t so much fun and we lost our view in the process. A little complaining didn’t get us much and after we were just too busy to care.

We started off the morning with breakfast at a local joint. We went for the pancakes but that was just the beginning. First off the bacon was some of the best island bacon ever! Even better was Maddie, who doesn’t much care for eggs. Fell in love with the “hawaiian-style” eggs. Now they were just scrambled and folded over like an omelet..but for Madison is was a whole new egg. She devoured one and wanted more. Usually we have to make her eat a couple bites but no longer. I see many more Hawaiian style egg breakfasts in our future.

We then went back to the hotel and enjoyed a good couple hours of pool time. Lots of crazy throws by best buddy and just plain goofing around in the pool. No complaints by anyone.

We made the room move and headed over to play 18 holes of golf. Maddie’s first time on the golf course (past the driving range) and she had a blast. She loved washing our golf balls, learned how to properly rake the sand, and driving the cart. The ranger told her before we took off she could have a chicken if she could catch one. Maddie took him seriously and tried her hardest to catch one…she wasn’t successful but it gave us a few laughs especially when she got a little freaked out that the momma chicken didn’t like her going after the little chicks. We ended up getting rained on a couple skipped a few holes to get to the ocean front tees. The 16th hole was amazing and Todd hit a perfect tee shot as we looked past the ocean to themountains…we quickly then finished up before the heavy rain set in. What fun to all play golf together…now just need to find more time to work on my game.

We opted for a nice dinner out..Roy’s. Wow, amazing is all I can say. The food was incredible. Incredible. Great fish. Unbelievable Ahi Tuna. We were happy to see that there is one in Scottsdale. I expect us to be back to Roy’s within the next month or so. That good! We finished up the evening with Lava Cake. Taking turns going around the table for our bites and resisting the urge to lick the plate…Lava Cake and the 3 of us is quite an entertaining site.

Next to Roy’s was a great little art gallery…and while I think I have my days confused we did at Maddie’s request one night check out the gallery.  She loved all the sculptures and paintings. On the ride home she talked to us about why she appreciated art. It was such a great explanation. Saying that art has meaning and is made for people you love so they can enjoy it. How she enjoys making art to share with others and how she enjoys seeing what art people have made for her to enjoy. Sometimes I can not squeeze her hard enough…so precious!

Just another day in paradise with my lovebugs!

Professional Hiker, Hulu girl, and Puka dog lover!

What a day!

Maddie’s pick…feeding the koi fish. The hotel has this great koi fish pond and does a feeding for the kids at 9am. We were there and ready. First thing Maddie said before she went to bed and the first thing she asked for when she woke up…so we knew that was part of the daily agenda. It was pretty cool to get the feed the fish..they went nuts and splashed water and got so close to the edge you could pet them. Well actually you could pick which of the 15 you wanted to pet. Maddie managed to make her food outlast every other child. So we feed the fish with 50 other kids and then threw in the last pellet with only one or 2 people still around. Mission Accomplished.

After lunch it was on to Todd’s pick…hiking the Nepali coast. We found parking…which was a bit of a walk since they had closed down other parking for a movie that was filming. The bonus on our walk to the trailhead we got to pass the movie crews and actually saw one of the pirates from Pirates of the Caribbean 4. Guess it should really be Pirates of Hawaii. We got to the trailhead and everyone was excited about our hiking adventure. The first part of the trail was slippery, muddy, a steady accent, and all rocks. Maddie climbed up like a real pro with us following behind. The views at the top were outstanding…and what a wonderful adventure. All along the hike peoplecouldn’t believe that Maddie was doing it..she got lots of that’s awesome, what a girl, you go girl. And then a few whispered wow can you believe that little girl is doing this. We were proud…but then again we never thought twice about the climb with her either.

After our hike we drove to the other side of the Maddie enough time for a good long nap in the car. We then stopped to see the sounding horn. Maddie loved the splash, I loved the sound. Todd then picked dinner..Puka Dogs. A polish sausage that fits into a bun that they fill with a special sauce or in Maddie’s case ketchup. Todd and Maddie were in hog heaven with their dogs.

As if that wasn’t enough for our first full day we ended a night with a luau. The show was pretty amazing. Maddie got to get up and learn the Hulu and the fire dancing at the end was just outstanding.  

For our first full day of vacation it was pretty outstanding…loving Kauai and loving the uninterrupted time together!

Family Vacation, take 1

It is going to be downhill from here :).

We are off on our first family vacation together (Todd, Maddie, and I) and honestly from my previous life other than Mommy and me trips or family/friend/golf visits this is Maddie and my real first family vacation. Good stuff.

The first surprise was Todd and our airport driver surprised Maddie with a limo pick-up. She was so surprised she got all shy… until she got inside and then relaxed like a rock-star.

Limo Rockstar

We had an uneventful flight. I must vent a little it was amazing to me that in 6 hours they served no food. You could buy snacks if you wanted and they only came down twice with drinks. They didn’t even give you the can of soda and never once did a water run. Airplane travel is definitely no frills anymore. I was prepared with water bottles and we shared some lunch. They also showed Extraordinary Measures as the first movie..not sure I think that is happy plane pick but I did enjoy the movie. Maddie was a dream we started and ended the flight with naps and in between she and Todd snuggled up watching Scooby Doo and she then watched Princess Diaries by herself. There is no doubt she is a professional traveler. Others on the plane were amazed, they didn’t realize there was a child around till she got up for the restroom.

A great flight and we arrived…Kauai is beautiful. The green mountains, the beach. Love it. We got to our hotel equipped with a huge koi pond and truly a look of paradise. Our room wasn’t ready but we enjoyed lunch by the beach and then it was ready. Now they have a little snafu and are going to have to move us half way through, but offered us a late checkout Friday and $250 in hotel credit, so worth the moving hassle.  Travel fairies are looking on us again.

Working on our picture journal at lunch

Beach, pool, and catch up sleep the first day…Looking forward to the adventures ahead.

Pool with mommy, Ocean with Todd

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