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Palm trees and sea breezes

I love when my travels include hotel rooms with palm trees and ocean views. It doesn’t happen very often, like 1% of the time…but when it does it sure does make being away from home a little sweeter. A very small bit sweeter. 


 Being away does make finding today’s happy a little harder but probably days I need to do it more than others. Especially when you wake up at 3am and have a 2 hour flight delay.

Today’s happy

  • Getting my co-worker to drive the rental car!
  • Walking to dinner after a long day inside
  • taking 30min to spend some time with the treadmill

We are back!!!

Well it has been a little while since I have visited the old blog but as we get ready to turn our family of 4 into a family of 5 I am finding my voice again.

While the blog has been quiet life sure hasn’t been.

We now have a darling little 4th grader who is a bit of a tomboy, loves her futbol & football, Downtown Abbey, claims to be the #1 Colts fan in the world, and is sweet as sugar with a little sass.IMG_4823

TB and I celebrated our first year of marriage and it was just as wonderful as it should have been. To keep it exciting we jumped right into expanding our family (1st dr apt two days after our wedding!) and are now a little more than 4 weeks away from meeting baby B.


You can catch up on the latest here at AZBabyMNOven. This has truly been such an amazing experience, each day I really do need to pinch myself that this is happening. And this gift from the Ks has come with such fun extra bonuses…like extra visits with their family both here and while our paths crossed in OH. We only had one miss when MK and I passed each other in MN as one plane landed and the other one took off!

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We spent the summer traveling, relaxing, watching lots of World Cup, and preparing for Baby B. Baby B prep required a full remodel of MB and my office but it is coming together and I just love it. A fun and modern room for a fun and modern baby!


In living with our theme, lovebug adventures….TB is starting another adventure at work and so it seemed just fitting that we spent our summer getaway in San Fran where the city just seeps innovation. I really cherish these little time-outs we take….no schedule, lots of great food, good wines, and being together. We stayed at the St. Regis San Francisco which is such a wonderful hotel…I absolutely love it and can’t wait for our return trip!


That about does it…not much for just a few months uh 🙂

Now we are washing baby clothes, finishing up the last touches on the nursery and reviewing the newborn checklist to make sure we have everything we need!



A real life honeymoon

One ear infection

Two eye infections and an afternoon at LensCrafters to get glasses and sunglasses along with an eye exam

Food poisoning for one

Amazing views (if you have to be sick in bed not too bad to spend the day looking at the ocean)

Amazing resorts

One round of golf at Plantation golf course…crazy winds and incredible views

Amazing dinners, even if sometimes only one of us ate

Overall relaxing. Time together.

That sums up our honeymoon. I can’t say that I saw much of Maui but I did rest, relax, eat well, and just be in the moment with the one I love.

As TB put it….we had the most perfect wedding so our honeymoon wasn’t perfect, we can come to Maui again but we can’t redo our wedding weekend! So very true……and now back to reality!

Rawhide Western Town

You know when you live some place for a long time then you discover a fun little gem that your out of towners would enjoy…that was Rawhide for us.

Anytime our visitors have kids they always are looking for some “wild west” fun…we have sent them off to towns 60-90min away…turns out there is one right in our backyard at Wild Horse Pass, Rawhide Western Town.

I would highly suggesting getting the full pass for the kids so you don’t to worry about each little extra expense. The shows are cute but really short and I am not sure they are worth the individual price point but if you were able to do 3-4 for the group ticket probably a better deal.

Panning for gold was the biggest hit. That and the extras that walked around the town. The one-off interactions with each other and with the guests really made the experience.

MB and her cousin had a blast and we will totally be sending our next visitors there for a little flavor of the old west.







When the world stops

I’m on my way to New York. It’s been about 90 minutes. The pilot announces we are turning around and then pauses and says he has bad news.

For a second the world stops. I immediately cringe thinking there has been another terrorist attack. Not again.

The pilot then confirms its an issue with our plane. An engine issue but we will be ok things and operating fine and we will have a normal landing. I must admit that didn’t settle the nerves too much until I was back on the ground.

Now back at home I think about my first reaction. Terrorists. An attack on New York. It’s so sad that the thought isn’t so unreal or means I’ve been watching to many movies.

Things that happened all around the world but never here are now becoming common in our backyard. It makes me sad.

I hope we find a way back to what was.

Training on the road

This week is gonna be a little tough….the schedule is just crazy.

Fortunately I took advantage of free time during vacation to make sure I kept to last weeks schedule and my 8 mile run wasn’t too bad. The hills slowed me down but I met my lovebugs for breakfast at the end of the run and that was a perfect ending…and the compression socks are back in business 😉

Well this never got posted last week just like my training didn’t really happen. Rough week.

I basically ended up with a 2 mile run on the treadmill on Tuesday.

Cross train at the Dailey method on Thursday.

Nothing Friday.

Today a double up – 5 mile run and a mixed Dailey Method class.

Hoping tomorrow to get in 2-3 miles but its gonna be tough…..hoping I can find more time and fewer excuses next week.

A week in photos and words- Sept 23

Well last week was a busy one. TB and I had work that both took us to California for a few days. My conference was all focused around the power of social media- we have a fun road ahead!

The cooler fall weather was wonderful and I really am looking forward to talking the entire family back to San Fran for a vacation- I think MB would just love the cable cars, Ghirardelli Square, and Alcatraz. I did…and the Gaints game too.

Before I headed home I ended the conference with an incredible Red Hot Chili Peppers concert on the steps to City Hall! Such a treat and what an gorgeous backdrop!

Came home and it was family family family time. We hit the dry bar for a little girl time and a weekend of great hair :). I really wish I could go there every week- if I went on Sunday I could probably make it halfway through the week without having to do anything to my hair!

Saturday MB had her first real game on the competitive team and she scored her first goal! Let’s just say she was on cloud nine and the girls had a great first win- it is going to be a fun season. Then we followed that up with a win by the Gators and the Cardinals…an overall great sports weekend!

Now back to our normal schedule

Olympics in traveling

I am going for the gold this week with traveling.

Completing my last round of training before picking up my girl and heading home to be with the family. My silver lining of this trip is that my last stop is to pick up MB.

Now I just need the days to fly by.

Day 1 brought about 30min of delays but it was really odd to end up in Syracuse. Where I lived before moving out west. Such memories I have coming and going through that airport. What pain and anguish on what the future would hold. It felt really good walking through the airport strong confident happy and in love knowing that the path chosen was the right path.


Travel tip

I tried something new this trip.

No automatic upgrade, but I got this email that asked if I wanted to preorder a meal.

I was taking a west-east coast flight that always screws up eating.

So I decided to preorder the Cobb salad. You didn’t have to pay just put in your selection and submit.

Well let’s just say it worked out well enough I wanted to share with others.

I had a seat in row 24 (a bulkhead/exit row and our middle seat was empty, happy sigh).

We start to take off and they ask for me to ring my call button. I got excited thinking I was upgraded but nope they wanted to confirm my seat for the meal.

Now comes the meal cart. They didn’t bring me my meal early but after they made it back to row 24 there was only one box of M&Ms, 2 things of chips and salsa, and a few snack boxes.

Only one Cobb salad. Mine. With my name on it.

I ignored the staring eyes wondering how I got my meal after they were told they were out of salads.. I must note the salad was really quite good and my belly was happy to have food.

So that’s my travel trip…if you travel us airways and have a long flight pre-order. If you find something at the airport and change your mind you just let them know and there is no fee or charge for the meal…and preordering didn’t have an extra fee. Total travel win today.

Flat Stanley hits Florida

Flat Stanley gets an X-ray

Meeting the pilot and sitting in his seat

Getting ready to run a 5K

Meeting Donald Duck

Just a few of Flat Stanley-ette’s latest adventures. Now we wait to see where she ends up next as Nana continues the adventure in Florida!

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