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Training Week 6

Well I didn’t quite make the 21 miles I was short by 3 and ended up logging 18.2.

It was my mid-week runs…I had a couple meetings come up that cramped my lunch time runs and so I just got in 3 one day and the other had to do a 5 before work but it had hills so that was a little tougher. Made my long run happen today and it felt really good- especially since we had friends over for an early thanksgiving the night before and the red wine was flowing! I made it to a DM class this afternoon and it really is so great for those runner legs- if I can make it through thigh work and the shakes the stretches are totally worth it.

This week is going to be tough with travel and the holidays…but I know that and so I am not putting any extra stress on myself to try and get it done while on the road.

Here is the plan.

Monday- Dailey Method

Tuesday- 6 miles…not sure how I am going to pull this one off- we have an all day work meeting but will try to get in at least 3.

Wed- DM and if I can’t make Tuesday’s run happen will get in a few miles today before I get on the plane

Thursday- 7 miles on the treadmill…this is going to be painful

Friday- rest

Saturday- 5 miles on the treadmill again

Sunday- travel day

Monday- 11 miles: going to be tricky but getting up early before work and I am determined to make it fit!

One positive is I think I have finally found the perfect long run spot. It’s the Arizona canal trail. All dirt so easy on the legs. I have figured out a 6 mile out and back stretch to where I park my car so for the longer runs I can stop back at the car to hydrate and fuel and there is a starbucks on the way home so I can treat myself for the hard work! Crazy to think I will be going out and back 3 times real soon…EEECK!

Hope everyone is gearing up for a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends!


Training Week 5 & Life Update

I am so falling off on my blogging other than the weekly training updates….life is good. We finally had a down weekend and I can see the counter again in my office which feels good. This week we had the book fair at school so I spent a night selling subway sandwiches in 3 inch heels (since I came right from work)…and MB and TB enjoyed doughnuts at school one morning.

We had a fun hayride and campfire night with our girl scout troop on Friday night….the weather got cooler (60’s) and we even had a little rain! As always there were lots of laughs 🙂

Saturday we only had one thing…SOCCER. MB played like her heart out for the first half..even talking a few slides after the ball! Was cold enough to wear her warm up suit…looking good!

So last week I managed to get in 18.5 miles! Woot! I found a great 5 mile route I can do from my office at lunch since the dark mornings and nights are working so well for me! Then today I went for my 9 along the canal. I didn’t fuel up like I should have but still managed to keep a pretty good pace with just a little walking here and there…I still need to figure out the canal system so I can stay on the trail versus sidewalk but I also hope to bring the lovebugs with me next time so they can ride bikes along. We met for lunch afterwards and then I got in a Dailey Method class…oh man did my thighs burn, but got in some good stretching and working on my endurance. 3 hours of working out….I think I have earned some nachos tonight!

Next week’s training looks good so far but lets see how the week plays out…we have a big chess tournament coming up this weekend which is going to make the long run a challenge but I will fit it in maybe in between matches.

Monday- DM

Tuesday- 6 miles, hoping to do some speed work this time

Wed- DM

Thursday- 6 miles, steady

Friday- DM

Saturday- rest, maybe a family run (MB needs to get in some training for our 5K in Dec)

Sunday- 9 miles

Wish me luck….9 miles more shortest long run for awhile. OH NO!

Training on the road

This week is gonna be a little tough….the schedule is just crazy.

Fortunately I took advantage of free time during vacation to make sure I kept to last weeks schedule and my 8 mile run wasn’t too bad. The hills slowed me down but I met my lovebugs for breakfast at the end of the run and that was a perfect ending…and the compression socks are back in business 😉

Well this never got posted last week just like my training didn’t really happen. Rough week.

I basically ended up with a 2 mile run on the treadmill on Tuesday.

Cross train at the Dailey method on Thursday.

Nothing Friday.

Today a double up – 5 mile run and a mixed Dailey Method class.

Hoping tomorrow to get in 2-3 miles but its gonna be tough…..hoping I can find more time and fewer excuses next week.

Olympics in traveling

I am going for the gold this week with traveling.

Completing my last round of training before picking up my girl and heading home to be with the family. My silver lining of this trip is that my last stop is to pick up MB.

Now I just need the days to fly by.

Day 1 brought about 30min of delays but it was really odd to end up in Syracuse. Where I lived before moving out west. Such memories I have coming and going through that airport. What pain and anguish on what the future would hold. It felt really good walking through the airport strong confident happy and in love knowing that the path chosen was the right path.


a year ago

About a year ago I started training for my first half marathon.

A long run for me was 3 miles. That would wear me out.

That was a year ago.

This weekend I went for a group bike ride with some ladies in my neighborhood. My first group ride- it was a lot of fun and we are going to try to do it once a week. 17 miles in about 1:16 hours. It was a good ride with lots of hills.

Then today I went out for an 8 mile run.

And I should not forget that Friday night I ended my week with an hour hot yoga class.

25 Miles in one weekend.

A year ago 3 miles of running would tap me out.

I get tons of support and encouragement from family and friends which is great. But there is no better feeling then being proud of myself. Being proud of what I have accomplished. Being proud that 25 miles in a weekend is not crazy for me but more my norm. Proud to say I am a 30+ year old athlete!!

Who is now going to spend the afternoon at the ballpark with her family and enjoying sitting on my butt and having a nice cold beer. I deserve it!!!

Gotta get back in the groove

The training plan is off track and I don’t like it.

First I was sick.

Then there was the GS camping weekend.

Then I was still sick and exhausted.

Then TB had to travel.

The end result is I haven’t been able to run in over a week.

It is driving me nuts.

I am going crazy.

Not just for the 10 miles I missed this weekend.

Not just for the 4 other runs I missed.

I just miss getting out there on my legs.

Watching the sunrise as I come home before anyone else is awake in the house.

The music in my ears.

The pavement under my feet.

I miss it.

I want to RUN RUN RUN.

…and I am not sure I can wait till Saturday!!!

The heat needs to go

I am so over this heat.

My training plan is getting up in the miles. 9 miles was on the agenda for today. I was ready for the 9 miles, but not for the heat.

It’s time for the heat to go. I just can’t do these long runs in 105+ temps.

The first 5 miles were great…now they were downhill but not a major grade so more like a straight run. The sun was behind the clouds, I was in the shade of the trees as well. Things were feeling so good.

Then it was time to turn around. The sun came out from behind the clouds and the heat just took over.

While I only had one bottle of water on the first 5 miles, the next 2 I had finished 2. I stopped at the convenience store and filled up the bottles and jugged another one down.

Got back out on the road and it went downhill from there. It was run, walk, drink, run, walk, drink.  By about mile 8 the heat was really going strong and my body was aching. I was out of water and had another 2 miles to go to get home, so I decided that was it, time to walk.

My body was on heat overload. I came home and drank another 32 ounces of water. Seriously in 2 hours I downed over 100 ounces of water and was still thirsty. This heat has got to go.

Fortunately it looks like next week we are finally going to get a break and be in the 90’s. I am so excited I can’t wait to get out and run with a chill in the air…

Meanwhile I am going to keep at it and know that the heat will get the best of me and these won’t be my best runs, but the miles are getting down and this girl can now do 6+ miles without batting an eye. A year ago my long runs were 3 miles…so heat or no heat I have come a long way baby!!


While I run

I get up at least 5 days a week either at 5am or at 6am. Only way to get in those long runs before the day begins…or to make it to an 1 hour and 20min hot yoga class.

I am thankful, especially in the summer, that I have finally learned how to get up early. Otherwise I don’t think the half marathon training would be possible at least not in August. Seriously- doing 8 miles when it is 90 degrees at 6am, doesn’t bode real well if your alarm doesn’t go off. Come on cooler weather.

Weather it’s a run, a bike, a swim, or yoga I always come home to the same scene.

my little MB konked out in my bed.

Sometime while I am out she walks into our room and climbs into bed. As she will tell it to wait and greet me after my run…but she is never awake. She is dead to the world. I come home, take my shower, and then enjoy a last minute snuggle before she gets up and we start our day.

I got him in the pool

I did it!

I finally got TB to come join me in the pool

He might have a 2012 triathlon in him.

I enjoy having a training partner…running, biking, and now I got him in the pool.

We took it easy for our first session….next time I am going to have to push him a little harder.

The one thing for sure is that swimming is getting to be the only exercise that is bearable with this Arizona summer heat.

I am glad I don’t have any races coming up cause this heat is really having an impact. If I don’t get out first thing in the morning I can forget about any workout. Getting in one or two runs a week seems to be a “success”.

I actually am missing getting in my 5-6 days of training- but I also am dreading August a little bit as I think it will be just as hot and I will have to get in at least 3 runs a week.

Here is to hot Arizona summers and a lot more workouts in the pool!

Miss me

Well it seems that work is going to interfere with my daily blogging…you miss me??

This week has been a whirlwind. Each one of the lovebugs as had a crazy schedule.

Here are just a few highlights

MB started swim team. I have to admit when I got to the pool and she was having her pre-swim meeting I was a little nervous. Was she ready for the big pool….it was a long swim. But who am I fooling she was ready and passing girls and loving it.

Take your marks

Swimmers take your start


and she is off (middle lane)


She loved it…she loves swimming and having a few more friends from school involved made it even better.  So now the schedule is swimming, soccer, and gymnastics….my little girl has guns!

Our soccer game got cancelled this week and she was bummed she didn’t have another chance to win the hustle award…she has her eyes on that prize.

My tri for tomorrow has now been changed to a dual since the lake has been closed for swimming due to the rain we got today. I am pretty bummed because my goal was the sprint tri…but it should still be a tough race. I injured myself last weekend at the splash and dash (deltoid) and haven’t been able to workout or train at all this week…let alone have a good night’s sleep or a day or work not in pain. So hoping no pain on the course……and not sure when I will get another tri on the schedule…finding the training time is going to be alot tougher now.

TB and I have to start working on our San Diego 1/2 marathon coming up in June…we are behind on starting…so hopefully his PT is going to be affective and we can get him back out on the course.

With bad weather today we ended up cancelling our team for the school’s golfing fundraiser….I felt bad about it but it was really cold and rainy. Once we made the decision it was about an hour later that I realized what a good decision it was. MB and I did crafts and painted our toes. TB took a nap. We all snuggled and watched a movie. I think my family needed a lazy day together just to be reconnected in our crazy lives. So while I felt bad to our friends I know it was the right thing for the family.

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