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a little blue box

It’s Sunday night we are getting ready to go out to dinner.

We are late for our reservation.

I am not sure what TB is doing but he and MB are messing around in the bedroom.

Then he comes out to get me and leads me into our bedroom.

He sits me down.

MB is there. Indy is there. He gets down on one knee.

It was the moment. I won’t put the words he said here but I will say that they were just perfect and my eyes are tearing up as I think about it.

It was about our family. It was about us. It was about what we have created here together  – our lives.

There were tears from all of us. There were smiles from all of us. It was a moment for just the 2 of us but also a moment for just the 3 of us.

I remember MB saying to me “Mom, I am so happy and excited but I feel like I want to cry”…yep babe that is the emotion flowing through.

A moment of true love…and I sit here thinking back over it and MB were her wide eyes- what a wonderful thing for Madison to witness, to learn what she deserves to find someday in life.

And then there was the little blue box….I still can’t believe it. It’s just perfect. As my bestie put it…so “sweet home Alabama”. Timeless. Forever.

We are the luckiest girls in the world…and while we have been a family for a while now…we are finally making it OFFICIAL!

First page of the Martha Stewart wedding magazine I picked up the next day 🙂



Just call me Hope Solo

Today was our 2nd soccer game of the fall season. MB was going to be play goalie for one half. She had practiced with her coach, a little practicing around at home. She was excited, she was ready.

She decided that for the game her teammates could just call her Hope Solo for the game.

I was a little nervous. Goalie is a lot of pressure.

And of course this week we got a really really good team. Translating to a lot of shots on goal and way too much action in front of our goal.

MB was aggressive she was right in the thick of it. She jumped on the ball. She threw it out with gusto. Everyone on the sidelines were quite taken with how she played….especially as she took a hard ball to the face and just kept going. She loved being goalie and can’t wait to do it again.

I personally think that TB’s pre-game coaching might of had something to do with it. He told her to pretend the ball was chocolate and she needed to protect the chocolate. I believe there was a deal for every goal she saved she got a piece of chocolate when we got home.

As we walked off the field celebrating a loss by the team but a great save of multiple shots on goals…MB exclaimed I wasn’t going to let them get my chocolate.

I had to laugh – she has a natural athletic ability, one that I can’t relate to too much. But I know she is my girl when she says she is “protecting the chocolate”

Do si do

Tonight at dinner Mb showed us what she had learned in music.

The do si do.

She grabbed me as her partner and I couldn’t get it right.

Mom she said, it has an 8 count.

Tb was up next.

He had the moves.

Forward. Back. Forward. Back.

And round your partner here we go.

So proud.


And the third part of the routine, well that’s the big surprise for next class.

Another great week in first grade. The family is all back home together and no travel plans for next week. Yeah. A great weekend ahead.

Happy Friday all!!!

Fly away

We took TB off to the airport this morning.

We all hate Sunday travel days.

As we said our goodbyes and drove off MB wanted to confirm the days that TB would be gone.

After we got our dates straight she said what if TB had to go away for 10 days. That would just not be acceptable. I would have to get on a plane and go get him and tell his boss that he can’t stay away from his family that long. It is not acceptable. Mom, what if they said 40 days. We wouldn’t let him get on the plane. I would call his boss and tell him he was sick. Could you imagine 40 days???

I smiled. I agree.

But in the words of the lovebugs- he has to work so we can have a good life. Just like she has to go to school so she can have a good life.

Now we are home. Bathing suits on, laying on floats in the pool, watching legally blond. Me and my mini-me!

oh yeah and I am resting my legs….did 7 miles this morning. Longest run since my half in San Diego in June. Felt good to get out there…but I am really ready for the fall weather to arrive. The heat is brutal.

Get some good sleep

Driving home from the swim team celebration, MB was disappointed that we weren’t joining TB for his basketball game. Actually she was at first surprised why weren’t we going together all as a family. Our norm, which I love, but I digress.

So from the front seat I listen as TB and MB discuss the situation.

MB: TB, please can I go with you?

TB: You want to go?

MB: Yes, please, I will hold your sweat towel and water bottle like you do for me at soccer

TB: Let me think about it

MB: Ok


MB: Have you thought about it?

TB: yep, I am still thinking. You ok sitting in the stands while I play?

MB: Will it be inside or outside?

TB: Outside

MB: Do I have to sit with a stranger?

TB: No you will sit by me and my team

MB: What are your team colors?

TB: Maroon and white

MB: Yea I want to go. I can take care of you.

TB: Ok, let me think about it.


MB: Have you made your decision?

TB: Yes, you can come.



MB: Mom, hope you have a good sleep.


And I did have a good sleep. Woke up this morning to a bed full of family, Indy included. I smiled as I went for my run. As I came home they were all still out. I checked Facebook and read the sweetest status up date. After the game MB had told TB “when I grow up, I’m going to be an athlete just like you. Watch how fast I am.”


The game is on

There are 4 little kids running around at full speed. Full of energy. Full of life. Nothing is settling them down.

Then the game starts. US versus Brazil.

TB is in the theater room ready for the game. MB is right there with them. It’s soccer. It’s the world cup.

There is silence. There is watching. There are distractions but they are focused on the game. GOAL is screamed. A goal dance is created.

A 6 year old’s test of focus. 90 min plus of watching a game. Watching the game through distractions of other little ones wanting to play and run around.

MB lost her focus during half-time and had a hard time getting back to the game. Till she remembered that TB gave up golf since he promised he would watch the World Cup game with MB. MB states this to her friends, leaves her playtime, and proceeds to climb up in the chair and watch the rest of the game with TB.

She is proud that he is there for her. She doesn’t say a word but you can tell it means something.

She is a lucky girl. I am a lucky girl.

Every girl needs a strong male figure in her life. Trust that they will be there for them no matter what. Keeping promises.

MB probably wouldn’t have remembered if TB went out to play golf instead of watching the world cup. But she does remember that he didn’t play golf, that he was there to watch the game with her.

She does remember the crazy goal dance.

I remember them snuggled up in the chair watching the game.

Their relationship is beautiful to watch.


Closing in

I can’t believe the summer is almost over…it seems like it just began.

As we come to close I think about the some of our fun summer memories.

A few weeks back we went to visit family in Indy.

We had some classic summer days. Playing soccer in the backyard, swinging as high as we could from the swings. Trying out new tricks in the pool, scaring mommy half to death as we went down inverted down the slide full of play toys.

Trying to eat ice cream cones faster than they melted.

Catching lightning bugs in a dark summer night.

Snuggling up at the end of the day. Tired and warm from the sun…holding each other tight.

Carefree. Unconditional. Doing what we do best.

Summer might be closing in….but those memories keep the smiles strong.

3 way smiles

This week the family is spread out across the US.

West coast, midwest, and east coast.

3 different places, yet 2 nights in a row we have been able to connect as a family for 30min live.

What a feeling.

No better way to close out the evening.

I sit here on my iPhone while they sit at their computers. We can each see each others faces. We talk about our days, play around with our puppy. Talk about the World Cup and hear TB scream GOOOOAAAAALLLLL. We stick out our tongues. Ending the call blow kisses and sending hugs.

As we got off the phone I am smiling. Yeah it is tough to be away and in an ideal world that conversation would have been in person around the dinner table…but that is not our life. And even though we were sitting at other tables in different places for those 30min it was us, all together, a virtual family.

I really can’t think of a better thing that has come around in all my travels….I feel like the Oreo commercial where the kid eats an Oreo with his dad who is in Japan. One ending their day, the other beginning theirs. Sharing that common moment even though they were miles apart.

Thank you technology!!!

I got him in the pool

I did it!

I finally got TB to come join me in the pool

He might have a 2012 triathlon in him.

I enjoy having a training partner…running, biking, and now I got him in the pool.

We took it easy for our first session….next time I am going to have to push him a little harder.

The one thing for sure is that swimming is getting to be the only exercise that is bearable with this Arizona summer heat.

I am glad I don’t have any races coming up cause this heat is really having an impact. If I don’t get out first thing in the morning I can forget about any workout. Getting in one or two runs a week seems to be a “success”.

I actually am missing getting in my 5-6 days of training- but I also am dreading August a little bit as I think it will be just as hot and I will have to get in at least 3 runs a week.

Here is to hot Arizona summers and a lot more workouts in the pool!

Moving in again…

Where have I been????

Well I have a list of about 5 blog posts I need to get out there to catch up on the fun summer weekends we have had…and I am hoping with the flights this week I might have some time to get them least the words, the photos will have to wait till I am back home, but it’s a start.

Anyway the reason my computer time has been so little of late is that we TB and I are in “home project” land. Since we moved in 1.5 years ago we had talked about all the updates we needed to do. That NY furniture that just didn’t look right in AZ and especially with our big tall ceilings. About the only room that got done up right was MB’s.

Well that is all changing and so fun and exciting….between getting new stuff and selling the old our house is in complete disarray.

I am talking furniture in the hallways, every table covered with stuff to sort through. That topped off with the incredible haboob that left our entire outside covered in a thick layer of dust (even the garage) we spent every waking minute working on the house.

TB spent about 10+ hours outside this weekend cleaning up the dust. Since we had to clean out the garage to wash out the dust we used that time to clean it up…with a truck filled trip to goodwill.

During the days I cleaned out MB’s room. Another trip to goodwill. Sorted through her clothes. 2 packages out in the mail to pass-down to friends. Moved her furniture around, brought in her original dresser that we had been borrowing…re-did her playroom, got her a new desk…the list goes on and on. I finally hung photos on the wall…..I think there were something like 20 that we had sitting in spots but not up on the walls.

Things are starting to really look great…we have moved into the guest room as our bedroom is bare. TB has moved into MB’s playroom as his office is bare. That is till this weekend when the new stuff arrives….which will be followed with more cleaning out, organizing, hanging things on the wall.

Oh and did I forget to mention that we are looking at remodeling all the bathrooms…so contractor meetings, picking out tile, trying to figure out what to do.

And since that doesn’t seem like enough to keep us working kids busy…I am also preparing for our back to school pool party/ice cream bash. Remember last year’s party.  Well after TB cleaned out cherry stems from the hot tub we are going to be changing it up a little…but there will be ice cream!

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