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Those eyebrows…8 months

Can you believe she is 8 months old?

I really can’t…it feels like just yesterday she was being born.

She is our little miracle.

She is our joy.

Last night as I was putting her to bed MB walked in and showed me her Star Student notebook from 3rd grade. All her friends had written a note about her and one of her best friends had written if MB could have anything she wanted it would be a little sister.

Well she got her wish and so did the rest of us.

SB is all smiles. She is out for adventure. She loves to roll and army crawl anywhere and she really turns on the speed for iPhones, MACs, and water bottles.

She rolls with the punches and can be found sleeping on the sidelines of soccer games, enjoying the desert mountain in her stroller, splashing herself silly in the pool, or just snuggling with her family.

Guess it is time to start thinking about her first birthday, OH MY!

And for Today’s happy…I will just give you this photo!

We are back!!!

Well it has been a little while since I have visited the old blog but as we get ready to turn our family of 4 into a family of 5 I am finding my voice again.

While the blog has been quiet life sure hasn’t been.

We now have a darling little 4th grader who is a bit of a tomboy, loves her futbol & football, Downtown Abbey, claims to be the #1 Colts fan in the world, and is sweet as sugar with a little sass.IMG_4823

TB and I celebrated our first year of marriage and it was just as wonderful as it should have been. To keep it exciting we jumped right into expanding our family (1st dr apt two days after our wedding!) and are now a little more than 4 weeks away from meeting baby B.


You can catch up on the latest here at AZBabyMNOven. This has truly been such an amazing experience, each day I really do need to pinch myself that this is happening. And this gift from the Ks has come with such fun extra bonuses…like extra visits with their family both here and while our paths crossed in OH. We only had one miss when MK and I passed each other in MN as one plane landed and the other one took off!

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We spent the summer traveling, relaxing, watching lots of World Cup, and preparing for Baby B. Baby B prep required a full remodel of MB and my office but it is coming together and I just love it. A fun and modern room for a fun and modern baby!


In living with our theme, lovebug adventures….TB is starting another adventure at work and so it seemed just fitting that we spent our summer getaway in San Fran where the city just seeps innovation. I really cherish these little time-outs we take….no schedule, lots of great food, good wines, and being together. We stayed at the St. Regis San Francisco which is such a wonderful hotel…I absolutely love it and can’t wait for our return trip!


That about does it…not much for just a few months uh 🙂

Now we are washing baby clothes, finishing up the last touches on the nursery and reviewing the newborn checklist to make sure we have everything we need!



Belly buds and 22 weeks

I can’t believe how fast it is going!

22 weeks. Our little girl is pretty active in MKs belly and last week the rest of the Ks got to feel her kick! Can’t wait to feel it ourselves in a few weeks.

Baby B has also got her hearing now! Since we can’t be around her we had to great creative.

That’s where belly buds come in…


…a pretty cool invention for surrogate pregnancies if you ask me!

We just record messages and send them via their VoiceShare software to MK and she can play them to her belly buddy!

And if MK listens to them she is probably going to get a good laugh too 🙂

Our first trial was at bedtime and it didn’t process right- which is probably a good thing since most of the time we were “yelling” so the recorder could hear us!

The 2nd time we recorded we got it right. I just put the laptop on the table at breakfast and hit play. We all had a little fun and then just did our regular routine- signing off by calling Baby B by 3 different names…the poor girl might have a little confusion in the name department if this keeps up 🙂

It was great to hear from MK later that night that Baby B had heard from her family 4 times that evening.

Happy days!!!

Oh boy…or wait girl

I realize I haven’t posted in awhile…its partly because there are so many thoughts swimming around in my head.

First I guess I should share….


Yep TB is forever out numbered. He also will always be the Prince Charming of the house for 1 lady, 2 girls, and sweet Indy dog.

We are at the 18 week mark and MK is coming in later this week for our next U/S. I still at times can’t believe this is really happening. I am beyond the moon excited. I am scared too. 10 years later I am doing this all over again…sleepless nights, schedules, dependency. I am going to love every single minute of it- but Oh #$*#&$#!!!!

10 years has also changed the baby industry. Now there are like a zillion types of strollers..wheel rotating iPhone chargers included (seriously with the latest iOS update I am going to need it) and then you can pick your colors blue or pink…gone are the neutrals. Oh and baby delivery services- diapers, formula, you name it. And not just that but seasonal diapers so even on the Fourth of July Baby B’s tush can be coordinated!

Registering is going to be interesting.

I also this time have such a different world. An amazing partner in crime that I know will carry his share. I already see the moments where we both are there mesmerized at what a precious little gift we have (times 2) …and a wonderful 2nd in charge that is going to be right there to help but also need reassurance that she still has a special place in our hearts.

I am a lucky girl to have such problems.

So while I sit on this plane I will research more strollers while my 2 loves are enjoying a date night at the ballpark!

Our Valentine’s Day Surprise

So we went public on Valentine’s day with our little maybe baby.


Later that day MK went public with her announcement as well. The outpouring of support and well wishes were amazing. So far only one negative comment and it was a friend of a friend. We had expected it but it still blows me away that people post public negativity. It is ok to not agree but why do you feel the need to post it publicly when you know all it will do is hurt someone. Fortunately it was about 200:1 on positive to negative comments so just a drop in the bucket.

In the wonderful world of how the Facebook feed works many of my friends saw announcement one but missed the rest of the story…I found that out as last night I was getting many congrats and how are you feeling followed by stares as I ordered glasses of wine. We cleared it up and had a few laughs…but think I might need to repost soon or get a special wine glass that says we are pregnant but I am not carrying 🙂

I am still dealing with the fact that we are considered a geriatric pregnancy and genetic testing. I know it is normal. I know the odds are in our favor. But like with anything when you have to make decisions, you think about it, you think about the worst, you hope and pray for the best, it just isn’t easy.

We have our Maternit21 test scheduled for Wed and I am sure that will be a long wait for getting results…but we will also know the sex which is exciting too. MB can’t wait to find out.

MB sent her first little belly shot this week and mentioned feeling little flutters of good stuff happening. Amazing. Amazing. I still sometimes can’t believe this is all happening.

As the news is now out I am starting to find my way on how to answer questions like When are you due? I initially find myself saying She or MK but that seems odd and so am starting to find the answers are always we. We as in the 4 of us adults and 3 kids…it really is a village. Other questions have been simple to answer- will the baby have contact with MK? Of course from the minute we started this journey they became part of the family.

We started a blog of the journey at AZ Baby MN Oven but after having over 1000 hits this weekend I must admit I am a little nervous about the next post.

Inside MB’s head

So today I thought I would ask MB what her top 5 questions were about the maybe baby…was kinda fun to see what she said. I will try and get her thoughts on the baby progress once a month as we wait for the maybe baby to arrive!

After she was done she came back in and added a 6th…daddy would be proud.

  1. I wonder where he/she is going to sleep
  2. I wonder what we will name her/him….my favorites right now are Colton and Isabella
  3. How is the baby going to act
  4. Will the baby like me and will we get along
  5. I wonder what people are going to think about the baby when they find out
  6. Will it like the Colts?

Time to start spreading the news….

So we had another ultrasound today.



Results: The subchorionic hemorrhage is same size, and heart rate is 185 today. They said everything looked good. The doctor didn’t seem to be too worried about it. I let out a sigh of relief.

While it isn’t gone it is a little less scary than it was 10 days ok.

MK is still on “rest” and we aren’t back to normal yet…but we do have some countdown dates to start looking forward to.

Jan 17th- one less pill for MK to take

Jan 20th- our first “normal” pregnancy doctor appt

Jan 24th- the shots stop and the rest of the meds start to taper off

Jan 27th- our next Ultrasound.

We laugh…the maybe baby has so far had lots of doctors, lawyers, and now paparazzi too (plus tons of love!)

Tonight at dinner we talked about when we wouldn’t call the maybe baby “maybe”…MB wants to wait till a week after it’s born…she is so worried something might happen. We met in the middle and decided after we get through the first trimester and maybe around 20 weeks when we can give it a boy/girl nickname….but not a real name, I think that is going to take us quite a bit to decide.

MB has the gender reveal party all planned out…it is too funny.

But we are now going to start to spread the word with our family and then make it official and all on Facebook :)…once we find a unique and funny way to do that..which MK will be a big part of – she has the funny bone of the bunch.

MB is excited to make her first tell tomorrow…she wants to tell our lovely neighbor who drives her home from school everyday…she has really enjoyed driving with them and I found it so sweet that was her first tell.

I also want to say thanks for those of you who reached out today with your thoughts and prayers. You know who you are and I want you to know how much it meant to me!!!! This is an amazing journey and behind every turn I am touched by those near and far that are a part of our lives. Thank you!!!




A heartbeat goes up and down

TB is the more cautious one. He keeps his excitement in check so he doesn’t have the big crash of disappointment. I keep my emotions on my sleeves- big swings with the highs and big drops with the lows.

Today was one of those days.

The maybe baby is the size of a blueberry and today we got our first peek.

First results. The up. We have a heartbeat. Fluttering away per the K’s. Heartbeat was 134. That was good and the growth and development was good as well.

Then there was the down. A small subchorionic hemorrhage. Now putting small in front of that just makes me laugh…small blah blah something horrible sounding.

Down the roller coaster I went and straight to google. For once google relaxed me a little bit…it wasn’t has scary as it sounded.

Then we waited to hear back from the fertility clinic, because 7 weeks is early for an ultrasound in the normal pregnancy world and maybe they had other insights.

I have to say when the email came back and the clinic said this is actually pretty common my roller coaster settled down a bit.

Now we wait. 10 more days. Jan 13 for the next ultrasound.

We wait for another win.

We wait for this to be moved over to the normal pregnancy category.

We wait for MK to be able to exercise again.

We wait for MK to stop having to take all the meds helping maybe baby along.

We wait until it feels safer.

We wait until we can go from maybe baby to baby B.


We are getting an amazing gift. No one ever said it would be easy, nothing worth anything usually is.

So we wait. We practice patience. We let maybe baby settle in for hopefully the long haul.


Maybe baby update….counting the days & hours

3 good blood works results. Our last test results were up to 13,662.

Next step is an Ultrasound and a heart beat.

Our appointment is scheduled for Thursday afternoon.

To be honest it is about the only thing that I can think about.

In no particular order here are the things I think about…

  • are the risks of losing the baby any higher with this pregnancy than a normal one
  • how is MK feeling
  • when will we feel that things are “safe”
  • what did I think about when I was pregnant with MB, was I this worried
  • if the heartbeat and location is good will we start to rest easy
  • when will MK be able to get off the medications
  • is this really happening….could we have a little baby B
  • how will we tell everyone
  • how much baby gear has changed in 9 years
  • how will I ever let the Ks know how grateful we are for this opportunity

And I could go on and on and on….it just a series of thoughts going in and out of my head, heart, and soul each and every day as I count down the hours till we get our first peek at the maybe baby.

Maybe baby…6 weeks and growing…the size of a lentil bean.


Rambling moments

So many different thoughts going through my mind right now…so here are bulleted paragraphs of all the happenings. Ramblings I know.

– First half week of school went awesome. MB loves her teacher and I am loving what I am seeing coming home from her too. The only downside is our bus situation. When they released the bus schedules they had moved our stop to the top of a hill. About .75 mile walk straight-up hill. Not the way to start your day especially in August. A few meetings happened before the first day and the spot was moved halfway down the hill. Now I must note our original bus stop is still on the same route – you would drive right past it….and there are no new kids on our street justifying the move. So the first day we walk up to the stop and a bus pulls by, it’s our old bus driver. She explains she can’t pick us up- even though the bus is not full and that we need to go up to the mailboxes for the other drive. So we go up to the stop and wait and wait. No bus and school starts in about 5min. So we walk home and all jump in our cars…great start to the year right! We got MB to campus at the first bell and told her we would pick her up at the cove after school. So far we haven’t tried the bus again…I heard the next day he showed up at 8:40 (school starts at 8:45) and once again our old bus driver drove right by our stop at the right pickup time but can’t take our kids. It is just crazy. I can’t explain it. Definitely not a budget cut or efficiencies savings. Hoping they figure it out…

– We got the call on Saturday. Of the 6 eggs extracted 5 of them fertilized. I can’t believe they all did so well. We wait now for a call Tuesday to see how they rate up. So it looks like Phase 1 was a success and my stimulation shots are going to be done. Pretty amazing and exciting….just wish I could personally carry one of those fertilized eggs to the finish line, but am hopeful.

– We had a great weekend….MB and I had a girls day on Sunday and boy is she growing up. We went back to school shopping and it was such a treat. She enjoyed the shopping and went into the dressing room to try everything on. She still looks to me for style guidance and decisions..THANKFULLY but I can see the direction this is going.

– Another successful week of cooking….Saturday night I made my first attempt at chocolate flour-less cake and it was delicious and easy, along with some homemade mac and cheese that made us all have full bellies! Sunday I made a chicken avocado bacon cobb salad with homemade garlic vinaigrette dressing which was also outstanding. I have to kinda agree with TB that I am a better cook. One of the things I am enjoying most about the cooking is the amount of clean/fresh non-processed food we are eating. I didn’t set out with that a goal but making everything from scratch is really having such a difference and having a bunch of happy eaters isn’t so bad either!

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