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Soccer Soccer Soccer

The season has begun again. I think we were all excited to get MB back out on the pitch!

This year it was a big jump:

  • Up in age group
  • Bigger fields
  • 11 v 11
  • 35 min halves

It also means games under the lights.


Looking forward to another great season for MB.
This year also was the end of quiet sideline cheerleading from the stroller or the carrier. Instead MB’s biggest fan is right there yelling “Go Ma’Ma” and entertaining everyone with her outfit selections and sideline games!



Backseat love…a new era

Every couple of days I have 3 little 8 year olds in the backseat of my car.

Either coming or going from soccer practice.

It feels like we have just crossed a major milestone.

It might seem silly but listening to the 3 girls giggle, tell stories, and just chat like no one can hear them makes them seem so much older.

With 3 of them and the radio playing they forget that “mom” is in the front seat and can hear them. So you get a little peek into their world.

Silly conversations, smiling faces, happy, energetic, and sometimes a little sweaty.

I love it.

I smile. I giggle but not so they can hear me.

I enjoy the fact that MB says things like “I tell me mom everything”, “oh don’t worry she understands”….I hope that continues!

I enjoy that it seems so normal.

I enjoy that the girls love me cause I will take the long way to drive over the speed bumps because they begged me too.

I enjoy the bond the girls are forming being on a team.

I enjoy the fact that just 2 days in MB calls them her friends.

I enjoy the fact that MB is on cloud nine enjoying her “girl time” in the backseat of our soccer carpool.

It’s a new era….


A week in photos and words- Sept 23

Well last week was a busy one. TB and I had work that both took us to California for a few days. My conference was all focused around the power of social media- we have a fun road ahead!

The cooler fall weather was wonderful and I really am looking forward to talking the entire family back to San Fran for a vacation- I think MB would just love the cable cars, Ghirardelli Square, and Alcatraz. I did…and the Gaints game too.

Before I headed home I ended the conference with an incredible Red Hot Chili Peppers concert on the steps to City Hall! Such a treat and what an gorgeous backdrop!

Came home and it was family family family time. We hit the dry bar for a little girl time and a weekend of great hair :). I really wish I could go there every week- if I went on Sunday I could probably make it halfway through the week without having to do anything to my hair!

Saturday MB had her first real game on the competitive team and she scored her first goal! Let’s just say she was on cloud nine and the girls had a great first win- it is going to be a fun season. Then we followed that up with a win by the Gators and the Cardinals…an overall great sports weekend!

Now back to our normal schedule

Soccer mishaps

Today’s soccer game was pretty eventful.

While we won 2-0 the other team had “a leg” that took out 3 of our players.

She would lean back and give that ball a huge kick up in the air and bam right into your chest.

MB was her first victim. Just a few minutes in.

At first there was a stunned shock by all the girls.

Then she comes running off the field in tears.

Bruised, hurt, and trying to understand why the mean girl kicked the ball at her.

It took a few minutes to get her calmed down and then she was ready to get back into the game. Though she still didn’t understand that “the leg” was not a mean girl just a stronger girl playing soccer against her.

Then MB was back on the field and “the leg” took out another player.

In the 2nd half “the leg” took out her 3 rd player. I at this point realized that this must happen pretty often and was surprised that a coach hadn’t given her some instruction not to keep the ball on the ground….or maybe that was their strategy. If you can’t beat them, take them out.

Though MB adapted. The next time “the leg” went for a kick near MB she turned around so it would hit her back. And she was determined to keep “the leg” from scoring and she did. During one strong run she outpaced the girl and swiped the ball from her. A sweet revenge. Don’t get mad honey, get even!

I may or may not of been on the sideline quietly saying knock her down….yes this season has taught me how you can be one of those sideline parents. Your heart is out on the field. Wether your little one is not paying attention or running her butt off….you cheer, you coach, you scream from the sideline!

Win or lose though I love our coaches, I love our team, and I am so proud of my little girl. She gives it her all. She is all heart on the field. And even if the tears do fall she doesn’t let it keep her down long.

Time to go now…I am being paged for a dance party in the living room!

Just call me Hope Solo

Today was our 2nd soccer game of the fall season. MB was going to be play goalie for one half. She had practiced with her coach, a little practicing around at home. She was excited, she was ready.

She decided that for the game her teammates could just call her Hope Solo for the game.

I was a little nervous. Goalie is a lot of pressure.

And of course this week we got a really really good team. Translating to a lot of shots on goal and way too much action in front of our goal.

MB was aggressive she was right in the thick of it. She jumped on the ball. She threw it out with gusto. Everyone on the sidelines were quite taken with how she played….especially as she took a hard ball to the face and just kept going. She loved being goalie and can’t wait to do it again.

I personally think that TB’s pre-game coaching might of had something to do with it. He told her to pretend the ball was chocolate and she needed to protect the chocolate. I believe there was a deal for every goal she saved she got a piece of chocolate when we got home.

As we walked off the field celebrating a loss by the team but a great save of multiple shots on goals…MB exclaimed I wasn’t going to let them get my chocolate.

I had to laugh – she has a natural athletic ability, one that I can’t relate to too much. But I know she is my girl when she says she is “protecting the chocolate”

sometimes not feeling the projects

You know sometimes when you come out for an idea for a project. Then you wonder why did you ever put this on yourself. Then as you finish them up you are so happy you did.

That is how I felt with the soccer project I decided to do.

This weekend it is the end of the season for our Team Unicorns.

MB has had a blast, we have had some great coaches and other little girls on the team.

After our last game one of the coaches Is having a Pool party/BBQ.

So a few weeks ago I decided I was going to get a good team picture and make frames for all the girls.

I picked up wooden frames, stickers, paint.

Now enter the busy time when I have no idea when I will do this and am wondering why I did this to myself.

Then TB went out-of-town for an evening and I found myself with some free time.

It only took about 2 hours and 2 glasses of wine once I started and they turned out so cute, if I do say so myself. Each frame in total cost about $2 plus my time and love. What a fun little present to remember our season- I might have to make these for my Daisy Troop now too.

We can be tough


Number 6 is our girl

I had to laugh when my mom saw MB’s soccer pictures her first comment is this the same girl who was wearing the pink pretty dress last night.

The answer is YES!

MB is about as girly as one can get…but she is also a pretty tough cookie and quite competitive.

The soccer coaches have a new trophy they give out after each practice or game. It is called the Hustle Award. MB is determined to get it…it has definitely pumped up her aggressiveness. And after an off week last week I was happy to see her back in the game.

But that was only part of the toughness.

Sunday we hiked a pretty good 900ft hike…some time during the hike MB took a tumble. No tears. No crying. Just a “MOM, I am bleeding”. Well we had forgotten the band-aids in the car so told her to just keep moving and it would dry up. Without a fuss she did…and was really impressed when the blood dried up. My tough little hiker..nothing is going to stop her except having to go POTTY….which made the last 10min of the hike unbearable since she had to go had to go had to go.

Lastly…we are trying hard to win a credit for MB’s next party…we are in 2nd place but could use 15 more votes to get in 1st. If you can click the link and like Peas and Thank Yous and our Photo we would be very appreciative. Peas and Thank yous doesn’t care if you unlike as soon as the contest is over…this Friday! Thanks for the like. (Click LIKE)

Be aggressive

Be aggressive.

That is what the soccer coach keeps telling the girls. Be aggressive.

I have been hearing him say this at 2 games and at practice.

Makes sense, get in there girls and be aggressive.

Well the other night we are at dinner…and somehow the question comes up. We ask MB what is means to be aggressive.

I had to laugh.

She sat there at first. She really didn’t have a response.

Then she said something about it meaning “get in the game”.

Kinda honey.

We tried our best to explain what being aggressive meant in soccer and in life.

It sunk in about as much as it all does when it isn’t a question she is asking.

Anyhow as we sat at the soccer game this week and the coach called the girls over and gave them their pep talk and then told them to go out there and “be aggressive”.

I giggled.

I wondered how many of the girls really knew what he was saying….or were the words just going over their head as it had with MB.

I thought about telling the coach that MB had no idea what that meant, but I didn’t have the heart. We have some of the best coaches- we are just so great with the girls!

Hopefully next time the girls are hanging out MB will fill them in on what “being aggressive” means.  If she remembers.

Bigger Person

I had a proud mommy moment today. A rare moment in this type of situation.

It was our first soccer practice.

The real soccer league.

6 year old girls.

MB only kinda knew one of them….but from first sight a good group of girls.

All the girls brought their own soccer ball. MB’s was pink.

A little girl wanted MB’s ball. As they were doing drills she kept taking MB’s ball. I watched from the sidelines. MB asked for her ball back. The girl refused. MB kept doing the drills with the other white balls.

During a water break. The girl took the ball with her while she got water. I watched MB. She didn’t come back for water. She stayed on the field. Looking cross.

The girl kept a hold of the pink ball. Finally during one drill the coaches took all the balls from the girls and put them in the middle. Some point shortly after there was a water break. MB brought her ball over to me and had her water. She left the ball at my chair and didn’t say a word. I knew why, smart girl 🙂

Then she went back out playing and was having a blast. More into it than she was in the last co-ed league. She scored the first little goal during a scrimmage.

Practice was over. She comes over. We get inside the car. She immediately says that girl was so mean, she took my ball, and wouldn’t give it back, I wanted to cry.

I turned to her and said I saw it and I was really proud of her. I was proud she didn’t cry. She didn’t make a scene. She kept doing the drills. She kept listening to her coach. She was the bigger person. I told her I loved her and was really really proud of her.

She smiled. One of the sweetest smiles. She said thank you mommy. I am happy I made you proud. She told me how hard it was to hold back the tears, but she tried really hard and she was able to.

We went out for ice cream to celebrate. Not to celebrate the goal. Not to celebrate her first practice.

To celebrate not having the breakdown I expected. The one that we usually we would have seen. For fighting off tears. For keeping her head in the game. For not letting this get to her.

A small moment, but a big moment for my little girl as she grows up.

So proud of her…and I hope next week the other girl sets her eyes on another ball! And if she doesn’t may MB have the strength 🙂

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