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I did it #Marathon

Finally a chance to catch my breathe and post about the Carlsbad Marathon!

I did it. I ran it. I finished. 4 hours and 42 min. Under 5 hours. PR’d my 10K and Half marathon splits. So I not only did it I rocked it for me!

I still can’t believe it.

All the week before I was worried about what the wear as the weather was just off. I was worried about what to eat- I don’t eat many carbs anymore in fact I haven’t had bread or pasta in months. So carb loading had me freaked. But it all worked out.

When we arrived in Carlsbad it was crazy weather. Rainy and heavy fog. In fact the airport was closed for awhile due to the fog.


We went out for pasta and ate through 2 loaves of bread at Marconi Grill. Oh my was that delicious!

I went out shopping and got another layer to wear on my run. I was ready. Early to bed. Early alarm.

The morning of the race it was cold and wet. The fog had cleared but no sun. The rain finally stopped about an hour in but the sun never shown. It might have been the most perfect running weather. I was dressed right. Smelling the sea as I ran along the Pacific Coast Highway…just gorgeous.

The only problem I can’t read elevation maps.


I was worried about mile 9…but what I didn’t realize is that the entire race was hills. Up and down. Up and down. My girlfriend who ran the race (3:35) with me said this was her 2nd toughest course and she has done 17 marathons! I have to admit the last few uphill miles were killers…

My lovebugs were in my ears the entire race…I love that my runtastic app lets them send me cheers and little messages from their computer back in AZ. So I had my fans with me the entire race.

When I saw the finish line the tears started flowing…yes no finish line photos for me. I was just overwhelmed. I did it.

A little over 3 years ago when we made the move to Arizona I started the couch to 5K program. Yes before that I was never a running. I would only consider running if I was being chased. 3 years later I have run my share of 5Ks, 10Ks, did 7 half marathons and 4 tris, and now a full marathon.  Never in a million years did I think this would be something I would want to do or accomplish. That is how far I have come. This is who I have become. I challenge myself. I have a family that loves and supports me in those challenges. I cross finish lines that were never in my thoughts. I cross finish lines hand in hand with my little lovebug. I love every single moment.

The icing on the cake was the next day when I got the results. Top 50% for my first marathon…I was proud enough but to know that I finished in the top 50 made me smile!

Never say never!


Raising a runner


We have been “training” every Thursday night. MB and I do our girl talk runs and sometimes tb joins us…soccer has definitely increased her endurance.

So this morning we got up at 6:30 and put on our ladybug uniforms and headed to fountain hills for the iron girl 5k.

We had so many laughs and giggles trying to stay warm, hiding our cowbell, and getting ready for the race.

Before the start we sang the national anthem to the flags at half mast. MB leaned into me, my arm around her, tears in my eyes. I’m so blessed. I don’t know how those who have lost are waking up in these dark days, my heart aches for them. I appreciated the moment and took a deep breath.

Time to run. MB was strong for the first mile, especially up hill. After that we walked for maybe 10 seconds and were off again. She was keeping her eye on the other little ones and I would notice a burst of competitive energy when anyone got to was a great race, no complaints. My favorite was toward the end when I heard her talking to herself, pushing herself…then we saw the finish and it was a sprint to the end.

We finished with a 32:32 time, Mb placed 3rd in her age group, and our mother-daughter team was 9th out of 76 or so….not too bad!

Now she is asking for another one soon…..I’ve got a runner.



Training Week 6

Well I didn’t quite make the 21 miles I was short by 3 and ended up logging 18.2.

It was my mid-week runs…I had a couple meetings come up that cramped my lunch time runs and so I just got in 3 one day and the other had to do a 5 before work but it had hills so that was a little tougher. Made my long run happen today and it felt really good- especially since we had friends over for an early thanksgiving the night before and the red wine was flowing! I made it to a DM class this afternoon and it really is so great for those runner legs- if I can make it through thigh work and the shakes the stretches are totally worth it.

This week is going to be tough with travel and the holidays…but I know that and so I am not putting any extra stress on myself to try and get it done while on the road.

Here is the plan.

Monday- Dailey Method

Tuesday- 6 miles…not sure how I am going to pull this one off- we have an all day work meeting but will try to get in at least 3.

Wed- DM and if I can’t make Tuesday’s run happen will get in a few miles today before I get on the plane

Thursday- 7 miles on the treadmill…this is going to be painful

Friday- rest

Saturday- 5 miles on the treadmill again

Sunday- travel day

Monday- 11 miles: going to be tricky but getting up early before work and I am determined to make it fit!

One positive is I think I have finally found the perfect long run spot. It’s the Arizona canal trail. All dirt so easy on the legs. I have figured out a 6 mile out and back stretch to where I park my car so for the longer runs I can stop back at the car to hydrate and fuel and there is a starbucks on the way home so I can treat myself for the hard work! Crazy to think I will be going out and back 3 times real soon…EEECK!

Hope everyone is gearing up for a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends!


Training Week 5 & Life Update

I am so falling off on my blogging other than the weekly training updates….life is good. We finally had a down weekend and I can see the counter again in my office which feels good. This week we had the book fair at school so I spent a night selling subway sandwiches in 3 inch heels (since I came right from work)…and MB and TB enjoyed doughnuts at school one morning.

We had a fun hayride and campfire night with our girl scout troop on Friday night….the weather got cooler (60’s) and we even had a little rain! As always there were lots of laughs 🙂

Saturday we only had one thing…SOCCER. MB played like her heart out for the first half..even talking a few slides after the ball! Was cold enough to wear her warm up suit…looking good!

So last week I managed to get in 18.5 miles! Woot! I found a great 5 mile route I can do from my office at lunch since the dark mornings and nights are working so well for me! Then today I went for my 9 along the canal. I didn’t fuel up like I should have but still managed to keep a pretty good pace with just a little walking here and there…I still need to figure out the canal system so I can stay on the trail versus sidewalk but I also hope to bring the lovebugs with me next time so they can ride bikes along. We met for lunch afterwards and then I got in a Dailey Method class…oh man did my thighs burn, but got in some good stretching and working on my endurance. 3 hours of working out….I think I have earned some nachos tonight!

Next week’s training looks good so far but lets see how the week plays out…we have a big chess tournament coming up this weekend which is going to make the long run a challenge but I will fit it in maybe in between matches.

Monday- DM

Tuesday- 6 miles, hoping to do some speed work this time

Wed- DM

Thursday- 6 miles, steady

Friday- DM

Saturday- rest, maybe a family run (MB needs to get in some training for our 5K in Dec)

Sunday- 9 miles

Wish me luck….9 miles more shortest long run for awhile. OH NO!

Weekend in review- race update

35,000 ft with sore muscles and my sweetheart sound asleep next to me.

Dreading the enormous about of chores waiting for me at home when I just want to crawl into my bed and snuggle up and sleep.

But that is part of the toll of a good weekend.

A good friend came in to visit Saturday with plans to run the PF Changs marathon with me on Sunday. She woke up sick that morning and so with 3 race packets in the house only I headed off to get it done.

My wonderful friends and neighbors and race buddies picked me up and we had some great running weather. The course was changed up from last year, while not steep the first 10 miles were all up hill. My body had aches and pains for pretty much the entire thing. The crazy thing was each time I looked down at my garmin feeling like I was dragging my pace was around 10min. It surprised me each time….so while I didn’t finish with a PR (2:15) I came in 12 min faster than I did at this race last year. It’s such a great feeling of achievement and accomplishment for me. I just feel stronger and that ROCKS! People keep asking me why I keep running the halfs. I enjoy them. I need the race to keep me training. I know without a race I’m gonna run, but I’m gonna run 3 miles, 5 miles. I like pushing myself and crossing that finish line after 13.1 miles. It keeps me focused. So now 2 weeks till we head to Tink. I’m really excited for this one it’s just gonna be fun and I get to meet some girls I’ve been waiting to for a long time! Then it will be time to tri training spread the miles out across the pool, bike, and shoes.

After the race I came home to a blur. There was In-n-Out burger, hot tub, then a 2 hour meeting with our designer where we decided on everything from paint to fabric to furniture. Decisions. Decisions. I think we might of made over 20 major decisions. My head is still spinning and now it’s go go go. I’ve got painters coming for quotes, I’m ordering stuff like crazy. Excited and freaked at the same time.

Then it was a 5 min shower and out the door to dinner with friends. Lots of laughs and some good red wine and I could barely keep my eyes open. After hours of that I dropped my friend at the airport and somewhere around midnight climbed into bed and passed out. Yep 5:30am to midnight with 13.1 miles, a decorator, and entertaining.

Momma needs sleep but that will have to wait till next weekend.

My 2012 Race Schedule

I am attempting another year of races – both half marathons, triathlons, and some fun 5 & 10Ks.

Not sure how this year will turn out, now that I am back to working outside of the house versus working from home it is proving to be much harder to find daylight hours to get my training in. I know I should probably join a gym and it might come to that if I can’t figure out a way to get the miles in…for right now I am just keeping my fingers crossed that the days will keep getting longer and I will be able to fit a few runs in during the week and do double time on the weekends. I started off in August with morning runs and workouts and we really rocking it, but once it got dark till 7 that stopped and if I don’t get it done in the morning it is hard to find the time, especially when TB has to travel. Fortunately I can usually count on soccer practice and gymnastics to allow me to get in 2- 20min runs, if I can motivate at the end of the day.

Jan 15th– PF Chang’s Half Marathon in Phoenix

Jan 29th– Tinkerbelle Half Marathon, Disneyland, CA- I got my wings and green skirt ready

March 3rd– Run for Ryan House 5K- Scottsdale, running with MB and TB

March 25th– Tri for the Cure- Scottsdale

April 15th– Marque Sprint Tri- Tempe

August 26th– Women’s Half Marathon in Minnesota. Running with a best friend from grad school. This will be her first!

I have to figure out the 2nd half of the year and would like to get in another destination race, anyone have any ideas???


Turkey trot


We traveled to Florida for Thanksgiving this year. I decided it would be fun to do a turkey trot and battle those pumpkin pie calories. We decided to make it a family deal.

I can’t even begin to describe how much this meant to me.

Getting past the early wake up (6am EST or 4am our time) everything was just wonderful.

Running as a family. All together. Seeing my little one get amped when people cheered on “126”  (her number)

Having a woman who was running with us that stopped to walk and then saw MB and said she is my inspiration if she can do this, I can. And we went passed each other back and forth from mile 1.5-2.5.

Getting close to the finish line and sprinting with my girl to the finish where she went into mac speed and had everyone cheering at the end.

I was so proud of her. So happy to be out there with the entire family. So proud that it took me 30+ years to run my first 5K and her MB did her first at age 7.

Then we hopped in the car and headed back home for breakfast with the family.

We didn’t do it to place, we didn’t do it to set a time record, we just got out there and ran as a family.

Though I had to look later that day at the results and was really proud of MB to see she had finished 5 out of 16. Under 40 min for her first 5K. My first 5K wasn’t much better than that and I have much longer legs.

On top of her first 5K we also introduced MB to calf muscles….the following morning she rolled out of bed and then rolled back in and said “mommy please massage my calfs, as I rubbed them the look on her face is one I know to well….the pain and relief of sore muscles”

Now to see if the family will be up for another one in a couple of months!

a year ago

About a year ago I started training for my first half marathon.

A long run for me was 3 miles. That would wear me out.

That was a year ago.

This weekend I went for a group bike ride with some ladies in my neighborhood. My first group ride- it was a lot of fun and we are going to try to do it once a week. 17 miles in about 1:16 hours. It was a good ride with lots of hills.

Then today I went out for an 8 mile run.

And I should not forget that Friday night I ended my week with an hour hot yoga class.

25 Miles in one weekend.

A year ago 3 miles of running would tap me out.

I get tons of support and encouragement from family and friends which is great. But there is no better feeling then being proud of myself. Being proud of what I have accomplished. Being proud that 25 miles in a weekend is not crazy for me but more my norm. Proud to say I am a 30+ year old athlete!!

Who is now going to spend the afternoon at the ballpark with her family and enjoying sitting on my butt and having a nice cold beer. I deserve it!!!

Gotta get back in the groove

The training plan is off track and I don’t like it.

First I was sick.

Then there was the GS camping weekend.

Then I was still sick and exhausted.

Then TB had to travel.

The end result is I haven’t been able to run in over a week.

It is driving me nuts.

I am going crazy.

Not just for the 10 miles I missed this weekend.

Not just for the 4 other runs I missed.

I just miss getting out there on my legs.

Watching the sunrise as I come home before anyone else is awake in the house.

The music in my ears.

The pavement under my feet.

I miss it.

I want to RUN RUN RUN.

…and I am not sure I can wait till Saturday!!!

The heat needs to go

I am so over this heat.

My training plan is getting up in the miles. 9 miles was on the agenda for today. I was ready for the 9 miles, but not for the heat.

It’s time for the heat to go. I just can’t do these long runs in 105+ temps.

The first 5 miles were great…now they were downhill but not a major grade so more like a straight run. The sun was behind the clouds, I was in the shade of the trees as well. Things were feeling so good.

Then it was time to turn around. The sun came out from behind the clouds and the heat just took over.

While I only had one bottle of water on the first 5 miles, the next 2 I had finished 2. I stopped at the convenience store and filled up the bottles and jugged another one down.

Got back out on the road and it went downhill from there. It was run, walk, drink, run, walk, drink.  By about mile 8 the heat was really going strong and my body was aching. I was out of water and had another 2 miles to go to get home, so I decided that was it, time to walk.

My body was on heat overload. I came home and drank another 32 ounces of water. Seriously in 2 hours I downed over 100 ounces of water and was still thirsty. This heat has got to go.

Fortunately it looks like next week we are finally going to get a break and be in the 90’s. I am so excited I can’t wait to get out and run with a chill in the air…

Meanwhile I am going to keep at it and know that the heat will get the best of me and these won’t be my best runs, but the miles are getting down and this girl can now do 6+ miles without batting an eye. A year ago my long runs were 3 miles…so heat or no heat I have come a long way baby!!


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