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Ready for some football

We are getting closer to being done with the projects.

How many times have I said that? I’m sure tb will make a liar out of me but things should be slowing down.

Anyway we have been working on the outside this month and the new grill is in, the fireplace has been updated to be glass instead of logs, we have replaced the countertops on the island and put travertine up. Lastly we added another large umbrella to the deck. Providing plenty of shade from the AZ sun.

All that is left is our new 4 person table and chairs to replace the 2 person bistro set that now sits right outside my bedroom and is perfect for that morning cup of coffee.

Even better the fridge is stocked with chicken, turkey burgers, salmon, and mahi mahi just ready to be grilled.

I think we are ready for some serious football entertaining! And I love how slowly we are turning this incredible house into our home. Never before have I had a place where I just love each and every nook and cranny but this one is getting really close.






Finishing touches

It was really nice to have Wednesday off this week and basically get lots of weekend chores done so we could spend Saturday and Sunday closing out the details on our home projects.

We got the mirrors hung in the bathrooms.


the guest bathroom

MB’s mirror just loving the orange paint she is going to be so happy


And finally the frames for our bedroom have arrived. They have been on backorder at West Elm for the past 2 months. On deck today is to hang them and hopefully figure out the 6 photos to go inside. The colors match everything else just perfectly.


6 going up in the master bedroom


There are a few more things to hang…poor TB is going to be happy when we are done with all the hanging. He is a perfectionist (thankfully) so hanging is no small task!



The word is we could be grilling on our new island tonight!

There was no sweeter sound then hearing the tile cutting going off at 8am this morning.

It is really coming together.

Here are some quick progress shots.

the new cover is in place and the hole ready fort he new grill

loving the contrast color really makes the island pop

we decided on our color mix for the fire

We’ve come a long way

So last night we were on Facebook and ran into some photos that our home stylist, Heather from the Restyle Group, had posted of our house.

It just blew me away. I love the changes we have made but when you look at the before and afters I am just left speechless.

I still owe updates on the bedroom and bathroom but we are waiting for the final 2 pieces of painting and rug and I just want the whole thing to be complete when I pull out the camera and take the photos. I am ready to walk in and have the wow…soon, very soon.

We really don’t have much left in the house to put our mark on. Just 2 more bedrooms and a bathroom, but I think we are going to take a little break for the summer.

Here are some of the before and afters that just made me speechless last night. And I can truthfully say that 90% of the time it is that clean…..thanks to TB keeping us in check.








Model ready

Well phase 1 of the house got done just in time for the party…now that we are finally living in it and things have settled down I realize just how much I love the change. It’s modern but so use. The blues just make me happy. Though I think the bathroom and our new bedroom colors and curtains I think make me the happiest. Just something about it makes me feel like I am in a hotel room- but on vacation not work!

Our decorator the amazing Heather, from the Restyle Group, got a layout in a local magazine and our house was featured. Kinda blows me away that my house. our home. is. in. a. magazine. But here it is!


Remodel day 7

Today’s update will be one of photos. It’s killing me to not see it live but I will tonight. Thankful TB is keeping me up to date with photos. We also had a shoot today for a local magazine- pinch me I am going to live in a house where photos were taken showing off the style. It’s a small deal but kinda cool. Can’t wait for our party next weekend to entertain in the new space.





Remodel Day 5

The day of wallpaper.

This was a big day for me.

I make both of these selections on my own with no TB.

I was a little nervous. Both were a little WOW. TB even admitted tonight that he was nervous about the bedroom wallpaper, and just hoped he liked it, but he loves it.

In fact we love them both!!!

Totally changed the rooms.

The dining room

The bedroom...wall behind our bed


Painting begins in the morning. We are stating in the powder room and living room. It’s all coming together…word is the window treatments will be done early. Can’t wait- loving our home more and more each day. It been a first experience to put our touch on a house together, and while it can be stressful at times it’s really been fun making this home more and more ours.

Remodel Day 4

Today was a big day….I really want to get  paint on the walls in the kitchen but will have to wait till Monday.

Wallpaper goes up tomorrow though and going to make an impact in the dining room for sure. Also they trimmed the walls in our bedroom and dining room so starting to see the colors come in.

Here are the new lights for the house….I love them all!!!

New foyer light. That portion of the ceiling is going to be chocolate brown!

Dining room light and my favorite new one!


Kitchen table light



Here is the stand back photo of the kitchen….next up paint


And the bathroom mirror and lights are up!


The white vanity is one of my favorite pieces!

Can’t wait to show off the wallpaper tomorrow.




Remodel day 3

We have tile up…we have one set of lights.

The crew was working from 8-6pm…a full day for sure.

I am loving the subway tile and glad we decided to have it finished off with a border.

The vanity is going to give us a little trouble. Turns out the wall and floor are not even….but we have a solution. Take some of the marble tile from the kitchen and put a little backsplash behind it. The walls of this bathroom are going to be dark brown and the ceiling blue!

I am so glad we decided to put the pendant on a gives off some serious light. They were worried about us losing a recessed light…no worry needed. These walls are going to be all painted. A grayish base and the niches are a dark blue…we have a new light going over the kitchen table and some really cool blue chairs…coming later this week. Not the best picture but trying to get the whole thing in the camera.