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Love watching brains grow

I laid in bed this morning and did some reverse role play. “I am starving, who is going to feed me”.

They opted to take me to First Watch for breakfast.

I splurged with pecan pancakes. Extra extra yummy.

But that is watching my belly grow not brains.

As with all family friendly eateries…they had crayons and an activity page.

After copying a drawing of a dog- my girl really has an artistic skill I have lacked.

She moves on to the animal activity. She asks me to read the instructions.

Can you spell the alphabet with these animals.

And then she sits there and goes:

“Giraffe, ja, ja…G”

“Lion, la, la,…L”

“Camel, ka, ka….oh that is a tricky one is it c or k. Mr. Kinder told us that was the tricky sound.”

After we finished all the animals I wrote a few words out. M-O-P, B-A-T. And watched her sound out each letter together and then put them together for the word.

Looking back 4 months ago when she brought home her first reader where I swore she just memorized the books by the 3rd night. She now amazes me by reading the book 80-90% on her own the first time through…and when in doubt she starts to sound it out. We might not always get the word…but it is amazing to see how far her little brain has come.

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I know a lot of things

Gotta love this. I was exchanging emails with MB’s teacher today and his final note shared a little bit of my MB.

I was doing kinder assessments with MB and I complimented her on her correct answers to the questions and MB said, “I know a lot of things.”

That sums our girl up.

In the lead or control.

Swears she knows more than anyone else.

Absorbs everything she can possibly from conversations, surroundings, life.

Funny how those 6 little words just bring to vision our little girl in a nutshell.

It was good for a laugh or too around the dinner table as well.

Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall

How cute is this.

Last night we are getting ready for bed and MB is cleaning up her room. I hear her singing softly “Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall”

I stop her and say what are you singing. She smiles and sings a little louder:

Winter, Spring, summer or fall
All you got to do is call
And I’ll be there
you’ve got a friend?

I smile and ask her where she learned that. She said Mr. Kinder taught me.

Then I got the newsletter. They are starting to study the seasons.

So Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall. How cute is that?

Just another reason I love Mr. Kinder.

Teaching my daughter James Taylor and the seasons all at once.

Ahh….the year is just getting better and better.

Now off to find photos of MB in the snow to send to Mr. Kinder– to show the other AZ kids who have never seen a NY WINTER!

When I grow up

Well we had our first when I grow up conversation. And not a bad first career choice.

MB has decided she wants to be a teacher. She has given it quite a bit of thought.

She has first decided that she will not be getting married.

She wants to be Ms. MB when she is a teacher and therefore will not be getting married so she doesn’t have to change her name.

I choose not to explain to her at this time that she doesn’t have to change her name if she doesn’t want to.

When I asked her if she knew what grade she wanted to teach she said yes she was going to teach 1st Grade.

Why? I asked.

She explained that Kinders were too new and learning how to be away from their parents and what school was all about. By first grade they knew what was up and had the routine down so it would be better to teach 1st graders than Kinders.

I had to laugh.

Guess it is obvious to the Kinders too that they are “adjusting”

I figure it is a compliment to Mr. Kinder that he is able to handle their adjusting. That and the fact that she says she is thankful for him every night during her prayers and comes off the bus smiling every day.

I hear parents complaining that there isn’t enough structure in the classroom…but I think whatever Mr. Kinder is doing is just right. MB loves school, looks forward to it every day- and while it is only the first month I can’t think of a better way to start the very long school career ahead.

Yellow Light

Color mark from Crayola "Yellow Green&quo...

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Green light= good

Yellow light= warning

Red= time to talk with the teacher.

Every day MB gets the color on a card in her folder.

We have been going 2 weeks strong with just greens. We have heard Mr. Kindergarten doesn’t give out many yellows or reds, but per MB he has had to do a few reds already.

There has been a lot of movement in the classroom seating so we were a little worried Ms. Chatterbox was talking too much in class.

Then Friday we got her behavior report and it looked like we had our first yellow. I was surprised that MB didn’t tell us right away and she was a little taken back to see she had a yellow. Though quickly she had her reason for the yellow, she wasn’t listening to Mr. Kindergarten.

It turned into a minor tragedy of tears, but we talked about the lessons we learned.

1) Always telling the truth

2) Listening to our teacher

3) Knowing that no matter what we love you

Well I sent a note to the teacher just to check in and make sure we knew what caused the yellow light, so we could make sure we reinforce it at home.

Ahh guess what. MB didn’t get a yellow light. Crayola did. It was a green but was some yellow-green color from Crayola that made it look yellow.

There are 3 very very happy people in our house right now. The note said MB was doing awesome. Happy Mom. Happy TB. (Yes he was so happy he sprung the new to MB before I got a chance too!!!) Happy MB.

….untill we get our first real yellow light.

Colors of the Rainbow

So this week at school it was color week. Everyday a different color and so we had to coordinate the wardrobe.

It wasn’t as hard as I thought. We even came up with coffee beans to send in for Brown day!

So not as worried about next week as the colors continue.

Then as I went for my run this morning…a lovely 2.8 miles in below 90 degree weather, which is a real treat after 114 degree temps I saw this great rainbow to wrap up our color week. Sent it to Mr. Kinder for sharing on the smart board. Love a response before we even sent MB off to the bus-stop!

Happy to have the whole clan back under one roof and looking forward to the weekend!

Meet the teacher

I am playing a little catch-up. As I expected, it has been an extremely busy weekend. Friday morning we went to the school’s Meet the Teacher event. They told us to bring in the school supplies with no names. I am so happy we ordered from the school directly- no shopping lists, no making sure I got everything. Paypal and pick-up. Shortcut.

When we got to the classroom Mr. Kindergarten had bins outside labeled for each of the supplies. So while I dug in my purse for my camera TB and MB unloaded our bag into all the right bins.

Notice the water bottle in hand. This girl has hydration down…so we have had to add a “try” bathroom stop on the list when we are out and about. If we see a bathroom we are going to try. So much better than the panicked “I have to go I have to go” in the middle of a store with no potty.

We then headed into the classroom and found her desk. She wouldn’t sit in it and got all shy again. As we meet other parents and kids it was funny to see all the kids holding their parent’s hands tight or standing behind their legs. Each parent would say “what is your name?” and there would be silence…finally you might get the answer in the softest tone you could imagine. I give it a day and the next time we go to the classroom it will be a zoo.

Before we left I went through the bus drop off routine one more time with her to make sure she got it. She played it back to me and I thought we were all good. As we got in the car she told me she was nervous about taking the bus. She had mentioned this earlier– which is why we went through the routine a couple of times. I asked if she remembered what we talked about…and she said in an exasperated tone “I remember that mommy, we did it enough, but who am I going to sit with on the bus. What if nobody sits with me??”

All this time I thought she was worried about where to go…whoops. I smiled at her and held her hand and said I am sure she would find someone fun to sit with and remember you aren’t getting on the bus alone- you will have all your friends from the neighborhood with you too. You could see the temporary sigh of relief come across her face when she realized she could start targeting a seat companion as soon as she got back home.

How much can you do in one day


What a day. MB was so happy to be home….she had a long list of things she wanted to do. More than possible to be done in a day…probably even too much for a week. So we hit the highlights. Pool, Chipotle, baking cupcakes, swim lessons, back to school shoes, party prep, and checking out the Kindergarten class list…

In the words of MB. “There are so many fun things to do when it is sunny out.” Very true little one and there are lots of sunny days ahead.

We walked around the new school campus today and peeked in the classroom. Mr. Kindergarten saw us and welcomed us inside. We got to find her cubby and check out the room all on our own. MB got all shy and hid in my skirt. She hasn’t done that in years, but as I told Mr. Kindergarten that won’t last long. I see a “remember to be quiet” note on her desk in the very near future.

Going to be a busy few days but I will try to keep up with the updates of Kinder prep. Pool Party & Ice Cream Social are tomorrow…gonna be fun!