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Mommy mode

Summers are tough with Mb gone but you deal.

On of the hardest things is the routine.

As a mom you have to manage the schedules, keep a routine, make sure bedtime is in check, you know the drill.

So during the summer my day job goes on holiday. I try to focus on the positive I get more time in the gym, Tb and I have some quality time, we don’t have to live on a school schedule.

Then the summer is over. Yippee. This happens just about the time you are adjusted to the non parenting schedule. So it’s time to adjust again.

Mb’s calendar which had been pretty empty is starting to fill up with school stuff and so the scheduling and working parent juggling begins. My task list is growing and my workout opportunities are dwindling.

I’m not complaining. I’m so thankful to have this problem and I miss it, but I will admit its a tough adjustment after having been on summer break.

I guess if I’m honest it’s not just that I go from one job to 2 but when school starts so does my job 3 as Brownie Leader and new job 4 on the PTO events committee.

Let’s just say my life is managed by google calendar and there are 7 different schedules overlaid to give the complete outlook for the day.

Shiver. Time to get ready for back to school and back to being a 4 job juggler. Which means adding a few more cups of joe to the day 🙂


And she’s gone….

10 days…the longest visit in a while. But for all of us it still felt too short.

We wanted to kidnap her and keep her longer, but know she has others that want and need her too. Selfish as we would like to be.

We miss her already. Each and every one of us, but the memories will last us till the next visit.

Storytime, shopping, catching lunch, just hanging out.

Love you Mom. Love you Nana. Counting down the days till our next visit!

Top 10 Reasons I love when my mom visits

  1. My mom is visiting, that’s enough!
  2. Seeing MB and Nana snuggled in the chair reading a book
  3. She cooks dinner for us
  4. Laundry magically gets done…with an ironing board no less
  5. A grocery list is made and I come home from work and all the groceries are in the fridge
  6. Homemade chocolate chip cookies…need I say more
  7. We get to go shopping, MB and her go to the movies- fun little treats for everyone
  8. She cooks dinner for us…really really good dinner
  9. Getting to chat with her every day and in person
  10. It’s like having a wife for a week, one I adore!!!! She doesn’t have to do a thing for us to love having her here, but she does everything and what an added bonus it is.
Yeah for having 4 more days of her visiting!!!!!

Daisy Troop here I come

Well our first meeting of the daisy troop is this week and I think I am ready.

I don’t think I have used my glue gone this much ever. Making daisy name-tags for the job chart. Making daisy’s on sticks to stick in our flower-pot as part of the welcome ceremony– and for me to know I have all the girls when we head to our meeting room.

Going through registrations, collecting dues, setting an agenda for the meeting. Working with my wonderful co-leader and someone I expect to become a good friend– with all the “togetherness” we have upon us I don’t think it could be any other way.

Tonight was preparing our first day special snack. Dirt cups…complete with hidden worms and little gum drop flowers to plant in the dirt.

Yep…I told you it has been busy.

MB is so excited…though I love it that she messes up now and again and says Fireside Girls instead of Girl Scouts…guess we watch a little too much Phineas and Ferb. 30min of TV a day and that is all she wants to watch. Now that she has figured out the remote its a definite her 30min of TV time is going to be P&F time. We all still love them so it works.

So wish me luck as I go to meet my 10 little girls tomorrow and we start off on the adventure of our first year in Girl Scouts.

I got a good mommy

We are just driving along enjoying the weekend….it has been a good one. Most of them are good nowadays.

As we drive along MB shares that “she got a good mommy”.

More sweeter words could not have been said. Love my little girl to pieces and since as she says “we were borne together” I must agree that “I got a good girl”. I hope that we will continue in life as my mother and I have…being best friends. There will be no greater reward.

I just wish I could get inside her head when out of the blue she says she loves me, or that I am a good mommy. What prompts those thoughts? Does she know that it melts my heart each time she says it?

But it doesn’t really matter..she says those sweet things, I melt.

Wordless Wednesday…"Mom I want to Jump"

If you remember when I posted about our last family vacation to Kauai I talked about the waterfall where MB was so mad we didn’t let her jump. These photos should tell you why! First is the happy girl thinking she is going to jump and my expression is watching another kid stumble on the rocks while climbing around…so scared of something going wrong and I am ready to help (notice my hands). The 2nd photo is the jump. She still talks about how we wouldn’t let her jump.

First night out with the blog world

What a fun little surprise.  When I first moved to Scottsdale I started searching out the area on the web. I came across Scottsdale Mom’s Blog and quickly became a follower. Funny to note I also participated in my first online giveway…and I won. These adorable headbands from Posh A La Mode.

Well tonight they had their first Mom’s Night Out. I signed up. I then last-minute got my wonderful neighbor to join in! We have had such a great time getting to know each other this week….walks & talks!

Steph and Joy did an awesome job. We started of at Chez Vous which served us delicious wine and some amazing crepes. They just moved from France a few months ago and opened shop. I will be taking TB and MB back soon…awesome atmosphere and yummy food. We then headed over to Moonbeams which I have to admit made my pocketbook happy I wasn’t having a baby or going to a shower anytime soon. They had the most adorable stuff and some many unique handmade or personalized items. I have my spot for baby gift shopping…not to mention a couple of wall hangings that I think I am going to have to go back and get for MB’s room. One said “I want to be just like Mommy when I grow up” well now it was a cuter saying than that but you get the point…and in the middle was a place to put a photo of me and MB. It was just perfect. As I write this I am wondering why I didn’t buy it tonight!

Outside of the fun venues…I met a few neighbors in the area and was surrounded by a whole bunch of local mom’s. A really cool feeling. So my first attempt of meeting the “online world” in real life was a success and lots of fun…look forward to doing it again.

Now I am just going to have to decide if I will eat the Simply Sweets cupcake now or in the morning….it is staring at me with its beautiful flower and pink icing…saying “Eat Me”

My baby girl..and the memories of photographs

Ok so it is hazard of going through old stuff. I was in process of backing up photos onto my hard-drive. I couldn’t help but peek back at some of the year 1 photos that were already on the hard drive. Then I found some old movies. The ones of her baby laugh, her rolling over, her crawling. I teared up…big happy alligator tears. In fact even as I write this I am feeling them well up again, just thinking about those images.

Babies are such amazing little things. Your baby is even more amazing. All those firsts- firsts for her and firsts for me to experience. Who knew you could experience so much love for one human being.

One set of pictures really reminded me of that love. She was just a little over 2 weeks old. We had been home from the hospital about a week. My mom was there with me helping me recover. I wasn’t dealing with the loss (C-section, to internal bleeding, to problem after problem, to a hysterectomy at age 26) that had occurred but was figuring out how to take care of this precious little thing that was my responsibility. My mom was handling the rest. She was my rock, I was her baby. I was MB’s rock, she was my baby. Each mother focused their entire lives on their baby making sure they were ok, they were surviving. (yes tears streaming now). Sometimes I don’t know how it all turned out the way it did. How I found the strength…but when I think about those days and nights one thing is was constant. My mom was there. My baby was there. Both needing me. The power of a mother’s love.

So there we were, things were starting to get back to normal. I was determined to get MB’s baby photos taken, that was what other mom’s would be doing. So we made our first trip out, just has I had planned. My way of getting things back to normal. Story of my life…when things get off-track, when the stress of life gets too much, I make a schedule, I make a plan, think about what normal should be and focus on making that happen if only for 24 hours, a weekend, a week.

Amazing what memories can be invoked with the simple task of looking at photographs.

Taking the world– one cute pink (or orange) step at a time

When I was first pregnant with my daughter I was pretty adamant that she was not going to be a “little princess”. Who knows why I had such feelings on that side, but probably had to do with a few nameless people. Either way I had a ban on any items of clothing, room decor, anything that said “princess”. Now I had no ban on pink and girly…just nothing princess.

My best friend reminded me of this the other day as we reflected over a glass of wine how I have just that “a little princess”..and she was wearing a new shirt from our recent Disney visit that said Princess. Obviously the ban was no longer in effect.

Since the moment Maddie could assert her will, which was probably at Day 1 🙂 she has taken the world as a pink little princess. She is a girlie girl and I love every minute. She is the girl playing tennis in a tutu. She wants her hair curled. She loves to wear dresses. And it is pretty often I hear mommy I want to be cute. She loves manis and pedis. We have a box full of crowns. Fancy Nancy and Pinkalicious are our favorite books. She is my little princess.

I adore my little princess and while our favorite color is now orange, not pink. I love growing up girly!

20 perfect toes

Today Maddie and I had a date for pedicures. She even chose to stay home and go for pedi’s versus panning for gold. My little girly girl.

She picked out our color and we both got flowers and bling on our big toes. She loves the experiences and its a fun Mommy and me date.

As I went to pay the bill it dawned on me…this is the same price I used to pay for just myself. The old days when I went to a true spa, spent an hour getting pampered with calming music taking in all the ambiance of relaxation. Now we have the sunlight shining in, nothing spectacular in the ambiance, a nice massage chair…and not 10 but 20 perfect toes.

Those 20 perfect toes are worth it. Watching her tiptoe to the car making sure she doesn’t smudge. How she kept asking all morning if it was time to go for pedi’s yet. Having her choose to stay home with me and go for pedicures versus her friends panning for gold. Someday she won’t choose to stay around with her mom, but for now while she does I am going to eat up every minute.

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