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When a king sized isn’t big enough

She begged to sleep with me. I said ok.

When I came to bed this is what I found. Lets just say it was a long night, Indy and I didn’t sleep comfortably, and tonight I’ve got the bed to myself.

How can someone so little take up so much room??


the love of reading

Tonight MB brought home 2 new library books.

I couldn’t contain my excitement.

The BFG and her first Babysitter Club book.

They both made me smile for a couple reasons.

One…her passion for reading continues. No complaints when its time to read and sometimes she gets lost in the book. I have been known to let bedtime slide as she sits next to me buried in the pages of a good book.

Two…these are books I remember. These are books I loved. Does anyone remember whizzpoppers??? Or Stacy???

Third…I was a little jealous…she has to read 75 min a week and easily gets in 100 min or more. Ahh what I wouldn’t get for 100 min of reading each week that I was required to do. I must admit that lately I have had moments of wanting to start a new book and then I talk myself out of it because there are million other things I should be doing or knowing that I will start reading and then not get to touch it again for weeks.

So for now I will live through her…and think about the next vacation when I can bring along a couple good books!



chess its an underground thing

I mean it. It’s like those documentaries on spelling bees, scrabble. Crazy.

This weekend was a big 2 day tournament, versus the 1 day ones that go on every weekend.

So 100s of families are camped out tailgating outside for 2 straight days. We are talking families with crockpots serving up clam chowder. Moms with card tables and crafts…because a match might be over in 10 min and you have 110 min to wait till your next match.

Mb really loves chess. She joined up in 1st grade with her school club and has a couple good friends that play regularly. She totally is out of my league with the game.

Her level has her playing kids 1-3rd grade…there is tough competition.

As a parent you don’t get to watch. You help them find their seat at the table then you leave and go outside and wait for them to come out…you could wait 10min you could wait 60.

Well it was a draw but MB had a first this weekend…she was the last player remaining inside. She played well over an hour…they got it down to just 2 pieces in the end.

It’s a crazy underground world but it makes me so proud of my girl!


Another step closer

Well we finally got the painting for the bathrooms done! The bathroom prints have arrived as well…still waiting on the curtain but at least now we can hang the mirrors and start putting stuff away.

As the painter left TB turned to me and said that is the last of contractors in the house. Ahh…..we can finally put our entry rug back down! But we are still not done with the 2012 projects….TB can’t wait for this last one to be done!

there is one happy little girl out there who just loves orange! We are keeping it a surprise for her return


just waiting for the mirror to be hung

designed just for her….love!

bye, bye old grill and our standalone weber too

and goodbye log fireplace…can’t wait to replace you with blue glass



MB’s bathroom

We are still waiting on the painter…which is just a whole mess but we finally got another guy coming out in 2 weeks.

Then the mirror can be re-hung and the prints are on order….along with the ceiling to floor shower curtain that is being made. So it’s far from complete….but what is up so far has us all happy.

MB loves orange…so we are giving her a little bit of that with some desert browns. She is going to be surprised to see the finished product as we hope to complete it while she is away 🙂

Love the glass tile! and our new undercount sinks are such an improvement….


before…and what can I saw that I liked about it….not much, not much at all

Halfway done…

floor to ceiling tile

just love it!

backsplash and the new faucet, countertops, and sink. Lucky kid!

had to make the cutout a little special too 😛


Koalas you say

Today was the big day.

Animal report day.

We didn’t know what to expect. She collected research at home. She collected craft supplies at home. Yet all the work was done at school. No parent intervention. What a treat.

I arrived 10 min early. With all eager faces looking at me. Was I late?? Nope, they were waiting for the parents before. MB was immediately concerned that TB was not with me…he is coming I assured her.

I help out and video tape the student before. Then they have to do their write up and MB is still concerned TB is not there. She wants me to call him, she needs to speak to him. I assure he is coming…and then he comes through the door.

We sit in our proper seats. She begins. She reads her report. So clear and so loud. She is confident she knows her stuff. I smile when she says “it’s the size of a jellybean inside it’s mommy’s tummy” and “watch out? a dingo can eat a koala”

Those are her words, her expressions.

She finishes and shares her visuals. She takes questions and answers those she knows with confidence and the others with a simple I don’t know and moves on.

The students clap and she comes back to us in our seats.

Big hugs. We are so proud. I get a kiss, TB gets a hug. TB assures her he will take the visual home. What a treat. What a moment to capture. She amazes me everyday but to watch her so tall, so confident, so sure of herself presenting to her peers. I am proud.

She amazes me. This girl that runs out to a field full of 100 other kids on the soccer fields, strangers to her. I would be worried, scared, a little bashful. She runs out there without a second thought and on the next visit with 100 new strange kids she rushes me as she is running late. Confidence. Assurance. Proud momma.

And did you know Koalas are the size of jelly beans when they are born? I didn’t till now.

And did you know that this momma picked out her outfit for the presentation? Well MB’s teacher did MB told her. What she forgot to mention was that was because MB’s first choice was a little too wrinkled to be shared on a video with Nana!

Golf..has it begun?

So I get home from work…am in the middle of cooking dinner and a little voice pops around the corner and asks when are we going to the driving range???

After spending 1.5 hours there on Sunday night she wanted to go back for more.

So after dinner we headed out to hit balls and enjoy a desert sunset.

I swear we can’t find a sport she doesn’t rock at…her natural ability amazes me. It’s not a gift I have that is for sure.

She does her 3 set up steps.

1. Feet on either side of the ball

2. Right grip with the thumbs touching

3. Eyes on ball

Whack. Whack. Whack.

She hits them well. A few get some good air…she can’t get enough. We line the balls up again…1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7…repeat, repeat until the sun goes down.

I don’t know what has come over her and why now she has the sudden interest, but we are jumping on it!

What I wouldn’t love for her to find love for the game…I can see a perfect family outing in our future. 9 holes of golf could no longer mean finding the time, finding a babysitter…it could be family time. That would be nice…wonder if this will last.

But for now I am just going to enjoy the look on her face when that ball soars in the air and she knows she hit it well!

I took a timeout

Remember that post yesterday and how crazy my weekend had been.

Well Monday wasn’t much better. I dragged out of bed and went straight for the coffee. Got MB off to school, Indy in her room and off to work I went. Chugg, Chugg…moving right along. Answered a few million emails. Solved some “major issues” all before lunch. Where I raced back home to meet the first painter for a quote.

Then it was back to the office…but of course I had to be productive on the drive there. I setup an appt with the landscaper, called the groomer for how to solve Indy’s matting issues, rescheduled a few things, and then went back to plugging away.

School bell rang…picked up MB and we headed back to my office. Her first visit. Seriously it was a mini me sitting across me doing homework- a little scary. We both got our stuff done and then that was it.

We closed up our respective backpacks. Turned out the lights. And it was time for a timeout.

Hand in hand we walked over to iPic. Got our tickets to see Beauty & the Beast 3D. We had the entire theatre to ourselves. We had our fresh popcorn. We ordered our dinner. We had pillows and blankets. We reclined our seats. The 3D quality was amazing, first time I really can say that. We sat back held hands and enjoyed the show.

For those 2 hours I forgot about the long list of to-do’s I had to tackle. The craziness of the week ahead. All the things I should be doing on a Tuesday night instead of going to the movies. I just sat back and enjoyed the moment.

The to-do list was happily waiting for me when I got home and I am happy to start crossing those things off the list again. Remembering the excitement of my little one as we went into the plush modern bathroom and she ooohhh and ahhhed and how she had never felt a blanket as soft as the one in the theatre or how that was the best popcorn of her life (though the chicken she said needed a little work) or us holding hands running down the sidewalk giggling as we headed back to the garage. We looked silly and I didn’t care one bit…mommy needed a timeout!


My little champion

So it’s the end of the semester. Which means the end of a club chess session.

This was MBs first semester at chess. What amazing progress she has made. She knows the pieces, knows the moves, has played in tournaments, and won some games.

It’s been fun to watch her grow. At the end of the day she played an intra-club tournament and came out the 1st grade girl winner!

We were so proud!!!!


Soccer mishaps

Today’s soccer game was pretty eventful.

While we won 2-0 the other team had “a leg” that took out 3 of our players.

She would lean back and give that ball a huge kick up in the air and bam right into your chest.

MB was her first victim. Just a few minutes in.

At first there was a stunned shock by all the girls.

Then she comes running off the field in tears.

Bruised, hurt, and trying to understand why the mean girl kicked the ball at her.

It took a few minutes to get her calmed down and then she was ready to get back into the game. Though she still didn’t understand that “the leg” was not a mean girl just a stronger girl playing soccer against her.

Then MB was back on the field and “the leg” took out another player.

In the 2nd half “the leg” took out her 3 rd player. I at this point realized that this must happen pretty often and was surprised that a coach hadn’t given her some instruction not to keep the ball on the ground….or maybe that was their strategy. If you can’t beat them, take them out.

Though MB adapted. The next time “the leg” went for a kick near MB she turned around so it would hit her back. And she was determined to keep “the leg” from scoring and she did. During one strong run she outpaced the girl and swiped the ball from her. A sweet revenge. Don’t get mad honey, get even!

I may or may not of been on the sideline quietly saying knock her down….yes this season has taught me how you can be one of those sideline parents. Your heart is out on the field. Wether your little one is not paying attention or running her butt off….you cheer, you coach, you scream from the sideline!

Win or lose though I love our coaches, I love our team, and I am so proud of my little girl. She gives it her all. She is all heart on the field. And even if the tears do fall she doesn’t let it keep her down long.

Time to go now…I am being paged for a dance party in the living room!

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