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We are back!!!

Well it has been a little while since I have visited the old blog but as we get ready to turn our family of 4 into a family of 5 I am finding my voice again.

While the blog has been quiet life sure hasn’t been.

We now have a darling little 4th grader who is a bit of a tomboy, loves her futbol & football, Downtown Abbey, claims to be the #1 Colts fan in the world, and is sweet as sugar with a little sass.IMG_4823

TB and I celebrated our first year of marriage and it was just as wonderful as it should have been. To keep it exciting we jumped right into expanding our family (1st dr apt two days after our wedding!) and are now a little more than 4 weeks away from meeting baby B.


You can catch up on the latest here at AZBabyMNOven. This has truly been such an amazing experience, each day I really do need to pinch myself that this is happening. And this gift from the Ks has come with such fun extra bonuses…like extra visits with their family both here and while our paths crossed in OH. We only had one miss when MK and I passed each other in MN as one plane landed and the other one took off!

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We spent the summer traveling, relaxing, watching lots of World Cup, and preparing for Baby B. Baby B prep required a full remodel of MB and my office but it is coming together and I just love it. A fun and modern room for a fun and modern baby!


In living with our theme, lovebug adventures….TB is starting another adventure at work and so it seemed just fitting that we spent our summer getaway in San Fran where the city just seeps innovation. I really cherish these little time-outs we take….no schedule, lots of great food, good wines, and being together. We stayed at the St. Regis San Francisco which is such a wonderful hotel…I absolutely love it and can’t wait for our return trip!


That about does it…not much for just a few months uh 🙂

Now we are washing baby clothes, finishing up the last touches on the nursery and reviewing the newborn checklist to make sure we have everything we need!



Setting expectations



When was the first time you got flowers? Do you remember?

I know MB will remember. Tonight wasn’t the first time but the face and smiles were just as special.

Her lovebug gets her flowers. The father daughter dance, valentines day…this year he surprised with gorgeous orange flowers. Her favorite color.

The look. The love. The quick hurry to put together a quick scavenger hunt for her valentine.

He is setting the right expectations. And I love him more and more each day!

Where did they go?

I have just put MB to bed and am sitting at the computer to wrap up a few things.

MB comes out and says I want my love bug. She goes to the couch and asks how the game is going. It’s a diversion to bedtime that we all know.

TB says you can watch one more play and then back to bed.

Then the disappear.

I don’t hear TB come back out.

I look at the couch is he there? watching the game laying down?

I keep going about my business then I say his name? No answer. So I get up and look at the couch. Not there.

I head to MB’s bedroom.

What do I find?

The two love bugs snuggled up together both sound asleep.

There isn’t a better sight in the world.

Sometimes in life you worry about how they will turn out do to the circumstances around them. Will they be ok? Will this damage them? What will the impact be?  But its moments like that when you see the pure love. A daughter and a dad, exactly how it should be for her. It’s moment like these when you realize it is all going to be alright, better than alright, it’s gonna be great!

You are so cool

Today tb and mb took off on their first flight without me. It felt a little funny dropping them off at the airport.

My first weekend alone in over a
year I think. Just me and Indy for 3 days. I have lots of stuff too do and will be busy for sure. It’s just weird to have the roles reversed.

As I chatted with Tb they had a great flight. First class seats. Enjoyed some breakfast together and at some point in the flight she leaned over and told him he was Soo Cool!!!! Possibly after he taught her how to double barrel her drink.

Moments like that remind me it’s good to have the roles reversed every once in awhile. The one on one time just makes their bond stronger.

And leaves me open for a guilt free 9 mile run tomorrow. 🙂


Get some good sleep

Driving home from the swim team celebration, MB was disappointed that we weren’t joining TB for his basketball game. Actually she was at first surprised why weren’t we going together all as a family. Our norm, which I love, but I digress.

So from the front seat I listen as TB and MB discuss the situation.

MB: TB, please can I go with you?

TB: You want to go?

MB: Yes, please, I will hold your sweat towel and water bottle like you do for me at soccer

TB: Let me think about it

MB: Ok


MB: Have you thought about it?

TB: yep, I am still thinking. You ok sitting in the stands while I play?

MB: Will it be inside or outside?

TB: Outside

MB: Do I have to sit with a stranger?

TB: No you will sit by me and my team

MB: What are your team colors?

TB: Maroon and white

MB: Yea I want to go. I can take care of you.

TB: Ok, let me think about it.


MB: Have you made your decision?

TB: Yes, you can come.



MB: Mom, hope you have a good sleep.


And I did have a good sleep. Woke up this morning to a bed full of family, Indy included. I smiled as I went for my run. As I came home they were all still out. I checked Facebook and read the sweetest status up date. After the game MB had told TB “when I grow up, I’m going to be an athlete just like you. Watch how fast I am.”


3 way smiles

This week the family is spread out across the US.

West coast, midwest, and east coast.

3 different places, yet 2 nights in a row we have been able to connect as a family for 30min live.

What a feeling.

No better way to close out the evening.

I sit here on my iPhone while they sit at their computers. We can each see each others faces. We talk about our days, play around with our puppy. Talk about the World Cup and hear TB scream GOOOOAAAAALLLLL. We stick out our tongues. Ending the call blow kisses and sending hugs.

As we got off the phone I am smiling. Yeah it is tough to be away and in an ideal world that conversation would have been in person around the dinner table…but that is not our life. And even though we were sitting at other tables in different places for those 30min it was us, all together, a virtual family.

I really can’t think of a better thing that has come around in all my travels….I feel like the Oreo commercial where the kid eats an Oreo with his dad who is in Japan. One ending their day, the other beginning theirs. Sharing that common moment even though they were miles apart.

Thank you technology!!!

The Dance

Ok I really shouldn’t be blogging right now. I should be taking my shower and getting into bed. We had a full day- a wonderful family Saturday which I ended with a 60 min bike ride…and tomorrow I have a 5:30am alarm to head out and do a Splash-n-Dash. A 1000meter swim followed by a 4 mile run. Then the family is picking me up and we are heading out for a hike. I am going to be pooped tomorrow afternoon…hence why I need to go to bed.

So quickly I will share about last night’s Father-Daughter dance. What a special memory.

MB dressed up in a pretty pink dress and shoes, though her favorite was the matching purse. She helped TB pick out his shirt and shoes and they worked hard to find something that matched just perfectly.

Right before they were heading out, TB surprised MB with a flower corsage. She was speechless, a rare event.

As the got into the car, MB told me that they might not be home till 10pm or so (the dance was over at 8:30)– cause you know how these things are and they might just have to stay out late. All I can say is that I am glad TB is her date…I had a moment of thinking about HS prom. Not ready. So not ready.

They headed out to dinner with the other girls in the neighborhood and their dad’s and then went to the dance. TB kept me posted on the events by sending me photos…the girls were dancing queens. Hitting the dance floor pretty hard, except for any country music.

MB lost her purse…well her version was TB lost her purse. But someone found it and the DJ made an announcement…as MB claimed it as her’s he said on the speaker “well I would say it does match your dress”…a highlight of the evening.

As they drove home…MB was full of sweetness and thanks to TB. I only wish I had been a fly on the wall to hear the exact words. The few moments preparing to send them off were pretty magical so I am sure the entire evening was as well.  What a memory.

Ice Cream Dream

Just to set the stage. MB gets off the bus from school. Mommy is making up some healthy snack. MB is asking for Halloween candy….we are still working through the bag. TB comes out of his office to join us. Goes straight to the freezer and brings out MB’s leftover family birthday cake. An Oreo ice cream cake. He grabs 2 forks. Hands on to MB. The picture speaks to the rest.