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Rawhide Western Town

You know when you live some place for a long time then you discover a fun little gem that your out of towners would enjoy…that was Rawhide for us.

Anytime our visitors have kids they always are looking for some “wild west” fun…we have sent them off to towns 60-90min away…turns out there is one right in our backyard at Wild Horse Pass, Rawhide Western Town.

I would highly suggesting getting the full pass for the kids so you don’t to worry about each little extra expense. The shows are cute but really short and I am not sure they are worth the individual price point but if you were able to do 3-4 for the group ticket probably a better deal.

Panning for gold was the biggest hit. That and the extras that walked around the town. The one-off interactions with each other and with the guests really made the experience.

MB and her cousin had a blast and we will totally be sending our next visitors there for a little flavor of the old west.







Well rounded

It’s funny how one word can really mean so much.

There are so many things that I am proud of mb for.

I love hearing how she is so worldly and loves learning about new cultures. And sneakily checks out a book about learning Italian.

But it’s this word that stuck with me this afternoon.


So simple and easy but it means so much.

It’s means that the divorce is not causing her harm.

It means that the crazy back and forth is not screwing her up.

It means that the family and home she has now gives her the security and unconditional love she needs to be free and secure.

It means everything is gonna be ok.

I know that. I can see that everyday. Its better than ok.

But as a mom I also hope that the the turmoil she has to endure at times doesn’t cause deep damage. I know she gets hurt by some, she doesn’t understand choices that they make…but that’s on the surface…deep down she is grounded and Well rounded.

Well rounded makes me happy!

Did your leg kick

She cracks me up where does this stuff come from.

Tonight we are driving home from a really fun photo shoot, more to come on that, but omg the photos should be so awesome great great location.

Anyway she says mom do you know how to know you are in love?


When your kiss your leg kicks up!

Oh yeah the movies have taught her well.

Then the next question was how do you impress guys.

Ok I stopped short.

Seriously impressing boys we are 7.

Anyway I gave my whole be yourself speech and then once that was over she asked how did TB impress me.

I don’t want tb to get a big head so let’s just say we talked about how he makes us giggle and fun dance party nights.

Then Mb tells us what is she marries a guy from England would that be ok? You know if he treats her right and makes her happy.

I wonder why I’m exhausted by 6pm. This conversation lasted for an hour.

Where does this stuff come from.

Working on another party

Got my next party in the works. Easter egg dying and egg games. An Eggstravaganza.

As I started working on some of the favors and treats today TB gave me that look. While cute I know he thinks it’s crazy. I love that he is patient with me and my love of having our fun little events. I believe MB has talked him into dressing up as the Easter Bunny. ūüôā

Should be fun. Stay tuned for full photos in a couple weeks.

Till then check out this adorable bowl of chocolate!


Just another day in the ‘hood

So we are just pulling in from picking up MB from camp and me from my run.

We see our neighbors out on the skateboard and so MB runs out to say hi.

Not more than 10 min later we had 3 more neighbors join us and were having a regular block party play-date.

There were skateboards, scooters, hula hoops, jump ropes, double dutch, chalk bubbles…and even some gingerbread cookie decorating.

9 kids in total, 1 dad, 2-4 mom’s depending on who was taking a shower…..and a full 2 hours outside running out the rest of the sugar that was in their system.

I never grew up in a neighborhood like this.

While I have no complaints about my childhood…we had the beach instead of neighbors…I have gotten used to the ‘burbs and am enjoying it. Kids playing in the streets…having so many friends around as easy play-dates, really doesn’t get much better than this.

Oh but wait it does….as I sat outside I realized that this time last year I was rotating inside a mini-van while the kids sled in -10 degree weather. We wouldn’t be outside chilling like this.

So 2 points for the neighborhood and 2 points for warmer weather.

Now off to enjoy the zoo-lights without freezing my butt!

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A surprise visit from Czech

The “big” gift for MB this year was a visit from Czech.

I was very lucky to have had a live-in au pair when MB was an infant/toddler. I had one girl from about 3mths to 1 year and it was good….then I had SJ come join us. She was amazing. A kindergarten teacher from Czech she become part of the family. I will never forget our Friday night girls night dinner and our attempts at keeping MB from eating the entire dessert. ¬†I could go on and on about the memories, the fun times, the experiences…it was just wonderful. She left to go back to Czech when MB turned 3.

3 years. We have kept in touch via Skype, Facebook, and postcards. Never as good as face to face. We had hoped to make it to Prague this year but it was just not working out. So we decided to bring SJ to us.

I knew MB remembered her, we talk about her often…but would she really remember her?

SJ and TB arrived home just in time for the bus stop. We headed out there. MB got off the bus and went straight for SJ. I would say she remembered her for sure.

The visit was a blur. Lots of talking. Playing. Halloween Parties. There are 2 moments that stand out in a visit full of smiles. The big “welcome” hug. And tonight as they lay in bed together reading a bedtime story. MB’s pick had been the photo book SJ put together when she left. Photos of the 2 of them together over the 2 years SJ had been with us. Memories that I am sure MB doesn’t remember but was reliving through the photos. As I saw them nestled in her bed, my eyes filled up. We were so lucky to have SJ in our life….and it is wonderful to know that those 2 years together are going to live on as we continue to add memories together.

Santa Already???

As I put MB to bed tonight she called me back in.

She was tearing up.

She sat me down and was very very concerned.

She asked me where she was going to be for Christmas. Then she said what if she got coal for Christmas.

I tried to console her that no coal was in her future.

She kept tearing up, harder and harder.

So I tried the joker card. I covered her and said “nothing happening here Papparrazi (our elf on the shelf), no one is crying. Nothing is happing. Don’t worry”

She started to giggle…so the diversion worked.

We talked for a bit more and I pinky promised that unless she was really horrid she wouldn’t get coal.

As I walked out the door MB went to say good night and added: “Mommy, go onto Christmas world and tell Paparazzi (our elf on the shelf) to text you if I am getting coal this year. And tell him to tell Santa I will be very sad if I get coal”

So now I sit here blogging and wondering what ever did she do that has her worried about coal for Christmas!!!!!

What do you wear to make bath salts?

Nana is in town. We are finishing up prep for the upcoming birthday bash.

So the next up activity was making MB’s bath salts.

We get MB at the bus stop.

We come home and it time to start working on the salts.

MB disappears to go to the rest room and change.

Out she appears in a tutu. Yep her shirt from school, I love soccer undies, and a bright orange tutu.

She climbs up on her stool and says “ok, Nana, I am ready”

Now I know that tutus are the fitting outfit for making bath salts. I was completely under-dressed.

Even better our lovely neighbor stopped by to say hi and asked MB if she had just home from dance. MB with a straight-faced said no she was making bath salts. A mother of a boy with a baby girl on the way she looked throughly perplexed. Just a matter of time till it makes sense to her too.

Bath salts and tutus. As perfect as peanut butter and chocolate.

I know a lot of things

Gotta love this. I was exchanging emails with MB’s teacher today and his final note shared a little bit of my MB.

I was doing kinder¬†assessments with MB and I complimented her on her correct answers¬†to the questions and MB said, “I know a lot of things.”

That sums our girl up.

In the lead or control.

Swears she knows more than anyone else.

Absorbs everything she can possibly from conversations, surroundings, life.

Funny how those 6 little words just bring to vision our little girl in a nutshell.

It was good for a laugh or too around the dinner table as well.

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