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The bean

We have graduated up to a kidney bean this week with the maybe baby. 8 weeks along.

No real update this week. MK is feeling fine baby wise but the meds are really starting to take their toll and we are both hoping we can jump over to the “normal” side of pregnancy really soon.

Just to give you an idea here is MK’s med list:

Estrace 0.1 mg 2g twice a day
Progesterone inj 50mg/ml 2 units 1/day
Estradiol 2 mg 2/day
Folgard 1/day
Crinone 8% gel 2/day
Vivelle patches–wearing 4
Vitamin E 400 mg 2/day
Prenatal vitamins
Baby aspirin
Shots, pills, patches. Once a day, twice a day. So much for so long. I feel for her and wish I could make it stop and hope that we will be over this next hurdle on Monday with the next ultrasound.
In other news it is fun to share that maybe baby with MB…she is amazed to hear about the different stages, that the baby had a tail, what is developing.
She is nervous about telling anyone because she feels that if she tells someone then it might not come true.
She wants to ask about MK’s belly but then thinks that will be rude and doesn’t want to hurt her feelings.
One little mind going 10 million miles an hour, just like mine.

A heartbeat goes up and down

TB is the more cautious one. He keeps his excitement in check so he doesn’t have the big crash of disappointment. I keep my emotions on my sleeves- big swings with the highs and big drops with the lows.

Today was one of those days.

The maybe baby is the size of a blueberry and today we got our first peek.

First results. The up. We have a heartbeat. Fluttering away per the K’s. Heartbeat was 134. That was good and the growth and development was good as well.

Then there was the down. A small subchorionic hemorrhage. Now putting small in front of that just makes me laugh…small blah blah something horrible sounding.

Down the roller coaster I went and straight to google. For once google relaxed me a little bit…it wasn’t has scary as it sounded.

Then we waited to hear back from the fertility clinic, because 7 weeks is early for an ultrasound in the normal pregnancy world and maybe they had other insights.

I have to say when the email came back and the clinic said this is actually pretty common my roller coaster settled down a bit.

Now we wait. 10 more days. Jan 13 for the next ultrasound.

We wait for another win.

We wait for this to be moved over to the normal pregnancy category.

We wait for MK to be able to exercise again.

We wait for MK to stop having to take all the meds helping maybe baby along.

We wait until it feels safer.

We wait until we can go from maybe baby to baby B.


We are getting an amazing gift. No one ever said it would be easy, nothing worth anything usually is.

So we wait. We practice patience. We let maybe baby settle in for hopefully the long haul.


Maybe baby update….counting the days & hours

3 good blood works results. Our last test results were up to 13,662.

Next step is an Ultrasound and a heart beat.

Our appointment is scheduled for Thursday afternoon.

To be honest it is about the only thing that I can think about.

In no particular order here are the things I think about…

  • are the risks of losing the baby any higher with this pregnancy than a normal one
  • how is MK feeling
  • when will we feel that things are “safe”
  • what did I think about when I was pregnant with MB, was I this worried
  • if the heartbeat and location is good will we start to rest easy
  • when will MK be able to get off the medications
  • is this really happening….could we have a little baby B
  • how will we tell everyone
  • how much baby gear has changed in 9 years
  • how will I ever let the Ks know how grateful we are for this opportunity

And I could go on and on and on….it just a series of thoughts going in and out of my head, heart, and soul each and every day as I count down the hours till we get our first peek at the maybe baby.

Maybe baby…6 weeks and growing…the size of a lentil bean.


The waiting game

So we made it over a huge hurdle…but I am still so nervous.

I finally pulled my questions together and sent them over to the doctor today…

Questions like:

When are we in the “clear”
How far along is she really?

I know there is no sure answer but there are stats and there are next steps and it helps to know what those next milestones are.

It is crazy to me but MK is actually 4 weeks 3 days pregnant. Since the transfer was just 2 weeks ago that seems so off…but that is what it is. So we are 1/3 of the way through the first trimester. If this all comes through the maybe baby could arrive late August….

The next major milestone is a heartbeat and U/S to see where the location of the maybe baby is….that can be done around 6.5 weeks…so another 2.5 weeks to go. And like all pregnancies the first trimester is always the trickiest so another 8 weeks in total to get through that phase.

Between now and then we have 2 more blood tests to test out the HCG levels and make sure they are doubling every 48 hours as expected. Tuesday is the 2nd test and then another one a week after that..

So for now I am thankful for the success so far and hopeful for what tomorrow’s test results show.

The maybe baby…maybe not so maybe anymore

I can’t believe I am actually writing this post.

On Dec 3rd we took this wonderful little guy


and with a watchful eye placed it into the oven đŸ™‚


the Dr. said it would look like a shooting star and it did.

It was kinda a letdown, in and out in 5 min and just like that we had placed the bun in the oven so to speak and were just supposed to wait to see if the little guy decided to stay.

So we waited…10 days to be exact.

It was my dad’s birthday. It was a Friday. MK went in for her results at 7:40am….and we waited. Then I got a call around noon.

It was the doctor’s office. She started with the basic how are you doing? and how are you feeling? I was kinda like I guess it depends on what you say next……….and then she said MK is PREGNANT.

I am not really sure what I said after that. I know that for the most part I was pretty speechless. I think it something like OMG. OMG. Are you serious? OMG. She rattled on about how the next few weeks would go…and how we had more tests to make sure things progressed and what the levels should be doing and the protocol. She asked me if I wanted to call MK or if she should….considering I hadn’t really understood anything she had said after MK is PREGNANT I told her to call her and I would call right after.

I am so incredibly Thankful for the gift. We still have a long road ahead on this journey. But this was a HUGE hurdle. HUGE!

I am also thankful we just put in one….I put trust in what was meant to be will be, and I still put my trust in that.

I can’t believe MK is PREGNANT!


Science & Technology

It’s something that keeps popping back into my mind as we continue this journey.

Science and technology is truly extraordinary.

In about 2 weeks we are going to take a single embroyo that is half mine and half TB’s and watch it be launched into hopefully its new home for 9 months. The fact that this is possible is truly an amazing feat.

Just mind boggling when you think about it…which I do often.

On top of that the potential baby oven is in MN….but there again technology is amazing. With constant texts, some short some long…it feels like we are next door at times. Wether it is dealing with crazy doctor offices or just joking about the warning signs in the vineyard…it all feels so close even with all the miles in between.

I wish I had a magic 8 ball…or a magic mirror. Doesn’t everyone?

In less than a month we will know if we are on our way to having a baby. Sometimes I just shake my head and feel like I am dreaming. Other times I remind myself that the odds are 50/50 and just like a flip of a coin it could not take. But then we could land on heads and it does take.

And the countdown to transfer begins….

Phase 1 is done…I think

Well at the end we have 3 little embryos frozen. 1 in good quality and 2 in fair quality. I don’t know all what that means but we have a meeting with our doctor this Wed so I can find out the difference between good and fair and start talking about phase 2.

I am still bloated as can be…and I did break my google rule to go see how long this on average lasts….most people said 4 or so weeks so guess I have another 3 or so to go until I get back to normal..right now it seems like .5 lbs a day is coming off. Small price to pay to potentially have a baby in our future.

In other news we have gone old school with MB and movies…first there was Rear Window, then last night its How to catch a Thief and now we are watching Dial M for murder. It’s crazy I have never seen these myself but we are enjoying our old school family movie nights…thank you Apple TV!

Rambling moments

So many different thoughts going through my mind right now…so here are bulleted paragraphs of all the happenings. Ramblings I know.

– First half week of school went awesome. MB loves her teacher and I am loving what I am seeing coming home from her too. The only downside is our bus situation. When they released the bus schedules they had moved our stop to the top of a hill. About .75 mile walk straight-up hill. Not the way to start your day especially in August. A few meetings happened before the first day and the spot was moved halfway down the hill. Now I must note our original bus stop is still on the same route – you would drive right past it….and there are no new kids on our street justifying the move. So the first day we walk up to the stop and a bus pulls by, it’s our old bus driver. She explains she can’t pick us up- even though the bus is not full and that we need to go up to the mailboxes for the other drive. So we go up to the stop and wait and wait. No bus and school starts in about 5min. So we walk home and all jump in our cars…great start to the year right! We got MB to campus at the first bell and told her we would pick her up at the cove after school. So far we haven’t tried the bus again…I heard the next day he showed up at 8:40 (school starts at 8:45) and once again our old bus driver drove right by our stop at the right pickup time but can’t take our kids. It is just crazy. I can’t explain it. Definitely not a budget cut or efficiencies savings. Hoping they figure it out…

– We got the call on Saturday. Of the 6 eggs extracted 5 of them fertilized. I can’t believe they all did so well. We wait now for a call Tuesday to see how they rate up. So it looks like Phase 1 was a success and my stimulation shots are going to be done. Pretty amazing and exciting….just wish I could personally carry one of those fertilized eggs to the finish line, but am hopeful.

– We had a great weekend….MB and I had a girls day on Sunday and boy is she growing up. We went back to school shopping and it was such a treat. She enjoyed the shopping and went into the dressing room to try everything on. She still looks to me for style guidance and decisions..THANKFULLY but I can see the direction this is going.

– Another successful week of cooking….Saturday night I made my first attempt at chocolate flour-less cake and it was delicious and easy, along with some homemade mac and cheese that made us all have full bellies! Sunday I made a chicken avocado bacon cobb salad with homemade garlic vinaigrette dressing which was also outstanding. I have to kinda agree with TB that I am a better cook. One of the things I am enjoying most about the cooking is the amount of clean/fresh non-processed food we are eating. I didn’t set out with that a goal but making everything from scratch is really having such a difference and having a bunch of happy eaters isn’t so bad either!

Retrieval complete

Here is how today went.

4am alarm went off. Not that I was asleep.

4:30am got out of bed.

5:00am packed the car and carried mb to the car.

5:15am dropped Mb off at the neighbors she was asleep on the couch in 2 seconds with her special puppy, lucky.

5:45 arrived at the Outpatient clinic early and sat in the car for awhile

6:00 arrived and checked in

6:15 I was in my gown, cap, and booties filing out paperwork.

6:30 I was crying as the nurse missed her 2nd attempt to get my IV in. The tears were the hormones and my reminder of the last time I was under anesthesia.

6:45 another nurse got the IV in at the first try and we proceeded to the OR.

6:55 I laid on the table and my feet were strapped into the stirrups. The dr was called in and the drugs were in full affect I don’t remember much else.

7:30 I was back in recovery and tb was brought in. Looks like they got 6 good size follicles.

7:45 we were back in the car heading home. I was a little groggy but felt ok.
We made it back in time to get mb and take her to school.

I then didn’t follow the rules so well. I did some work conference calls. I made some crockpot Mexican mix. I wrote some thank you notes.

I didn’t lay on the couch and be still and now I’m wishing I did. I’m tired and crampy and have no energy.

So now I will lay on the couch the rest of the afternoon and watch TV and try
not to focus on the waiting game ahead to see if we had success.

It’s trigger time

So I went in today for my daily blood work and U/T.

It still looks like I have about 6 good sized follicles and a few smaller ones. The nurse thought I would trigger today or tomorrow…the end is near she said.

So I waited for the phone call. Then I got a little nervous. They usually call around 2/2:30pm. It was 4pm and no call.

Then at 4:30pm the call came. It was time.

She asked me if I had my prep sheet ready….and a prep sheet it is. I did and she started running through what I needed to do.

First stop- head straight home and give myself another dose of 300 follistim, 5 lupron, and 150 of the Menapur. (change in plans for our back to school dinner…we were staying home).

Then at 6:45pm we were to give the trigger shot.

That would be my last shot if all goes as planned and we have a successful cycle.

Now with dinner I had to start taking my antibiotics and will continue that 2x a day along with my other various pills they have me take each morning.

Tomorrow I don’t go in for blood work. I get to stay away from the doctor for one day.

Then Friday morning 6am we are to arrive for the retrieval. It was take place at exactly 6:45am and the whole procedure and recovery will be about 2 hours. The time sensitiveness of the entire process makes me nervous.

Then I will head home to relax and wait. At the end of the day Friday I will know how many eggs were retrieved.

Saturday I should be feeling well and back to my normal routine and then the next waiting game begins.

We first wait 4 days or so to find out how many eggs were fertilized.

Then we will wait to see how the embryos develop and what grades they get.

Then we will decide what to freeze and wait for phase 2…the surrogate process.

The journey continues….


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