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Those eyebrows…8 months

Can you believe she is 8 months old?

I really can’t…it feels like just yesterday she was being born.

She is our little miracle.

She is our joy.

Last night as I was putting her to bed MB walked in and showed me her Star Student notebook from 3rd grade. All her friends had written a note about her and one of her best friends had written if MB could have anything she wanted it would be a little sister.

Well she got her wish and so did the rest of us.

SB is all smiles. She is out for adventure. She loves to roll and army crawl anywhere and she really turns on the speed for iPhones, MACs, and water bottles.

She rolls with the punches and can be found sleeping on the sidelines of soccer games, enjoying the desert mountain in her stroller, splashing herself silly in the pool, or just snuggling with her family.

Guess it is time to start thinking about her first birthday, OH MY!

And for Today’s happy…I will just give you this photo!

Oh boy…or wait girl

I realize I haven’t posted in awhile…its partly because there are so many thoughts swimming around in my head.

First I guess I should share….


Yep TB is forever out numbered. He also will always be the Prince Charming of the house for 1 lady, 2 girls, and sweet Indy dog.

We are at the 18 week mark and MK is coming in later this week for our next U/S. I still at times can’t believe this is really happening. I am beyond the moon excited. I am scared too. 10 years later I am doing this all over again…sleepless nights, schedules, dependency. I am going to love every single minute of it- but Oh #$*#&$#!!!!

10 years has also changed the baby industry. Now there are like a zillion types of strollers..wheel rotating iPhone chargers included (seriously with the latest iOS update I am going to need it) and then you can pick your colors blue or pink…gone are the neutrals. Oh and baby delivery services- diapers, formula, you name it. And not just that but seasonal diapers so even on the Fourth of July Baby B’s tush can be coordinated!

Registering is going to be interesting.

I also this time have such a different world. An amazing partner in crime that I know will carry his share. I already see the moments where we both are there mesmerized at what a precious little gift we have (times 2) …and a wonderful 2nd in charge that is going to be right there to help but also need reassurance that she still has a special place in our hearts.

I am a lucky girl to have such problems.

So while I sit on this plane I will research more strollers while my 2 loves are enjoying a date night at the ballpark!

Our Valentine’s Day Surprise

So we went public on Valentine’s day with our little maybe baby.


Later that day MK went public with her announcement as well. The outpouring of support and well wishes were amazing. So far only one negative comment and it was a friend of a friend. We had expected it but it still blows me away that people post public negativity. It is ok to not agree but why do you feel the need to post it publicly when you know all it will do is hurt someone. Fortunately it was about 200:1 on positive to negative comments so just a drop in the bucket.

In the wonderful world of how the Facebook feed works many of my friends saw announcement one but missed the rest of the story…I found that out as last night I was getting many congrats and how are you feeling followed by stares as I ordered glasses of wine. We cleared it up and had a few laughs…but think I might need to repost soon or get a special wine glass that says we are pregnant but I am not carrying 🙂

I am still dealing with the fact that we are considered a geriatric pregnancy and genetic testing. I know it is normal. I know the odds are in our favor. But like with anything when you have to make decisions, you think about it, you think about the worst, you hope and pray for the best, it just isn’t easy.

We have our Maternit21 test scheduled for Wed and I am sure that will be a long wait for getting results…but we will also know the sex which is exciting too. MB can’t wait to find out.

MB sent her first little belly shot this week and mentioned feeling little flutters of good stuff happening. Amazing. Amazing. I still sometimes can’t believe this is all happening.

As the news is now out I am starting to find my way on how to answer questions like When are you due? I initially find myself saying She or MK but that seems odd and so am starting to find the answers are always we. We as in the 4 of us adults and 3 kids…it really is a village. Other questions have been simple to answer- will the baby have contact with MK? Of course from the minute we started this journey they became part of the family.

We started a blog of the journey at AZ Baby MN Oven but after having over 1000 hits this weekend I must admit I am a little nervous about the next post.

2 weeks

It’s been two weeks since one of the best days of my life! (The other being Mb’s birth!)

I’m still living in the moment of how perfect it all was. There is not one thing I would do differently.

From start to finish everything was wonderful. I’ve got memories to last a lifetime. I’ve married the love of my life. I’ve given my daughter the best daddy she could ever imagine.

Now it’s back to reality…


Heart Swells

That about sums up today for me. Heart Swells.

I have had some pretty dark days. I know everyone has…I had a dark season. Yet now that season seems so long ago and believe or not hard to remember.

Today was one of those days where the dark season seems so far away and the heart swell are abundant.

Here are just a few of the moments of heart swells.

  1. getting to the bus stop and noticing that our little neighbor has gotten taller…realizing its been 3 years with the same morning smiles. Waving good-bye as I drive off to work and L mans the bus stop.
  2. a mid-day text from a brownie mom asking talking about cookies and camp and just thinking about how lucky I am to be “leading” these girls for another year
  3. scoring the approval for another project– yes sometimes my heart swells at work. Being appreciated, closing the deal for your team, making it happen. It makes me happy.
  4. picking up my soccer carpool. these girls can really be the highlight of my week. the 45min drive home is just full of simple problems. lots of laughs. it’s grounding. tonight we had dinner together– and freaking them out that I messed up their order, talking about being “grounded”, just made the night that much sweeter
  5. eating dinner in a packed smashburger filled with so many familiar faces. It was our school fundraiser night- another thing my fundraiser partner/neighbor and I put together- but it’s more than that its the smiling faces, the hugs, the catching up…this is my community. It’s our version of CHEERS.
  6. a simple email from a friend that wasn’t so simple. the lasting connections I have made along the way.
  7. MB running out of the room on the phone with TB to strategize on my “surprise”
  8. reading 2 perfect cards from the love of my life

It’s funny as I read back over that I realize that 80% of these things happen every day.

The new normal. I will take that. A new normal full of daily heart swells.

I am very lucky. I am very blessed. Life is good. Life is great. I can’t wait to see what the next 35 years bring.

Happy Birthday to me.



Getting the shot

So I had a great day with my girl, my best friend, and my godson.

I was determined to leave with a photo of my godson and I.

Ahh what we do to get that smile! And yes I am just as happy as I look what a wonderful way to wrap up my week.

Next stop….HOME!


another reason technology rocks

Technology and social media that is.

So you may or may have not noticed I haven’t talked about running or races for a while. That is for a couple of reasons.

1) It is too #*($&#*$( hot in the summer in AZ to run…even early in the morning it is already 100

2) I wasn’t seeing the change in my body that I expected for the amount of time I was putting in.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am proud of my accomplishments and I love running. I love all the challenges I put myself through with the half marathons and triathlons. I never never thought I would do one let alone the 10+ I did and I love my wall of medals. I wouldn’t change a second of it.

Yet all the hours of training and time out pounding the pavement didn’t affect my body the way I had thought.

So this summer I decided to try some new things.

First up was Pilates. I found this studio through a groupon and feel in love. The reformer, jump board, the chair- the challenges, the results. After going just 3 times I started to noticed changes in my body. After a few months I am longer and leaner then I have ever been. I recently added the Dailey Method (barre training) to the routine and I can already start to see the additional change and benefit. I am starting to things in my stomach and arms that I haven’t seen since high school swim team. TB made my day a few weeks back as he noticed my forming 3pack as were out by the pool. Those are words I simply never thought I would hear.

Ok so what does that have to do with technology.

Over the past few months I have dropped 15lbs and I really can’t tell you exactly how many pant sizes cause I haven’t been shopping for new pants and in the summer all I wear is dresses anyway….all I know is what I have now requires a belt and in most cases that still isn’t enough.

So I saw this cute little outfit on piperlime and I went on a limb and decided to try it.

So the package comes. I try it out. I look in the mirror. I am home alone. I think I like it but it’s not what I usually wear. I am still not sure that the reflection I see is the one 15lbs lighter than it was a few months ago.

So what does a girl do that is home alone with no girlfriends nearby to comment.

She posts the photo to friends in cyberspace and asks for honesty. Remembering the recent stat on the today show that people are more honest on text about what looks good than face to face. So I text.

What was a girl to do before technology? I know if I hadn’t been able to reach out and get confirmation that it looked ok I probably would have sent it back….but the responses were just enough confidence booster that I needed. Now the outfit is hanging in the closet ready for our trip to CABO.

And because I owe it to technology I will even post the photo on the blog….and maybe if you are lucky a photo from Cabo with it dressed up to go out 🙂

2011 has arrived

Just like that.

No bells or whistles. A couple of nice bottles of red. Hanging out with my love and his family, watching Tin Cup.

Then the ball dropped….and it was 1/1/11.

We spent 1/1/11 heading home. We picked up MB from her dad’s and caught our flight back to AZ. Back to the sun…and surprisingly cold.  TB and I had managed to get a friend to pick up Indy and I had begged the kennel to open for us even though they were closed…so we came home to our littlest one, which made us all happy.

A late night run to In-n-Out for the 3 of us and I had to smile. Sitting in In-n-Out, eating, talking, laughing. I could tell that MB and TB felt the same way that I did…we were HOME, and it was good to be HOME.

So now what to do with 2011.

I really don’t know….I am still focused on my goal carry-over from 2010. My first half-marathon is in 2 weeks. 2 weeks! TB hasn’t gone further than 5 miles and I am starting to get worried about him….not that he won’t get it done, but the recovery with so little training. Me, on the other hand, am feeling pretty good. I know it is going to be tough. I know I am going to a walk a little bit here and there…but I am excited for the challenge and I can honestly say I love running. Today as I did 5 miles and conquered the hill that brought me to tears in 2010 I thought…when I am done with my training this will probably be my regular run. A massive mountain climb, 5 miles total, 60 min or so out running. My regular workout- who would of thought.

So while my head is totally focused on that….I know there are some things I want to do better in 2011.

  • I want to do more with photography. I want do play around more and get creative, both in the images and the post processing.
  • I want to continue to cook more, from scratch. Try more new recipes. Continue to put more fruits and veggies on the plates.
  • I want to find a new job. Time for a change. Time for more growth. Time to get energized. (I leave that side of my life off the blog, but those in my real life know that is time for a change)
  • I want to get out and explore AZ more. Try new restaurants. Do more hiking. Explore.
  • Continue to make amazing memories with my lovebugs, strength the bond that has filled my heart in 2010.

That last point is probably the most important and my biggest commitment to 2011. I do that all for my little one. Tonight as we enjoyed a little R&R time in the hot-tub I asked MB what her top 5 things were in 2010.

There was playing with friends, going sledding, playing hide-n-seek, and then she said goofing around with TB.

Really when you think about it, isn’t it really just that simple. Shouldn’t we all be able to review the year for us with similar things.

So my overall promise for the year is that when we sit in the hot tub next year and think about 2011 that MB, TB, and I will have a simple list of fun times with friends and family and US that will consider our best moments of 2011

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Twas the night before 2011

Twas the night before 2011.

We are still away from home, visiting family in the cold.

We slept in till well past 11am. Unheard of I know…not sure why but we just can’t manage to get ourselves out of bed.

Then we got up had some lunch…checked out an Apple Store, the next phase in our photo taking/editing hobby.

Back for a quick run for me…it warmed up enough I could do the run outside, but the wind was a killer. TB threw out his back throwing the kids around last night…meaning once again he had to miss a training day. I am dreading the pain he will be in when we finish the half.

Now I sit here and think about my 2010 resolutions.

Unfortunately I wrote that post down on a blog I had to shut down since it was invaded by my ex, but I was able to track them down.

1. The standard lose weight (I set a goal of 20lbs…) – I can’t get on a scale to confirm or deny this, but I know I didn’t make the 20lb mark. However, I don’t really care about the scale as much as I did before. I don’t get on it very often. It is about how I feel…and for sure my body has changed a lot in 2010, thanks to my running and the Arizona lifestyle. So as I reflect I have done one better than this resolution…I have made a life change about my health and fitness.

2. Run a 10K with Melissa. Well I didn’t get this one…thanks Melissa!!!! But I did manage to run a lot of 10K’s by myself…and hit the 10 mile mark just this week. Next year I will get Melissa out to join me for a race..or at least a bottle of wine! Miss ya!!!!

3. Try 20 new recipes. DONE! Some of the favorites were the white bean chili, turkey soup, peppermint bark

4. Visit 10 new places. Done. Now I think when I wrote this I planned 10 major cities, etc…we didn’t quite make that, but I did manage to hit 10 small little stops along 2010….and we definitely didn’t spend too much time sitting around at home. Even little Ms. MB managed to get preferred status on the airlines…

5. Reduce my divorce debt…a consistent work in process, I made some major strides in 2010. Finally have stopped paying out bills, at least for now. And I have made a major dent in the debt incurred. With some smart money management, I have a plane in place and am making progress each month. Not as fast as I wish, but since it took 3 years to build, I can’t expect it to be gone in less than that.

As I look at my goals for 2010 I have to kinda laugh…where I was at the end of 2009 is so different than where I am now. Satisfied. Settled. Happy. Content.

So as I look forward to 2011 goals….there isn’t much missing from my life. What a great spot to be in.

I was thinking I would write my 2011 resolutions in this post, but I need to think about those a little bit longer.

For now I am going to sit back and enjoy the sounds of a crazy house full of kiddos…and look forward to picking up my little one tomorrow and heading home with the family.

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