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100 Happy Days- Part 1

So awhile back when I was up in Flagstaff with a girlfriend she shared the 100 Happy Days movement (check it out here and we decided to give it a whirl.

Finding happy in each day and capturing it in a photo.

I love the idea and have plenty of happy in my life but some days you have to look a little bit harder than others.

I am a third of the way through and looking back at the photos some great moments to remember.

I do have to laugh that lots of the happy are around food 🙂 and then of course family and my home (both the house and Arizona!)

I am enjoying seeing my friends happy moments too!!! Just another fun benefit of social media…sharing happy and smiles!

I challenge you to join in!


The right fit

The thought of expanding our family has been a topic of conversation for a couple years. Yet we can’t do it alone.

First step was to explore our options. Last year we went to meet a doctor. Talk about a downer. He was not positive. He didn’t leave you feeling with hope.

Last year we also found a surrogate agency and begin conversations with them. At first it was positive. The possibility seemed there. Then they disappeared. No returned phone calls or emails. To say depressing is a major understatement.

Then this year we tried again. New insurance. New recommendations for fertility centers. Such a different experience. She was factual. She was experienced, in fact had 3 current patients using surrogates. She didn’t talk about it being impossible she talked about the next steps. She laid them out. She gave the options. She gave us hope and was very optimistic that we came in at the right time to make it happen. It made it real and had us getting serious.

Then the unimaginable happened. We had a close friend open up at the possibility of being our surrogate. Another discussion began, another door was opened to explore. Words cannot describe the feelings that evoked so I won’t even try.

It became more reality and less a dream. It got the adventure started.

7th inning stretch

It was our family fun night for school at the ballpark.

The cubbies didn’t pull out a win but what fun.

We have such a great community and friends.

Our group took up about 10 rows. Siting next to MBs teacher and right behind her principal. Surrounded by her friends and ours.

We laughed, cheered, ate, smiled, and just had a great Friday night with our family and friends.

Ended the night singing song after song on the radio on the drive home.

Moving West is a big decision I will never regret….this is so our home!

dance girls dance!


Don’t sweat the small stuff

This week is just one of those crazy weeks being pulled in every direction but you make your way through it….till I was thrown a curve ball.

Have you ever gotten a call from a friend and your heart just breaks?

They are going through tough times, you want to reach through the phone and give them a hug.

You wish you lived closer you wish you could help more but it is their problem to deal with.

You struggle for the right thing to say…or worry that saying what comes to mind might not help.

You want to make it all go away.

This week I got one of those calls.

I hurt for her.

I cried for her tonight.

I pray it all works out for the best but I just hate that she is in the place she is now…and I hope it won’t be for long.

It reminds me to not to sweat the small stuff.

I get frustrated.

I get stressed.

Life has it’s moments, there are always ups and downs, something to work on…but I know I am really lucky.

I have it pretty good.

I am not alone.

I am part of a wonderful team.

I am thankful for that.


End of August in Photos

Another month gone…where does the time go!

We have our 2nd grade school year routine in full swing and I am finally getting back in the kitchen!

This weekend we had a whirlwind trip to Chicago to celebrate a 40th with friends. It was great fun and we even got in a Cubs game on the rooftop- which is my new favorite way to watch a baseball game…and next time I won’t forget my sunglasses!

Swimming into the school year

It’s back to school time.

The last few years I’ve ended the summer and welcomed Maddie home with a back to school pool party and ice cream social.

After bidding on a local pools birthday party at our fall school fundraiser I decided to take it easy this year and do it there. They bought the decorations, handled the cake, supplied the pizza, icees, and popcorn. All we did is show up with the favors. They also have 2 young guys that played in the pool throwing the football, tossing the kids in the pool and doing all that exhausting stuff that Tb usually has to do. It is going to be hard to bring it back home next year.

Mb had a coed guest list for the first time and she picked friends from her past few years at school. The kids were all wonderful and had lots of fun. It was a great way to break into the new school year.

Since I only had one party task I got crafty with chalkboard contact paper and back to school goodies!





Weekend in review- race update

35,000 ft with sore muscles and my sweetheart sound asleep next to me.

Dreading the enormous about of chores waiting for me at home when I just want to crawl into my bed and snuggle up and sleep.

But that is part of the toll of a good weekend.

A good friend came in to visit Saturday with plans to run the PF Changs marathon with me on Sunday. She woke up sick that morning and so with 3 race packets in the house only I headed off to get it done.

My wonderful friends and neighbors and race buddies picked me up and we had some great running weather. The course was changed up from last year, while not steep the first 10 miles were all up hill. My body had aches and pains for pretty much the entire thing. The crazy thing was each time I looked down at my garmin feeling like I was dragging my pace was around 10min. It surprised me each time….so while I didn’t finish with a PR (2:15) I came in 12 min faster than I did at this race last year. It’s such a great feeling of achievement and accomplishment for me. I just feel stronger and that ROCKS! People keep asking me why I keep running the halfs. I enjoy them. I need the race to keep me training. I know without a race I’m gonna run, but I’m gonna run 3 miles, 5 miles. I like pushing myself and crossing that finish line after 13.1 miles. It keeps me focused. So now 2 weeks till we head to Tink. I’m really excited for this one it’s just gonna be fun and I get to meet some girls I’ve been waiting to for a long time! Then it will be time to tri training spread the miles out across the pool, bike, and shoes.

After the race I came home to a blur. There was In-n-Out burger, hot tub, then a 2 hour meeting with our designer where we decided on everything from paint to fabric to furniture. Decisions. Decisions. I think we might of made over 20 major decisions. My head is still spinning and now it’s go go go. I’ve got painters coming for quotes, I’m ordering stuff like crazy. Excited and freaked at the same time.

Then it was a 5 min shower and out the door to dinner with friends. Lots of laughs and some good red wine and I could barely keep my eyes open. After hours of that I dropped my friend at the airport and somewhere around midnight climbed into bed and passed out. Yep 5:30am to midnight with 13.1 miles, a decorator, and entertaining.

Momma needs sleep but that will have to wait till next weekend.

Summer lovin’

There are lots of those sayings that sometimes can ring so true.

Summer loving.

Kid in a candy store.

The other day I found myself using them literally and figuratively.

It all started innocently. 2 girls enjoying some playtime after swim team.

Then it was time for dinner. They didn’t want the fun to end. Who were we to be the kill joys?

So we invited MB’s friend to join us. That set the girls into action.

Next thing I know I am helping zip up fancy dress. Looking for the matching purses. Doing their hair to match. Helping secure the headbands in place.

The girls were ready to go. Out for pizza that is.

Just remember I am smiling. They were both so full of summer loving.

We enjoy a great pizza. The girls enjoying each other and TB and I enjoying the benefits.

A perfect AZ evening we walked around the quarter for a bit while the girls frolicked around the fountains. Laughing. Smiling. Summer loving.

Then we saw the new candy store.

The girls wanted to go in.

We agreed and told them they could pick out a small treat.

It’s a large and pretty cool candy store. We are talking 50lb gummy bears. Mannequins dressed in candy outfits. Lots of retro candy fun too. They were the epitome of kids in a candy store.

We settled in on picking out a few jelly belly flavors. Simple sugar.

Just some kids in a candy store loving a perfect summer evening.


2011 has arrived

Just like that.

No bells or whistles. A couple of nice bottles of red. Hanging out with my love and his family, watching Tin Cup.

Then the ball dropped….and it was 1/1/11.

We spent 1/1/11 heading home. We picked up MB from her dad’s and caught our flight back to AZ. Back to the sun…and surprisingly cold.  TB and I had managed to get a friend to pick up Indy and I had begged the kennel to open for us even though they were closed…so we came home to our littlest one, which made us all happy.

A late night run to In-n-Out for the 3 of us and I had to smile. Sitting in In-n-Out, eating, talking, laughing. I could tell that MB and TB felt the same way that I did…we were HOME, and it was good to be HOME.

So now what to do with 2011.

I really don’t know….I am still focused on my goal carry-over from 2010. My first half-marathon is in 2 weeks. 2 weeks! TB hasn’t gone further than 5 miles and I am starting to get worried about him….not that he won’t get it done, but the recovery with so little training. Me, on the other hand, am feeling pretty good. I know it is going to be tough. I know I am going to a walk a little bit here and there…but I am excited for the challenge and I can honestly say I love running. Today as I did 5 miles and conquered the hill that brought me to tears in 2010 I thought…when I am done with my training this will probably be my regular run. A massive mountain climb, 5 miles total, 60 min or so out running. My regular workout- who would of thought.

So while my head is totally focused on that….I know there are some things I want to do better in 2011.

  • I want to do more with photography. I want do play around more and get creative, both in the images and the post processing.
  • I want to continue to cook more, from scratch. Try more new recipes. Continue to put more fruits and veggies on the plates.
  • I want to find a new job. Time for a change. Time for more growth. Time to get energized. (I leave that side of my life off the blog, but those in my real life know that is time for a change)
  • I want to get out and explore AZ more. Try new restaurants. Do more hiking. Explore.
  • Continue to make amazing memories with my lovebugs, strength the bond that has filled my heart in 2010.

That last point is probably the most important and my biggest commitment to 2011. I do that all for my little one. Tonight as we enjoyed a little R&R time in the hot-tub I asked MB what her top 5 things were in 2010.

There was playing with friends, going sledding, playing hide-n-seek, and then she said goofing around with TB.

Really when you think about it, isn’t it really just that simple. Shouldn’t we all be able to review the year for us with similar things.

So my overall promise for the year is that when we sit in the hot tub next year and think about 2011 that MB, TB, and I will have a simple list of fun times with friends and family and US that will consider our best moments of 2011

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2 Days till Christmas…oh wait I am late

Well I am late in getting this post up!

It was 2 days before Christmas…and our sweet little neighbor’s birthday.

So what do you do in Arizona when the sun is shining and it is almost Christmas.

Turn on the pool heaters, get some snowmen snacks ready, wine for the adults, invite over all the neighbors over and let the fun begin.

I think we might of started a new holiday tradition!

As a little treat to take home…MB and I made reindeer food…and thanks for the cutest little free printable from TomKat they looked extra special.

All the little ones wanted to make sure that it was ok for the Reindeer to eat the glitter- good thing I used leftover holiday sprinkles so I could tell them it was all good!

We had snowman cupcakes..and for those of you that love cake frosting this would be your favorite! Though it might be just a little too much. We had one 2 year old that loved the frosting so much when his dad took it away from him he gave his dad a big bite on the inner leg…OUCH. He left shortly after that 🙂

My favorite was thanks to Chickabug she came through with the cutest Melted Snowman labels…I just loved the party facts! Aren’t these adorable???

3 hours of swimming in the pool. Followed by hot cocoa, popcorn and watching Frosty on the TV outside…then cupcakes (by the fire by some)…crazy to think this time last year we were in sub-zero temps!

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