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Trying again

I have thought about starting to blog so many times over the past year…but life has just been, well life.

We have a busy busy toddler who brings us so much happiness and not much rest.

We have an amazing middle school student who makes us proud on a daily basis.

We have demanding jobs both inside and outside of the house.

But I still want to keep a journal of our family.

I want to have this as a place to look back on our memories. Words to go with the pictures.

So many great moments. So many great stories.

So today I attempt to start again. To try to capture life. To take a few moments each day to write it down. Today is begins….again….

A little bit of life and 10 months 

wow finally catching my breath just to lose it again soon 😜

School is out – summer and 108 degrees at 8pm is here in AZ.

MB and I had a rockin’ adventure touring DC and NYC with my parents and their crew. It was such a special time for the two of us and a great disconnect from the rest of my responsibilities. We saw all the sights, we shared cupcakes, we held hands walking the streets, and laughed from morning to night. 

Memories from that trip keep me smiling weeks later.  
Back on the home front SB is happy as can be and loves to be on the go so TB and I are getting more creative with our evenings. Think food trucks, music festivals, outdoor activities…anything that will have lots to see and allows strollers!

Hard to believe she is 10 months old. She’s constantly exploring and looking for trouble 😃 with a smile on her face. She’s getting close to taking those first steps and will smile and let you hold her as long as mommy and daddy are close by…we are working on that!

I finally finished the Happiness Project and really enjoyed the little reset it gave me as I attack life. It definitely had an affect on how I approach and think about things and had me pick up a few other focuses for the summer. 

I’m also struck by a quote my pastor shared this Sunday that is so true and a great reminder. change of pace + change of place = change of perspective. I keep going back to it. Love it.  

Working Mama

So being a working mom can be pretty tough at times.

There are times the other side looks a little greener.

But if I am honest with myself I love the feeling at the end of the day when I have accomplished it all. The days when I enjoy that first (& second) cup of coffee while I make my girls breakfast and get their day started. The days when I kill it in that meeting or get those big projects moving in the right direction all while managing the soccer schedule, a PTO fundraiser, a last minute stop at Target over lunch. And then I am home to make dinner, enjoy some bedtime snuggles, a little family reading…even if after the house is quiet it means the laptop comes out for a little bit more. When I crawl into bed exhausted I really am content. Being able to juggle and accomplish so much in a day drives me to tackle the next one…but I also know I couldn’t do it without an equal partner that is gets the same satisfaction in winning at both work, play, and family. He is filling the gaps swinging into the school for lunch, driving the carpool to soccer, helping with homework, making the bottle, making up songs, and doing the laundry so the kids can wear the same thing every other day if they so desire!

In keeping with my daily happiness.

Today’s Happy

  • My stitch fix arrived! Even though I sneak-peaked was happy to see the box in the front door step!
  • Watching SB take off army crawling towards my iPhone
  • enjoying dinner & Survivor with MB tonight- to note this was also MBs happy of the day when I asked her!

The urge to blog

It has almost been a year since I blogged last.

But lately for some reason I have been missing it.

Maybe I miss capturing the memories so we can go back and read through them.

Maybe I feel a little bit like I am not doing a good job with Baby S updates.

Maybe I just need a creative outlet.

Either way I think I am going to bring the blog back…now I need to update our love bug header as we are missing one.

I am think some of the urge is due to the book I am reading, The Happiness Project.

There is something about that book that just hits home.

Our lives are so full. There is so much to be happy about. We need to celebrate those things and be HAPPY.

So I think that is how I am going to start. Each day big or small I am going to post about the happy of the day.

and with that I was going to end the post…but why wait till tomorrow to post the happy of the day.

Today’s happy:

Baby S made her first crawl attempt

M and I snuggled on the couch after dinner

I got T to the gym again

The quiet of the house right now

A morning walk…I swear if I could walk each morning through the trails each day would start off right.


Oh boy…or wait girl

I realize I haven’t posted in awhile…its partly because there are so many thoughts swimming around in my head.

First I guess I should share….


Yep TB is forever out numbered. He also will always be the Prince Charming of the house for 1 lady, 2 girls, and sweet Indy dog.

We are at the 18 week mark and MK is coming in later this week for our next U/S. I still at times can’t believe this is really happening. I am beyond the moon excited. I am scared too. 10 years later I am doing this all over again…sleepless nights, schedules, dependency. I am going to love every single minute of it- but Oh #$*#&$#!!!!

10 years has also changed the baby industry. Now there are like a zillion types of strollers..wheel rotating iPhone chargers included (seriously with the latest iOS update I am going to need it) and then you can pick your colors blue or pink…gone are the neutrals. Oh and baby delivery services- diapers, formula, you name it. And not just that but seasonal diapers so even on the Fourth of July Baby B’s tush can be coordinated!

Registering is going to be interesting.

I also this time have such a different world. An amazing partner in crime that I know will carry his share. I already see the moments where we both are there mesmerized at what a precious little gift we have (times 2) …and a wonderful 2nd in charge that is going to be right there to help but also need reassurance that she still has a special place in our hearts.

I am a lucky girl to have such problems.

So while I sit on this plane I will research more strollers while my 2 loves are enjoying a date night at the ballpark!

The right fit

The thought of expanding our family has been a topic of conversation for a couple years. Yet we can’t do it alone.

First step was to explore our options. Last year we went to meet a doctor. Talk about a downer. He was not positive. He didn’t leave you feeling with hope.

Last year we also found a surrogate agency and begin conversations with them. At first it was positive. The possibility seemed there. Then they disappeared. No returned phone calls or emails. To say depressing is a major understatement.

Then this year we tried again. New insurance. New recommendations for fertility centers. Such a different experience. She was factual. She was experienced, in fact had 3 current patients using surrogates. She didn’t talk about it being impossible she talked about the next steps. She laid them out. She gave the options. She gave us hope and was very optimistic that we came in at the right time to make it happen. It made it real and had us getting serious.

Then the unimaginable happened. We had a close friend open up at the possibility of being our surrogate. Another discussion began, another door was opened to explore. Words cannot describe the feelings that evoked so I won’t even try.

It became more reality and less a dream. It got the adventure started.


It has been another whirlwind.

We got married almost a month ago..can’t believe it has been a month. Happy Anniversary babe!
I could go on and on about the wedding weekend and how spectacular it was…maybe a post for the future.

We kicked off the summer with family fun in Tucson and just enjoying some time at home in the pool…then it was time for the crew to head off in different directions for a few weeks. Fortunately the time apart flew by.

This past weekend MB and I had a fun roadtrip through Ohio and Kentucky. Enjoying my godson’s 2nd birthday party and lots of animals at the zoo and aquarium. There was lots of laughter and so many fun memories made. One of those weekends that remind you to just unplug and live in the moment…

Now we are embarking on another journey as a family……its a gamble but potential for a great reward. I have a feeling its going to be a pretty crazy ride and worth documenting… when the time is right there will be blogging. Lets just say for now for a girl who doesn’t like taking vitamins or any pills for that matter (or as TB would say- “you don’t really know how to get them down”) I have quite a few to swallow each morning.







best run of the week

I know it is just Wed but I am calling it now.

Last night I needed to run but it was dark out. So I asked the family to do a quick run with me.

We all geared up.

We all stretched and off we went.

MB runs now and again but depending on the day there can be lots of walk breaks and maybe even a groan about going to far.

Not this time.

She was running fast, mixing in sprints, she was happy, skipping, and sometimes just giddy.

She also has really grown her endurance…I give credit there to soccer.

20 min or so later we had run 2.2 miles and there were no walk breaks. No complaints. We just went out an ran as a family.

Makes me so happy! The 11 miles on the docket have nothing on those 2.2 miles with my loves.

Training Week 5 & Life Update

I am so falling off on my blogging other than the weekly training updates….life is good. We finally had a down weekend and I can see the counter again in my office which feels good. This week we had the book fair at school so I spent a night selling subway sandwiches in 3 inch heels (since I came right from work)…and MB and TB enjoyed doughnuts at school one morning.

We had a fun hayride and campfire night with our girl scout troop on Friday night….the weather got cooler (60’s) and we even had a little rain! As always there were lots of laughs 🙂

Saturday we only had one thing…SOCCER. MB played like her heart out for the first half..even talking a few slides after the ball! Was cold enough to wear her warm up suit…looking good!

So last week I managed to get in 18.5 miles! Woot! I found a great 5 mile route I can do from my office at lunch since the dark mornings and nights are working so well for me! Then today I went for my 9 along the canal. I didn’t fuel up like I should have but still managed to keep a pretty good pace with just a little walking here and there…I still need to figure out the canal system so I can stay on the trail versus sidewalk but I also hope to bring the lovebugs with me next time so they can ride bikes along. We met for lunch afterwards and then I got in a Dailey Method class…oh man did my thighs burn, but got in some good stretching and working on my endurance. 3 hours of working out….I think I have earned some nachos tonight!

Next week’s training looks good so far but lets see how the week plays out…we have a big chess tournament coming up this weekend which is going to make the long run a challenge but I will fit it in maybe in between matches.

Monday- DM

Tuesday- 6 miles, hoping to do some speed work this time

Wed- DM

Thursday- 6 miles, steady

Friday- DM

Saturday- rest, maybe a family run (MB needs to get in some training for our 5K in Dec)

Sunday- 9 miles

Wish me luck….9 miles more shortest long run for awhile. OH NO!

A vacation of nothing

We are off.

Heading north for some fall leaves and cooler temps. Even though it was plenty cold (think 70’s) for my little desert girl today.

We have some plans tomorrow with friends, but after that we have nothing on the schedule. We have 5 full days of no schedule. No where to be. Nothing that has to get done. No timetable.

We will hike, explore Sun Valley, find good eats. We will chill on the couch. We will sleep in and be lazy.

We will be together as a family with no set agenda.

I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to this time. Tb and I both have our little side items we want to accomplish during the down time but most all it’s just time to be together!

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