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Back to the Kitchen

It’s back to school time which means back to the kitchen and meal planning! Hoping to be more successful this year.

So far since we got back from Hawaii I have cooked every night! (Crazy I know!)

The first night I just made some spaghetti with spicy tomato sausage sauce…just using what I had leftover from our house sitters in the fridge.

Thursday night I was craving nachos so that was what was on deck. Simple ground beef, cheese, and homemade guac. Craving met!


Friday night it was summer BBQ night….BBQ chicken with bacon and provolone cheese, grilled corn, and a garden salad!


Saturday night I tried a new recipe from Bobby Flay. Poblano Chile cheese burgers and Crunchy Avocado Salad. Both were winner recipes. However I will forewarn if you wear contacts take them out before peeling the peppers…BURN!!


Now off to meal plan next week!


Weekend and back to the kitchen

This weekend was just perfection.

Sunny and 80.

We stocked up Friday night with fresh eats for the weekend.

Saturday morning I made bacon and eggs and we ate on the roof deck. Chores and the gym then we laid out by the pool and grilled up some meat for lunch.

Sunday was a repeat for breakfast and the gym then I had an impromptu spa day first getting a mani/pedi and then a facial and I fit in a little more sun time before heading off to pick up our girl!!

So a perfect weekend with a perfect ending of the whole family getting their mb snuggles.

Hope everyone else found some gold at the end of their rainbow…now off to Monday!




End of August in Photos

Another month gone…where does the time go!

We have our 2nd grade school year routine in full swing and I am finally getting back in the kitchen!

This weekend we had a whirlwind trip to Chicago to celebrate a 40th with friends. It was great fun and we even got in a Cubs game on the rooftop- which is my new favorite way to watch a baseball game…and next time I won’t forget my sunglasses!

Back to school and meal planning

Ok it’s time to get back on schedule.

This summer I can’t lie cooking in the kitchen had been non existent.

Back to school means back to the kitchen.

My pinterest board is overflowing with new meals to try. All looking so yummy but that is the easy part.

Planning is the hard part. Making sure I have all the ingredients and making sure that whatever I plan to make doesn’t take an hour to prep….I have about 30min from the time I get home to put dinner on the table or the potential for a revolt is imminent.

I searched the web for helpful hints but pre bagging meals just won’t happen. (at least I’m honest with myself right ;)) I do ok on making my list and getting stuff for the week but our plans are always changing and I hate to have waste so 2x a week to the store is probably better so I don’t have anything going rotten.

The new grill is operational and with the freezer stocked with proteins of all variety I am hoping this year my focus will be on cooking the sides, or prepping for the grill master. I am probably placing too big a wager but I’m hoping that the new grill will be my biggest ally in getting dinner on the table.

Anyone out there have tips they want to share? Comment or link your tips below!

Thanks for the help!

Honey Soy Salmon it’s what’s for dinner

Well tonight I tried something new and it was a great spring meal we got to enjoy outside in the great Scottsdale spring weather.

After doing a quick search for salmon recipes last night I landed on the food network. The recipe seemed simple and sweet. A little fresh cilantro, some ginger, soy, and honey. I paired it with some pine nut couscous and edamame. There wasn’t a bite left on the plates.

To finish the spring theme I treated the family to fresh raspberries, pound cake, whip cream, and chocolate sauce.

Yummy. Yummy.

Happy bellies. Healthily eats. Now we head to the hot tub!

honey soy salmon via the foodnetwork



Weekly Meal Plan Week 3

So you might have noticed that we missed the last week.

TB is traveling and with the whole house remodel it just got a little too crazy to cook for just the 2 of us. So we kept it easy.

Only tackling 2 nights this week before TB heads off again and then I have to gear up for the our half marathon and our first trip to Disneyland!

Tonight I made this quick and easy beef and broccoli that lead to clean plates and seconds…yummy and healthy too.


Tomorrow night I am making a new recipe for white chicken order to shorten the prep time I made the shredded chicken Sunday night. It turned out amazing (2nd photo)…I keep sampling it. Can’t wait to make the enchiladas and I love the idea of having this shredded chicken in the freezer for easy nachos or quesadillas.

Source: via Arizona on Pinterest


2011 has arrived

Just like that.

No bells or whistles. A couple of nice bottles of red. Hanging out with my love and his family, watching Tin Cup.

Then the ball dropped….and it was 1/1/11.

We spent 1/1/11 heading home. We picked up MB from her dad’s and caught our flight back to AZ. Back to the sun…and surprisingly cold.  TB and I had managed to get a friend to pick up Indy and I had begged the kennel to open for us even though they were closed…so we came home to our littlest one, which made us all happy.

A late night run to In-n-Out for the 3 of us and I had to smile. Sitting in In-n-Out, eating, talking, laughing. I could tell that MB and TB felt the same way that I did…we were HOME, and it was good to be HOME.

So now what to do with 2011.

I really don’t know….I am still focused on my goal carry-over from 2010. My first half-marathon is in 2 weeks. 2 weeks! TB hasn’t gone further than 5 miles and I am starting to get worried about him….not that he won’t get it done, but the recovery with so little training. Me, on the other hand, am feeling pretty good. I know it is going to be tough. I know I am going to a walk a little bit here and there…but I am excited for the challenge and I can honestly say I love running. Today as I did 5 miles and conquered the hill that brought me to tears in 2010 I thought…when I am done with my training this will probably be my regular run. A massive mountain climb, 5 miles total, 60 min or so out running. My regular workout- who would of thought.

So while my head is totally focused on that….I know there are some things I want to do better in 2011.

  • I want to do more with photography. I want do play around more and get creative, both in the images and the post processing.
  • I want to continue to cook more, from scratch. Try more new recipes. Continue to put more fruits and veggies on the plates.
  • I want to find a new job. Time for a change. Time for more growth. Time to get energized. (I leave that side of my life off the blog, but those in my real life know that is time for a change)
  • I want to get out and explore AZ more. Try new restaurants. Do more hiking. Explore.
  • Continue to make amazing memories with my lovebugs, strength the bond that has filled my heart in 2010.

That last point is probably the most important and my biggest commitment to 2011. I do that all for my little one. Tonight as we enjoyed a little R&R time in the hot-tub I asked MB what her top 5 things were in 2010.

There was playing with friends, going sledding, playing hide-n-seek, and then she said goofing around with TB.

Really when you think about it, isn’t it really just that simple. Shouldn’t we all be able to review the year for us with similar things.

So my overall promise for the year is that when we sit in the hot tub next year and think about 2011 that MB, TB, and I will have a simple list of fun times with friends and family and US that will consider our best moments of 2011

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Family Favorite- Enchiladas

A family favorite…brings back memories of Texas!

What you will need:

1lb Hamburger

Chili Powder

Cominos (Cumin Seed)

1 dozen tortillas (the thinnest you can find)- corn or flour

1 medium Onion, chopped finally

8oz Colby/Jack Cheese, grated


Chop the onion and saute with the hamburger. Add cominos, chili powder, and salt to taste. Cook together until the hamburger is browned. Drain. Add 1/3 of the grated cheese and warm slightly until the cheese is melted and makes the mixture stick together well. You can also use turkey or bison.

Warm the tortillas between 2 paper towels splashed with water in the microwave for 30 seconds

Make a gravy in a small saute pan out of chili powder, a little of the grease from the hamburger, water, and flour stirred together. Cook this on low untill it has the texture of a thin gravy. You can also use a can or substitute the grease for olive oil.

Prepare work area next to stove so you can work with the gravy in the pan, a plate for rolling the tortillas, and a baking pan for the tortillas. Take one warmed tortilla at a time and run it through the gravy to dampen and then place it on the plate. Do a few tortillas like this to stake them up with gravy between each tortilla. Using your hands, take some of the hamburger/cheese mixture, squeeze it into shape and place it in the tortilla and roll-up. Now, transfer the rolled tortilla to the baking pan.

Repeat till all the tortillas are full and baking pan is assembled. Cover with remaining grated cheese. Cover pan with foil and bake for 20min at 350 degrees. Serve with cooked beans, sour cream, and hot sauce!


Bento box finally

Well the search is over.

As just after 3 weeks lunches are getting boring I have been on the lookout for a bento box so I could start getting a little more creative. And have less food come home uneaten. After searching Target, Container Store, and on and on I happened upon the prefect items at TJ Max.

We were ready for our first bento. It was a hit and this was just with leftovers. I am excited too.

MB is such an eat with your fingers girl. She is going to eat so much better this way. For example. I set out grapes, cut up strawberries she digs in. I cut up a chicken breast into bite size pieces she devours the whole thing. I leave it for her to cut herself she eats about half. Maybe it is lazy, or probably just distraction. Yet I know the bite size will be a success for the year ahead.

I also found a great blog, Bento Lunch. Everyday they post a new creation. After a few days of seeing the cute cut-out cheese slices I think I am going to have to start looking for cookie cutters. Love it.

This bento is not fancy, but it was our first! So much better than the lunchables she is always begging for too!

Anyone else bento box? What are your favorite things to put in the lunch box? Always looking for some new healthy and fun ideas!

Revolving Kitchen

Revolving door (base)

Image via Wikipedia

Revolving Kitchen.

That is how I feel.

Now I admit we eat out our fair share and I am by no means chained to the stove, but it still feels like I spend most of m day in the kitchen.

Yes, I am exaggerating, but its a vicious cycle.

Wake up.

Short order cook at your service. Cut the strawberries. Prepare the waffles, pancakes, mixed, or maybe an egg.

Feed the girl with the hollow leg. Whoops you forgot a beverage.

Ok- now make some granola and berries for yourself and TB. Coffee, no time? Ok Diet Coke.

Now clean the dishes. Wipe down the counter.

Off to the bus stop.

Now the day is full of work and that task list we talked about yesterday.

School bus arrives, back at the bus stop.

Home, maybe, or off to an activity.

Either way a snack is required. Ok maybe I am tired– just pick something out of the pantry.


Unpack the backpack. Pack the lunch. Clean the dishes. Dishwasher is full again- I swear we run it every day!!!

Wipe the counter.

Time to start dinner prep.

Think. Cut. Cook. Serve.


Time to clean up again. More dishes. Wait, have to put the clean ones away first. Now the dirty dishes.

Wipe the counter.


Enjoy the clean empty counter for 10 seconds. Then leave the kitchen. Good night my kitchen. Till tomorrow when I will visit you again as relive my Groundhog Day moments.

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