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Paris in the Fall

We survived our first sleepover and while I am still running on Starbucks and had my first 2 hours of sitting thanks to an early morning flight today it was a great success.

Paris was the theme and we kept the party small.

MB invited 5 of her friends over and 4 of them were spending the night.

We started off with a little paper sketching, Barbie fashion style, while the girls arrived. Once everyone was there the girls go ready for the runway. Equipment with adorable tutus and necklaces they went into MB’s dress up box and came out for the camera. I love how they kept asking for another shot even when they didn’t change things up a bit.

After dress up we worked on bracelets but that was a fail as the knots wouldn’t stay….but it kept them busy re-beading till the pizza arrived.

Pizza, lemonade, apples, and carrots were the menu- I just couldn’t get the Parisian creative juices flowing enough to follow the theme and Friday night at the pumpkin patch when I asked TB about dinner he was in full agreement that we just order pizza! After pizza came the cupcakes…I baked them myself this year and am pretty proud of how they turned out!

After that we cleaned up into PJs and settled in for a movie. I lucked out none of them had seen Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3 which was MB’s pick (I figured it was fancy like Paris) so for 90 min I just heard talking dogs and giggles. We followed that up with an episode of Family game night and then it was off to bed.

The girls settled in and one was out like a light the other 4 asked to talk for a bit…I gave them 15 min and listened while they sat and played a game of telephone…so sweet and I could hear the whispered words from down the hallway 🙂

Then it was lights out…well 15min later I had pitter patter of little feet at my door….this was most of their first sleepover. So I headed back to bed with them all and told a story of 5 little princesses and their favorite things…when I finished I only had 2 left awake and one of them was mine. We laid there in silence and then it was just MB up…so I tucked her in and went to bed myself…10:44 to be exact. No complaints.

The next morning I snoozed by 6:30am alarm and then was greeted to RISE & SHINE by the girls at 7am. While they got ready and packed up their stuff I make pancakes and bacon…the girls enjoyed the pancake bar and were all over the bacon. Then they played bopit for a while and in MB’s room for an hour as the parents slowly arrived. I was amazed I must admit that over an hour in the room with 4-5 girls and not one issue or tattletale episode…ahhh!

As the last girl pulled away….my mom arrived! What a day.

MB summarized in her journal that the worst thing about her birthday was that “her friends couldn’t stay longer”….I wonder what she will want to do next year!

Time to start planning

I am just as excited as MB for her 8th birthday. We are shrinking the invite list to just 5 girls…and it’s going to be a slumber party. Yes the birthday is not till October but we have tutus to make, necklaces for the girls…so we can do it up right with a fashion runway straight from Paris!

The theme is Paris and we aren’t doing the normal pink and black…nope my girl wants orange.

I hit up Heather at Chickabug early….and I am just loving it. Check out her invite!!!

Stay tuned for me little sneak peaks on the prep!


Art Party for MB’s 7th

Ok so this themed scared me a little bit at home…art party in my house. I had visions of paint spills on the carpet and TB’s death ray. So the planning got creative in art that wouldn’t leave a mark.

First the food. Thanks to pinterest I was able to find lots of fun ideas.

We had decorate your own cupcakes. This was my personal favorite.

Create your own rainbow water. The kid’s favorite- they all thought it was too cool.

Then we had designer fruit and paintbrush veggies. I had a little issue dying almond bark for the paintbrush pretzels so I improvised and they turned out cute. The kids loved them I should have probably made more. And finally art pallet cookies from the cookie jar. The signs were all from Chickabug and turned out just perfect.

On to the crafts. At the last minute we decided to move the party inside. More for my comfort. It is just still a little on the warm side.

When the girls arrived the picked up their aprons and berets (thanks MOM!!!)  And then we had play dough ready for creations as everyone arrived.

Next up was pearl bead creations in rainbow colors. This was a perfect art task…it took the girls a long time to create. They had to focus and worked hard on their designs. The only downside was ironing while keeping the party going- but I had my helper on hand so that worked out great.

Next we did the painting. I found these dot painters. Think bingo stamps. The kids all had their canvas and went to down. I only got 6 so they had to share but that worked out ok and they each took their time.

Finally we finished with a candy corn keychain. This was a little difficult for some of the girls but they helped each other out and a few of the older girls finished and helped the younger ones out.

I covered the tables in butcher paper so when they were done with a craft they could draw on the table…never a dull moment.

The cupcakes were a huge hit. We sang happy birthday and then each girl went to town decorating them. My favorite—the colors and everything so cute. Not to mention delicious, Dana at Simply Sweets always delivers. And the cake was an incredible creation. We saved that later for family and friends…and let’s just saw a few friends stopped by just to pick up some cake to take home- because her cakes are that good!!!!

Then we did presents and I had a little bit of time to spare. So in true fashion I got the girls together and had them do some posing. We got some great shots…think 12 silly girls, running towards the camera like in Fame. I won’t post them up here in case the parents would mind…but what memories we made.

As the girls left home with their 3 creations they also had fun little goodie bags with crayons, rainbow glasses, paint puzzles, and these fun notebooks (thanks again Mom)…don’t you love the gift tags that Chickabug made!

Now the only thing left is to fill out the thank yous…and this final touch is another favorite of mine, and MB’s – she is excited to write her thank yous thanks to the creative touch of Heather at Chickabug!!

Now what will I do at 8. I realize now that I have a reputation. With the mom’s and with the girls. I heard a few of them tell MB how happy they were they got invited cause her mom throws the best parties.

And just a note…TB was behind the camera and a major clean-up help…but at some time during the party I asked him to take Indy and great out of dodge for a bit. When I went in to ask him for a favor I found him sound asleep. No worries we had it under control but since he is a light sleeper I felt really accomplished. 12 little girls in the house and he could sleep- that speaks for itself.

Until the next party….

I’m beat

The 7th birthday was today. Here is a sneak peek…it turned out great. 12 little girls, me and my helper. No stains in the house. Only a minor mess to clean up. Happy smiles and happy faces.

More details to come but till then…

The invites are out

Thanks to Heather at Chickabug….we got the cutest invites!

They went out today…now just a few more little things to wrap up and we have this party ready to go!

My friends think I am nuts. TB knows I am nuts. MB loves every minute of it and so do I!

2 Days till Christmas…oh wait I am late

Well I am late in getting this post up!

It was 2 days before Christmas…and our sweet little neighbor’s birthday.

So what do you do in Arizona when the sun is shining and it is almost Christmas.

Turn on the pool heaters, get some snowmen snacks ready, wine for the adults, invite over all the neighbors over and let the fun begin.

I think we might of started a new holiday tradition!

As a little treat to take home…MB and I made reindeer food…and thanks for the cutest little free printable from TomKat they looked extra special.

All the little ones wanted to make sure that it was ok for the Reindeer to eat the glitter- good thing I used leftover holiday sprinkles so I could tell them it was all good!

We had snowman cupcakes..and for those of you that love cake frosting this would be your favorite! Though it might be just a little too much. We had one 2 year old that loved the frosting so much when his dad took it away from him he gave his dad a big bite on the inner leg…OUCH. He left shortly after that 🙂

My favorite was thanks to Chickabug she came through with the cutest Melted Snowman labels…I just loved the party facts! Aren’t these adorable???

3 hours of swimming in the pool. Followed by hot cocoa, popcorn and watching Frosty on the TV outside…then cupcakes (by the fire by some)…crazy to think this time last year we were in sub-zero temps!

The party setup

I have so many great photos from the party. It was a hit.

I loved watching my girls eye light up as she saw the Tissue poms hung from the arches. Or looking at all the candy.

All the girls waiting patiently to get their nails done. And most of all the smiles, grins, and shy faces at the photo booth. This was the best part and made for some awesome photos. I will be adding this to future parties. What fun. I must give another shout out to Chickabug here. As we were setting up on Sunday morning I realized we have this big white space above the photo booth and no sign. I sent a hail mary email to Chickabug and asked if possible if she could make a quick sign. She didn’t disappoint. Adorable sign with enough time to print and hang.

I shared pictures of the favors earlier in this post! Everyone loved the Etsy finds.

We moved the sofa to make a big empty space in front of the TV. The girls arrived in their PJs with pillows and sleeping bags. Perfect.

Stations were setup for pedis, manis, hair, braclets, and then the photo booth.

The candy bar was the centerpiece with yummy chocolate covered oreos from Sweeties by Kim and cupcakes from Simply Sweets.

I didn’t think about it beforehand but I decided to take the girls one at a time through the candy bar while the rest were opening presents with MB. Worked perfectly…I can only imagine the madhouse if I had all 14 girls at the candy bar at the same time!

Orange and Pink!

Chickabug Pizazz

Simply Sweet Cupcakes

Orange and Pink Explosion

Yes it has been an orange and pink explosion in the house for the past few weeks and it just keeps getting larger as we get closer to the big event. MB’s party is only 4 days away. My mom has been in town helping with the final touches which is great. Some where in the planning she offered to make the tissue poms as she remembered making them as a girl scout.

Well she is regretting that offer…I got the tissue paper and just never even started to try one as I figured she would want to do them herself. Well guess they aren’t as easy as she remembers. They have been the task she avoids the most…but we have finished 3 big ones and a little one…I think that will be it for the tissue poms. The ones she did look great…the place is going to be a pink and orange palace for sure.

The favors are coming along great as well! Labels all by Chickabug. Bubble Gum orange lip balm by Fairycute!

Stay tuned for more party photos…next up is making the photo booth and props for the girls to show off their glammed up looks.

Party Prep Begins

Ok the final 2 weeks. I have the RSVPs in…we have 14 little girls coming. Wow!!! Glad I have help coming in!

I got my first set of printables from Chickabug!

I know I have said this before but what a dream to work with. The invites were a big success and I love how everything else is turning out. MB is going to just love it. I am doing a lot of prep this week while she is visiting her dad for fall break. I can’t wait to see her face when she gets home and see’s all the things coming together.

I also have found the job for TB. We are going to do a photo booth. With all the spa stuff going on and it being a slumber party…I figured dress up fits right along with that and my little MB is such a camera ham I know the girls will love dressing up with more accessories and posing for the camera man!

I didn’t get out the good camera for a quick shot….but here is a sneak peak a the cuteness!

Next stop is the dollar store for hopefully a cute little tote for the favors and then candy store for finding pink and orange goodies for the candy bar!

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