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10 Signs School is around the corner


10 Signs back to school is just around the corner…only 1 more week of summer left for us.

1. My inbox, mailbox, TV, and Target are full of back to school ads and supplies

2. Every day I am getting something new to add to MB’s schedule and the “oh wow we don’t have anything planned weekends” are slowing disappearing.

3. It’s HOT…we live in Arizona…July/August are HOT!

4. Planning our annual back to school party is in progress….taking it easy this year and doing it outside the house again, AZ Airtime here we come.

5. Nana’s back to school outfit has arrived…have I mentioned that I absolutely adore PEEK for clothes and the personal thank you note with each purchase gets me everytime!

6. PTO and Girl Scout planning emails are a daily occurrence

7. Dropped off MB’s Girl Scout sash to get caught up on all the badges from end of the year….not sure why it took me 3 mths to do this task…but no more delaying

8. Traffic signs keep warning that the school zones will be active next week…in order words pay attn and slow down

9. I am starting to switch to morning workouts so I get it done before MB’s day begins…got to get into early mode…I don’t really like getting up at 5am!

10. MB comes home in 4 more days! YIPPEEEEEE

Swimming into the school year

It’s back to school time.

The last few years I’ve ended the summer and welcomed Maddie home with a back to school pool party and ice cream social.

After bidding on a local pools birthday party at our fall school fundraiser I decided to take it easy this year and do it there. They bought the decorations, handled the cake, supplied the pizza, icees, and popcorn. All we did is show up with the favors. They also have 2 young guys that played in the pool throwing the football, tossing the kids in the pool and doing all that exhausting stuff that Tb usually has to do. It is going to be hard to bring it back home next year.

Mb had a coed guest list for the first time and she picked friends from her past few years at school. The kids were all wonderful and had lots of fun. It was a great way to break into the new school year.

Since I only had one party task I got crafty with chalkboard contact paper and back to school goodies!





Back to school and meal planning

Ok it’s time to get back on schedule.

This summer I can’t lie cooking in the kitchen had been non existent.

Back to school means back to the kitchen.

My pinterest board is overflowing with new meals to try. All looking so yummy but that is the easy part.

Planning is the hard part. Making sure I have all the ingredients and making sure that whatever I plan to make doesn’t take an hour to prep….I have about 30min from the time I get home to put dinner on the table or the potential for a revolt is imminent.

I searched the web for helpful hints but pre bagging meals just won’t happen. (at least I’m honest with myself right ;)) I do ok on making my list and getting stuff for the week but our plans are always changing and I hate to have waste so 2x a week to the store is probably better so I don’t have anything going rotten.

The new grill is operational and with the freezer stocked with proteins of all variety I am hoping this year my focus will be on cooking the sides, or prepping for the grill master. I am probably placing too big a wager but I’m hoping that the new grill will be my biggest ally in getting dinner on the table.

Anyone out there have tips they want to share? Comment or link your tips below!

Thanks for the help!

The party is over..

We had our annual pool party today, what a blast.

All my cooking treats turned out great, per me and the guests. Thank you blogs for providing me such cute ideas!!!!

We had the camera all setup for the party and ready to go, but both TB and I were too busy and the next thing we knew it was 5 hours later and we had no pictures.

TB was the resident lifeguard (with a few beers) and you can see where he ended up at the end of the day.

Enjoy the photos of the decorations..sorry they include no people :(!

The welcome sign…..MB’s ice cream truck!

The spread….along with mini ice cream cones from Baskin Robbins.

Homemade trail mix, Sprinkle Mix…and little cupcake liners to fill with! Love that I found these on the clearance aisle and they matched our theme.

Sundae cupcakes…found on Living Locurto. Everyone love them….and totally thought it was ice cream at first.

The cookies were from The Cookie Jar and are as good as they look. I made the rice krispie treat popsicles. So so easy!!!

Fresh Chick Designs made this adorable sign for me…I loved it!

Just some little back to school goodies for the kids…everyone always love to have their names on things!!

And at the end of the day this is where I found TB and Indy. When I first looked over Indy was eyes closed and passed out, but a little bit of a lighter sleep and woke up when I came over with the camera.

It’s an annual event

You can say that right once you have one 2 years in row?

Remember last years back to school ice cream party? Click here if you don’t.

Since last year ended with TB in goggles picking up cherry stems off the bottom of the pool and an angry scowl as he discovered the cloudy water was from someone flicking their spoon full of ice cream in the pool we have decided to switch it up a little bit. My attempt to keep it an annual theme.

MB is even contributing to the cause saying she will make sure her friends know they can’t do that in the pool and she has crossed a few off the list that don’t “follow rules well”

Now back to the fun stuff.

So instead of an ice cream bar like we did last year…this year we are focusing on ice cream “treats”.

The invites are ready to go…love the pink and aqua.

Here are some of the fun treats I am going to be making and one that I will be getting a little creative help from J

Rice Krispie Ice Cream Pops

Ice Cream Sundae Cupcakes

Ice Cream Cookies from the Cookie Jar

ICE CREAM PARTY - 1 Dozen decorated sugar cookies - platter sized

and of course all these substitutes don’t replace the real thing so there will be some mini ice cream cones to share in the fun!

Stay tuned for more photos!


Cookies from the Cookie Jar

Printables/Invites from Living Locurto

Planning a Party

I love planning parties…but usually it is just once a year for MB’s birthday. With our new life (& friends) in AZ I think that is going to change and I am so excited.

As MB spends the last 2 weeks of summer with her dad I decided when she came back we need to have a neighborhood party to get everyone together before school starts. Remind MB of all her friends that will be joining her as she starts school!

Thanks to some of the fun blogs I follow I got the idea to do a Pool and Ice Cream Social party. Let the planning begin. I am going to try some of the crafty decorations this time versus buying…and Etsy has been such an overwhelming find. I have ideas for so many future parties!

The theme idea came from TomKat Studio. MB’s favorite colors and love the idea. Using their designs for the toppers and labels.

I also have waited for a party to do water bottle labels..and this is it! I am using Chickabug for the labels and a last-minute add of a DIY banner for the Ice Cream Shoppe.

I also found an idea for cute multi-color cupcakes at Martha Stewart and think I am going to do some mini’s that tie to the color theme to go with the ice cream…instead of brownies!

If I was a real pro MB would have an ice-cream bathing suit…maybe next year 🙂

So now I have my list ready of things to go find at Target and Michaels…and maybe the dollar store. The evite has been sent out and already at 11 and counting! MB is going to be so excited and since TB is traveling next week gives me a perfect project for the week to keep me busy at night.

I will post pictures as things start coming together….I could see this becoming an annual end of summer neighborhood party!

The time is getting closer

First day back from a long week away….laundry and work catch up to be done. Endless emails but making progress.

Needless to say I found myself realizing that all those summer to do’s in order to prepare for school starting have arrived and I only have 2 more weeks left to do them. Cleaning out my “mail folder” I find gymbucks- whoops, didn’t realize I had those. Schedules for swim lessons, gymnastics schedules, the tennis camp MB wanted to do.

Then its off to the school’s website to see what time the bell schedule is and oh wait there is the bus schedule. Happy to see that she is the 2nd to last stop before they get to school and her bus ride will be less than 10min. A bonus from being only a mile from the school.

Now I am really not complaining, I am excited, about as excited as MB. Kindergarten is a big step…but in all this excitement I keep getting reminded that we are entering a 12 year period of school induced schedules. We don’t sit still too often, but coordinating is never easy now we have one more schedule to add to the Google calendar…one that we don’t control!  I see this year as a learning year for all!

Now off to see about a tennis camp and maybe browse Gymboree for another other last-minute finds! We do have our first day of school outfit picked out…courtesy of Nana!!!