Friends at the park

I have decided it is time to step up my photography game and use the good camera. I loved my photography class and am looking for a creative outlet. Since I spend so much time capturing our family moments I figured this hobby would fit into nicely with life. I took Maddie and a friend to the park the other day and while the weather didn’t hold out (yes it was 75 and we were cold :)) I got a few good shots before we called it a day.

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What’s for dinner?

Where to start the blog…dinner seems like as good as place as any. Tonight was one of those idyllic nights. We had just got back from riding bikes to the park with the neighbors. The sun is still shining as we turn on the radio and I pour a glass of wine. Tonight is Maddie’s choice and we are having homemade mac and cheese (with peas on the side). We cook dinner together, listening to the radio, watching the sunset and I smile thinking ahh these are the nights. I love the quiet nights hanging together in the kitchen.

We sit down to enjoy our wonderful entrée and Maddie starts monopolizing the conversation. As anyone who meets her knows, and I mean everyone (from the grocery clerk to the poor lady trying to walk her dog) she is a chatterbox. Somehow between talking about being  flower girl at her Uncle Bubba’s wedding, to preparing for her spring program she switches to asking about having an “after party”. Ok she has my attention now. What does a 5 year old know about after-parties? Isn’t that something she will learn in college????? I mean we already had to cover our eyes as we left the room to wash our hands before dinner (since after 2 tries we couldn’t do it without rolling our eyes). Fortunately this time I was saved, she related “after-party” to the party after the wedding, or what the rest of us know as a reception.  Happy to know I have a few more years before after-parties = AFTER PARTIES.

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