A girl and her dog

When we found out we were having SB I was a little worried about how Indy would be.

Indy was the baby of the house. How was she going to take it when a new baby arrived?

I was worried she would be jealous.

8 months later I regret ever letting that thought cross my mind.

Indy has been perfect with SB since day 1.

The first week she slept outside of SBs room.

The first couple months she always kept a close eye on her and checked in when she cried.

When SB started to grab her tail, Indy let her.

When SB started to crawl and chase after her, Indy let her.

When SB grabs for Indy’s toys, Indy lets her.

Indy protects her, when she thinks I am not watching and SB is on the move she gets close to her to make sure she doesn’t go far.

They are going to be best friends. They already are.

A girl and her dog…a perfect pair.

Caffeine and a little time out

2 days of pounding headaches.

I usually get  a mid-day iced coffee. The last 2 days it just hasn’t been possible and the result means an excruciating headache for the last few hours of the workday. Brutal. Just brutal.

Part of me wants me to cut back on the caffeine…but the reality is I am ok with it running through my veins to keep the day going. 2 cups before the day begins and another one to keep the afternoon humming along. I just need to find a delivery service so I don’t miss the afternoon fix!

Today’s happy is a rough one. It was a really long day. Really long. But it is these days when you have to really focus on the happy to end the day right and start tomorrow’s fresh.

  • Listening to SB chat on the monitor at 5:30am and then go back to sleep till 6:30am
  • the dark quiet room at the end of the day where there is no TV, no cellphone, no talking and you can recharge
  • Watching Honest Company cupcake wars with MB and sneaking some cookie dough before dinner

Those eyebrows…8 months

Can you believe she is 8 months old?

I really can’t…it feels like just yesterday she was being born.

She is our little miracle.

She is our joy.

Last night as I was putting her to bed MB walked in and showed me her Star Student notebook from 3rd grade. All her friends had written a note about her and one of her best friends had written if MB could have anything she wanted it would be a little sister.

Well she got her wish and so did the rest of us.

SB is all smiles. She is out for adventure. She loves to roll and army crawl anywhere and she really turns on the speed for iPhones, MACs, and water bottles.

She rolls with the punches and can be found sleeping on the sidelines of soccer games, enjoying the desert mountain in her stroller, splashing herself silly in the pool, or just snuggling with her family.

Guess it is time to start thinking about her first birthday, OH MY!

And for Today’s happy…I will just give you this photo!


I totally feel like I could sleep for days. Not minutes. Not hours. Yes, DAYS!

This past week was brutal and then the weekend while lots of fun was non-stop as well.

So now its a new week and I am already starting off EXHAUSTED!

I know it is that time of year….we are in the end of school year crunch which is kinda like the end of year holiday crunch but no time off!

So it is 9pm and I am going to bed but would have been happy to go to sleep at 7pm too 🙂

Today’s happy, tired but happy

  • Sitting down for dinner with the family to a home cooked meal…I’ve gotten so used to cooking each night it was nice to finally have the chance to cook up dinner and all enjoy it together after a little week hiatus.
  • Making it the Orange Theory while MB was at soccer practice. Today was just one of those days where I needed to sweat it out…and thanks to my incredibly wonderful and supportive husband I could. I don’t thank him enough and truly take it for granted that he has my back! This house runs non-stop but we both share the duty.
  • Solving the paint discoloration puzzle…I am not the handy one around the house! Outside of the kitchen it is all TB’s domain…so when the new touch-up paint wasn’t drying on the ceiling the same color as the rest and TB brought me in to check it out I was quite pleased that I immediately jumped on did you use the right finish…the walls and ceilings have different finishes! See I told you I needed OTF…it got the brain cells working again!

Palm trees and sea breezes

I love when my travels include hotel rooms with palm trees and ocean views. It doesn’t happen very often, like 1% of the time…but when it does it sure does make being away from home a little sweeter. A very small bit sweeter. 


 Being away does make finding today’s happy a little harder but probably days I need to do it more than others. Especially when you wake up at 3am and have a 2 hour flight delay.

Today’s happy

  • Getting my co-worker to drive the rental car!
  • Walking to dinner after a long day inside
  • taking 30min to spend some time with the treadmill

A fun new spot in town

We found a fun new spot…for the mommas and the kiddos!


I love how the place looks- its an explosion of fun…it is just how your would imagine it with the name Pinspiration! And then there are shelves full of pinterest projects…you pick what you want to do, they have all the supplies for you! Then you sit down and craft…oh and you can have some drinks and snacks! Or you can go back into the splatter room and make a masterpiece!

I went today with MB, SB and some friends. We had a blast and are already planning the next trip or maybe the next two trips 😛

Today’s Happy

  • Snuggling in bed with SB this morning before we started our day
  • Enjoying lunch with friends and our girls
  • Laughs over the photo booth
  • A simple exchange in the car with MB preparing for try-outs that ended with me catching the best smile in the rear-view mirror.


Boost from friends

Today was non stop confusion and miss communications making things a little chaotic.

So it was so wonderful to have 2 shinning moments in the day.

Impromptu coffee with MK who was in town on a layover and we had time for a speed dating version of live catch up. Thank goodness texts fill in all the gaps!

A Girl Scout meeting that kep the girls busy and gave LP a chance to catch up.

Those 2 short exchanges made me so incredibly happy long after they were over.

Girlfriends are a definite core to happiness. The listen and know just what to say. They vent and let you comfort them. You both realize you are in it together.

Today’s happy is dedicated to those girlfriends! The ones who are there for me in the small ways and big baby carrying ways.

In addition to being able to go to girls scouts meeting with MB, take a long walk with TB, to snuggling SB to sleep. It was worth the stop over before my day trip to California.



Yep what I said

Remember a few days ago when I talked about being a working mama.

Today was sure a kick in the butt about that statement.

Managing a webex and school drop off.

Managing errands over lunch break.

Managing pick-up, soccer practice, school carnival, and dinner with friends, all after a full day…

Oh and then there was the doggy tummy problems and the baby’s rash due to crawling on the carpet.

Yep but it was all worth it.

Picking MB up from soccer and hearing how pumped she was at the coach giving her praise on her improvements.

Watching her and friends giggle, laugh, and run around her new school and the one moment she pauses to tell me thank you and how much fun she is having.

And then there is Bibbers. Who was happily exhausted as we rolled through the school just going with the punches even when we ended up at dinner 3 hours past her bedtime. Sitting on my lap enjoying her plum puffs and watching the bright lights.

So now we are home everyone tucked in their beds and full of good memories and smiles.

Filled to the brim and ready to do it again.

Today’s happy

  • The excitement from MB when she finished her soccer clinic
  • Completing some major tasks off my to-do list
  • Enjoying dinner with a girlfriend while our girls had “the best night ever”
  • Sneaking in a 20min run in my desert paradise
  • Watching SB work on her crawling

Working Mama

So being a working mom can be pretty tough at times.

There are times the other side looks a little greener.

But if I am honest with myself I love the feeling at the end of the day when I have accomplished it all. The days when I enjoy that first (& second) cup of coffee while I make my girls breakfast and get their day started. The days when I kill it in that meeting or get those big projects moving in the right direction all while managing the soccer schedule, a PTO fundraiser, a last minute stop at Target over lunch. And then I am home to make dinner, enjoy some bedtime snuggles, a little family reading…even if after the house is quiet it means the laptop comes out for a little bit more. When I crawl into bed exhausted I really am content. Being able to juggle and accomplish so much in a day drives me to tackle the next one…but I also know I couldn’t do it without an equal partner that is gets the same satisfaction in winning at both work, play, and family. He is filling the gaps swinging into the school for lunch, driving the carpool to soccer, helping with homework, making the bottle, making up songs, and doing the laundry so the kids can wear the same thing every other day if they so desire!

In keeping with my daily happiness.

Today’s Happy

  • My stitch fix arrived! Even though I sneak-peaked was happy to see the box in the front door step!
  • Watching SB take off army crawling towards my iPhone
  • enjoying dinner & Survivor with MB tonight- to note this was also MBs happy of the day when I asked her!

The urge to blog

It has almost been a year since I blogged last.

But lately for some reason I have been missing it.

Maybe I miss capturing the memories so we can go back and read through them.

Maybe I feel a little bit like I am not doing a good job with Baby S updates.

Maybe I just need a creative outlet.

Either way I think I am going to bring the blog back…now I need to update our love bug header as we are missing one.

I am think some of the urge is due to the book I am reading, The Happiness Project.

There is something about that book that just hits home.

Our lives are so full. There is so much to be happy about. We need to celebrate those things and be HAPPY.

So I think that is how I am going to start. Each day big or small I am going to post about the happy of the day.

and with that I was going to end the post…but why wait till tomorrow to post the happy of the day.

Today’s happy:

Baby S made her first crawl attempt

M and I snuggled on the couch after dinner

I got T to the gym again

The quiet of the house right now

A morning walk…I swear if I could walk each morning through the trails each day would start off right.


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