About Me

Just a girl who loves her lovebugs and is starting a new chapter of life in Arizona. The Valley of the Sun.

I love sharing our funnies. Those moments in motherhood. Fun memories of our travel adventures. Great food creations in the home and out. Sprinkle in some good finds and good books that we find along the way.

Basically just sharing life as we know it…which is always busy, full of smiles, sunshine and the unexpected.

A working mother, my 9-5 life is all business. Here is a place where I can let out a bit of my creativity by telling our stories.

Who are the lovebugs? In the order deemed by LB #1

Lovebug #1.  A darling lovebug who will be turning 6 soon and is nothing short of a princess in training. And though I shouldn’t admit it, she is the one in charge.

Lovebug #2. The founder of the lovebugs. He is my rock. He makes us laugh, he made us a family, and is embracing the role of “best buddy”.

Lovebug #3. Me.

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