Potty Training…it is a family affair

Potty training is not for the weak and I realize the more people in your family, the more training you have to do.

It takes a village and in our house we have a small village working on the potty training.

SB was using the potty early around 17 months…and she has continued to use it up and down. We would go weeks with great success and then we would have a trip, or some other excuse. It was so hard for us (not her) to be consistent with our crazy lives.

But this weekend we finally decided to buckle down and get everyone involved.

In all our little spurts of success we had the potty watch, the sticker chart, the M&Ms, the jelly beans…it all worked…but ultimately what seems to have made the impact was having everyone involved.

We have a rotation when we will all home of her takes her…and the week is almost over and we haven’t had any accidents. Crazy what a little bit of stability can do.

The only negative impact is whenever one of us goes to the bathroom little SB goes and sits with you watching you with her back against the wall. I guess she figures that is the normal thing to do.

Now to see if I really can cancel my honest diaper subscription….maybe after the Halloween prints arrive 🙂

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