Around the table

Sitting down to dinner with the family. Wether it is a fancy sit down restaurant, In-n-Out for quick burgers, or a lovely home cooked meal there is just something special about sitting around the table with the ones you love.

Life gets busy. Life gets crazy.

And then you sit down at the table. Everyone in their spot. Everyone takes a bite of  food. There is silence. And then the day unfolds. There are laughs; sometimes tears. There are stories. There are memories.

2016 has been off to the races. Non-stop. This week we finally were able to slow down and enjoy time around the table each and every night. There is nothing better. We ended the week with a special “around the table” to celebrate our oldest.

I soaked it all in. The giggles. The smiles. The love.

I savored every moment.

Here is to many more memories around the table!

“You are the butter to my bread,and the breath to my life”

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  1. Barb says:

    Family dinners are well worth all the juggling of dinner times and busy schedules! 🙂

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