Reset and reflections 

This summer is all about hitting the reset.

The reset on eating. TB and I have both removed all processed foods from our diets and have cut out all sugar completely. We are 2 weeks in and starting to feel the benefits and crave the sugar a little less. Bonus trips to the farmers markets with girlfriends.

The reset on strength. While I’ve been hitting the gym consistently TB is now joining me at OTF and I’ve switched to a new barre studio that is really pushing me to the next level. I love working out together too ❤️

The reset on challenges. I’ve signed up to do the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim (in one day) with a few girlfriends. Our training officially starts in August but I’ve taken a training class, booked our hotel, and made my first REI purchase so it’s feeling real!

And then the reflections.

Simplify. Cleaning up the office. Cleaning out the closet. Less but more. Removing the clutter.

Focusing on the friendships. Setting up wine and coffee dates. Making those texts and phone calls and trips! Making plans and taking the time.

Growing and learning. Making time to focus inward and finding it so fulfilling. Reading words that resonate.

Laughter. SB has nothing but pure joy. She smiles and smiles and smiles. She is a constant reminder to slow down. Laugh. Smile. 


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  1. Barb says:

    This sounds wonderful in so many ways. I admire you for taking the time and initiative to make these shifts.

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