34 Weeks…go to newborn item?

4 weeks and 2 days to go….or less or maybe more.

This weekend’s to do is to make sure we have everything we need for bringing home a newborn.

I ordered diapers and wipes to be sent to MN…excited to try out the new Honest Diaper bundle service. Their designs are so cute!!! Baby B will have the cutest lovebug tush!

The blankets & clothes have been washed and are ready to be worn.

Bottles and pacifiers have been acquired.

A carseat and pack-n-play in MN have been arranged and ours is ready to get hooked up in the car.

The nursery is 95% of the way there.

I am pretty sure the only last thing to buy is formula…..and to make sure we get as much sleep as possible for the next 4 weeks so we have some in reserves ready for those long nights!

It’s been a long time…what is everyone’s favorite or most used newborn item?



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  1. barif0815 says:

    Since my babies are turning 17 in a month, I have no advice. Maybe at some point I’ll get out to AZ and can snuggle on that little sweetie. So incredibly happy for you guys.

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