A great big heart #kindness

It’s a normal Saturday.

We are out running errands and we run across a homeless man on the corner.

MB is so disappointed we don’t have our blessing bags with us in the car. (A girl scout community project that has been really rewarding). Right after we see the man we pass by a Chick-fil-A. MB immediately says “mommy, can we get him some food?”.

I will admit my first reaction was too look at the clock and think about adding another stop to our errands, but it was fleeting, and we pulled right into the drive thru to get a chicken sandwich and some water.

We then went back the way we had come and pulled up next to the man.

MB got out of the car and ran over to him and said “Excuse me sir, I got you some lunch. I hope you have a great day.”….he leans down and takes the food and with a big smile says “God Bless you”…MB comes back to the car and her eyes are filled with tears as are mine.

She looks at me and says “mom, that felt amazing. I am sad for that man, but happy that I could make his day better”. And then there was silence and reflection.

She later recited what she hears from TB every morning before school, “Make someone else’s day better” – mission accomplished!

She is a special girl. I am so proud and my heart is full.

The sweetness and happiness of that moment continued on all day. We are already thinking about our next act of kindness….



2 Comments on A great big heart #kindness

  1. barif0815 says:

    That’s a very sweet girl you are raising there.

  2. Barb says:

    This is awesome. I have to admit, I don’t know what my reaction would be but yours was perfect. Thanks for sharing.

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