Growing up

My 2 little girls are growing up.

One is 20 weeks and doing great in the MN belly. You can read the latest update here on the blog if you haven’t already seen it.

The other one is 9 and preparing for her little sister.

One of our first projects is to clean our our shared office as it will soon become the nursery. So I made MB a deal. We never fully finished up her room because it was really in between little girl and big girl. If she helped me clean it up we would get new bedding and wall art to complete the “look”.

She jumped right in and I have to say I was really impressed at the amount of stuff she weeded through and filled trunkloads for goodwill…I am also a little in shock where everything came from 🙂

But as she gave away older dolls saving one for she really liked for her baby sister..I realized she is really growing up. Not quite a tween but not a little girl anymore…especially when I think about her going away for her first away summer camp!!!!! She is totally ready…but that is a big step.

We were really proud of her and TB decided to give her $20 over and beyond the bedding for doing such an awesome job…I really have to admit that even after moving in 2 more pieces of furniture the room looks amazing and different, can’t wait for the bedding and art to arrive. She also came behind me and wiped down everything with the magic eraser and Clorox cloths to make it extra clean…rearranging her favorite books series on the bookshelf. (photos to come) But I digress. She took the $20 and with a big smile said I think I am going to buy my baby sister something with this money. Melting our hearts just a little more!

So Saturday we went shopping. We went first to pick out some baby clothes, the first ones we have actually bought minus the required colts jersey onesie.

MB picked out a cute little sister outfit. Daddy’s little princess, she couldn’t do Daddy’s favorite girl and was a little disappointed they didn’t have daddy’s 2nd favorite girl outfits :P, and she even chose a sweet as grandma outfit and one that said I love my Uncle…

Then we proceeded to BuyBuybaby to finish off our registry there and MB really wanted to buy a pacifier…not really for her sister I found out but to try it out herself…she wanted to know what it tasted like…but she didn’t bite when I said if I bought one she would have to use it for 3 hours straight ;P. Anyway we started pointing out all the toys that she would love to get so she can play with too!!! I believe baby B is going to have her own stylist and toy selector covered for the first few years!

It was a fun special day filled with giggles and laughs and love. She is going to be such an amazing big sister and I love seeing how excited she is….we all are!!!!




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  1. Barb says:

    This is awesome! It’s so fun to have these sneak peeks into your family as you prepare for the baby.

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