Oh boy…or wait girl

I realize I haven’t posted in awhile…its partly because there are so many thoughts swimming around in my head.

First I guess I should share….


Yep TB is forever out numbered. He also will always be the Prince Charming of the house for 1 lady, 2 girls, and sweet Indy dog.

We are at the 18 week mark and MK is coming in later this week for our next U/S. I still at times can’t believe this is really happening. I am beyond the moon excited. I am scared too. 10 years later I am doing this all over again…sleepless nights, schedules, dependency. I am going to love every single minute of it- but Oh #$*#&$#!!!!

10 years has also changed the baby industry. Now there are like a zillion types of strollers..wheel rotating iPhone chargers included (seriously with the latest iOS update I am going to need it) and then you can pick your colors blue or pink…gone are the neutrals. Oh and baby delivery services- diapers, formula, you name it. And not just that but seasonal diapers so even on the Fourth of July Baby B’s tush can be coordinated!

Registering is going to be interesting.

I also this time have such a different world. An amazing partner in crime that I know will carry his share. I already see the moments where we both are there mesmerized at what a precious little gift we have (times 2) …and a wonderful 2nd in charge that is going to be right there to help but also need reassurance that she still has a special place in our hearts.

I am a lucky girl to have such problems.

So while I sit on this plane I will research more strollers while my 2 loves are enjoying a date night at the ballpark!

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  1. Bari says:

    You are going to have so much FUN!!!!

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