Today was the pits

You know when a day is so bad you just want to go to bed and have it be over.

That is today.

I lost a dear friend today. Someone who will be missed greatly.

Another friend went home to hospice. She fought a brave fight but in the end the cancer won and know she chooses a peaceful exit.

Yep today can suck it.

But I do have one silver lining of hope. Friday night I got a text from my dear friend above congratulating us on the baby news and asking if it was twins. We traded a few texts back and forth with my last one ending in “we LOVE you!!!”

He responded with big hugs and lots of love for us too.

I looked at that text a lot today. I am thankful for that exchange. I am thankful I had a small connection in what unknown to any of us with be one of his last days.

It is a reminder to me. Not just a reminder of how precious life and how to enjoy ever moment but also in making sure to keep those connections. It reminds me to take advantage of the moments that present themselves. The last minute dinner when you or someone is in town on business…catching up with friends on phone/text when I have a night alone in the hotel room. There will be plenty of time for a quiet night but you never know when the last moment with someone will be.

I am lucky we took that moment with our friend a few times and those memories are special. No regrets. A reminder to do it with others and often.

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  1. Bari says:

    ((Hugs)) so sorry

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