The top 5 reasons to start watching Downton Abbey with your daughter

We haven’t ever really had a real family show we watch together. We catch the Voice on DVR or some other show recorded from the Food Network or HGTV. MB watches Disney by herself now and again but lately she is really loving Cutthroat Kitchen which means even more Food Network. That is until we started Downton Abbey as a family. I have to admit while I am loving the show watching her reaction has made it even sweeter…now if we could just figure out how to start it earlier in the evening so we don’t all stay up a little too late!

So here are my top 5 so far and the list is growing…

1. She teared up when Anna and Bates professed their love. Never before has she not squirmed at any kissey face on the TV. She is totally smitten and says this is true love. She longs to see Bates come back to Downton and Anna.

2. When Sybil came down to dinner in her “shocking” fancy pants dress it prompted a wonderful discussion about the history of women’s rights. MB now wears a nightgown with pj pants underneath each night in honor of Sybil.

3. Every night she begs for us to all get on the couch and watch it….we all snuggle up and enjoy the time together…there are lots of times when we pause and have to talk about the difference between the servants and lords, the wars, the history.

4. She loves to hates the villains. The character development is so rich and it is fun to watch her hate the villains and love the heroes…the talk of bullies, lies, good, and bad.

5. History…it is fiction but it is set in a time that she isn’t all too familiar with and it touches on history. She is learning so much while enjoying the show. Women’s Rights. World War 1. The history of lords and ladies versus the working class. The introduction of the phone. The introduction of electricity. We get lots of whys and it is a perfect time to expand and learn.

And more than anything it is just one more thing that brings us together at the end of the day. We run in a million different directions but now at night we have our family dinner….we get all our various chores down and then we sit down for for some quiet Downton time before bed!

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  1. Barb says:

    This makes me smile (and not just because I’m a fan of Downton). Finding things to share as a family is so important. Love that it’s sparking conversations for you all too!

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