Balance. I really don’t like that word. It has so much pressure in it.

I don’t balance. I juggle. The goal is not to drop a ball…or if you do pick it up quickly and start juggling again.

Juggling is success for me. Juggling is achievable. Balance in a minute to minute basis is not.

Today was a good juggling day.

Up before the sun and watching the sunrise from my office. Getting major projects over the last hurdle. Nailing a major presentation. Then with literally a minute to spare being able to walk out the office door, hit the Chick-fil-A drive through and make it to MB’s school for lunch.

A lunch that she had asked for. A lunch that I had said I would try but that I wasn’t sure I could do it this week. But I did and the reward was sweet.

I was sitting outside enjoying the 80 degrees and sun and from behind me I get a huge bear hug. Big big hug. We then decided to stay outside just the 2 of us and talked about my morning and hers. We practiced for the history quiz that afternoon and then it was time to go. I got a few more hugs and then as I am halfway to the gate she comes running up with her bestie for one more hug and so I could give her bestie a hug too. I know these days of hugging mom at school are precious and probably won’t be around much longer- but today she was in heaven and so was I.

Today I was a juggling master. Tomorrow is a new challenge.



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  1. Barb says:

    I agree – I don’t know who manages this mythical balancing act. I’m happy if I can juggle and no one trips on the balls that drop. Congrats on a great day and wonderful reward 🙂

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