Back to Reality

Going back to work after the long break is not easy. Especially when it means traveling east into temperatures with a high of -17 on one of the days.

I am thankful for once that I will be stuck indoors and won’t be getting any fresh freezing air.

Meanwhile we patiently are waiting till the 13th for our next results. My daily mantra is it’ll be ok.

The only other negative is they want more blood work. It’s probably a standard request, the negative is that the only place that gets same day results for MK is not super convienent and we were both hoping we would be done with that lab…but looks like one more visit is probably going to be needed. Now we just need it to warm up enough for MK to be able to go outside.

We got to show MB the ultrasound photo last night and she was on cloud nine. Today we were writing a little note to send off to MK and MB wanted to write on it as well. I can’t show the photo in case MK decides to read the blog before it arrives but it was so sweet and reminded me that this is not just my dream or TB’s dream…its our families dream.

9 more days to wait for our next update.

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  1. Bari says:

    Thinking good thoughts for baby & that travel goes smoothly for you.

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