Science & Technology

It’s something that keeps popping back into my mind as we continue this journey.

Science and technology is truly extraordinary.

In about 2 weeks we are going to take a single embroyo that is half mine and half TB’s and watch it be launched into hopefully its new home for 9 months. The fact that this is possible is truly an amazing feat.

Just mind boggling when you think about it…which I do often.

On top of that the potential baby oven is in MN….but there again technology is amazing. With constant texts, some short some long…it feels like we are next door at times. Wether it is dealing with crazy doctor offices or just joking about the warning signs in the vineyard…it all feels so close even with all the miles in between.

I wish I had a magic 8 ball…or a magic mirror. Doesn’t everyone?

In less than a month we will know if we are on our way to having a baby. Sometimes I just shake my head and feel like I am dreaming. Other times I remind myself that the odds are 50/50 and just like a flip of a coin it could not take. But then we could land on heads and it does take.

And the countdown to transfer begins….


  1. It’s an exciting countdown! I’m keeping fingers crossed the odds are in your favor!!

  2. So hoping and praying that in about 10 months you’re holding your newborn baby.

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