It’s really happening

To say life has been crazy would be an understatement….we have family with us for a few months, family and friends visiting, fall break, work projects, birthdays….I could go on and on I am sure everyone has their own long list….but in the midst of it all project family is underway.

My amazing friends the K’s said yes. They would help us with project family. Their gave us the news in a blog post and a photo…one that I have read and read over and over again.

Then as Mr. K said….”the shit got real” and it did….we had meetings, scheduling, doctors, lawyers, more doctors, more scheduling…..this is really happening!!!!

We are going to try to have a baby….

Words like gestational carrier, IVF, FET cycles, U/T, fluffing are rolling off the tongue like they are commonplace now. We have laughed at the space age feeling of all the terms…or just how downright funny some of them are…like fluffing. This has become our world.

It is hard to imagine that in less than a month I am going to be watching our little embroyo get launched into hopefully it’s nest for the next 9mths and then 2 weeks after that we will know if it decided to stick and stay around for awhile.

Could I be starting up a baby room pinterest board soon? Will I have to update my blog header to have another lovebug??Could we actually be able to expand our family….is the dream really going to come true. Lots of hope and prayers are focused on project family right now….I don’t want to get too excited but then at times it is impossible not to. A million moments a day I think about it…think about when I see a baby at the grocery store, when MB asks to look at baby clothes, when we are at the soccer field, everywhere.

Are we crazy? probably…but crazy is what make life an adventure.



  1. You have wonderful, amazing friends! So happy for you :) Wishing you lots of luck and lots of patience :)!

  2. Crazy in a good way! What a blessing to have this opportunity and those friends in your life. I’m sending up crazy hopeful prayers for you :)

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