2 Days till Christmas…oh wait I am late

Well I am late in getting this post up!

It was 2 days before Christmas…and our sweet little neighbor’s birthday.

So what do you do in Arizona when the sun is shining and it is almost Christmas.

Turn on the pool heaters, get some snowmen snacks ready, wine for the adults, invite over all the neighbors over and let the fun begin.

I think we might of started a new holiday tradition!

As a little treat to take home…MB and I made reindeer food…and thanks for the cutest little free printable from TomKat they looked extra special.

All the little ones wanted to make sure that it was ok for the Reindeer to eat the glitter- good thing I used leftover holiday sprinkles so I could tell them it was all good!

We had snowman cupcakes..and for those of you that love cake frosting this would be your favorite! Though it might be just a little too much. We had one 2 year old that loved the frosting so much when his dad took it away from him he gave his dad a big bite on the inner leg…OUCH. He left shortly after that 🙂

My favorite was thanks to Chickabug she came through with the cutest Melted Snowman labels…I just loved the party facts! Aren’t these adorable???

3 hours of swimming in the pool. Followed by hot cocoa, popcorn and watching Frosty on the TV outside…then cupcakes (by the fire by some)…crazy to think this time last year we were in sub-zero temps!

4 Comments on 2 Days till Christmas…oh wait I am late

  1. Christmas in the warm sunshine sounds heavenly! And those cupcakes and water bottles turned out too cute. You guys know how to throw a party.

    • AZLB says:

      yeah we are now in the snow and I keep reminding myself that 5 days ago we were swimming! I totally was raised for a warm Christmas!

  2. The melted snowman labels? They ROCK!!!

    We thought about turning our pool heater on, but didn’t follow through… I bet we’ll do our “yearly heater test” in a week or so 🙂

    • AZLB says:

      Someone must of been catching up with their reader :)….I loved the labels..actually drinking a leftover bottle right now. Enjoy your heat test!

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