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Blog Hop and Me!!!!

Wow you know how you open up an email and saw WHAT??? Really?? wow! and smile…

Well that was me today…I opened up my email to see that I was a spotlight blog today for the Blog Hop. Considering the day/week I am having this really made me smile.

So go check out these lovely ladies!!! Thanks for bloggy love…this lovebug needed it today!!!


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Stylish who me???

And the award goes to me?? (well actually the The LoveBug Adventures, but who is keeping score :))

Thanks ROAR for the wonderful Stylish Blogger Award…that I must share with April Showers Blog Design..cause she helped us become more stylish.

Rules for accepting this award are:

1. Thank & Link back to the person who arwarded you this. Check and thanks again!
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Pay it forward to 5 recently discovered great bloggers. (Ok I did ones I have known awhile too :))
4. Contact those bloggers and tell them about their award.

7 Things About  me:

1. I am a runner!! (:) I am finally calling myself one!)

2. I love to have cake or brownies for breakfast…when we have them around that is what you will find me eating.

3. I am a Pisces and as a good fish should love the water! So happy to have a pool in our backyard.

4. I don’t miss the snow at all. I love being in Arizona and warm.

5. My family comes first. I love my little girl more than anything in the world. There is nothing better!

6. I could live in yoga pants…and I do since I work from home.

7. I love to travel!! New places to see, new restaurants…love exploring!

And now to pass on the Stylish Blogger Award.

Drum Roll

The award goes too…

1. Pictured Moments– new to the blog world, taking a picture a day while her soldier is away!

2. Our Crazy Boys– Becca has always been stylish!!

3. My Simply Complicated– helpful blog hints, and then sad stories of how to get her to un-friend you on facebook 🙁

4. The Adventures of Chip and Bobo– you have to read about her potty training experience- pants on or off

5. Mommy Words– stylish in her wonder woman panties!

Do you love me?

Ok so yes I am going to beg a little 🙂

They just reset the votes on Top Mommy Blogs. I haven’t been paying too much attention but I am setting a goal to get in the top 100 this round. I was in the 200’s last time around…so a hefty goal I know. So many great blogs out there.

If you like The LOVEBUGS (or just me  :)) please vote. You can vote daily and I won’t pester you again (this round) but would love the vote.

Thanks- Me & the other lovebugs

Top Mommy Blogs - Mom Blog Directory

And the Award goes to

Wow does this award hit home…I am all over the place with my blog topics or in a positive note “versatile”. Adventures with 3 Girls bestowed this award on me and you should definitely go check her out. She is a LA mom with 3 girls who loves being green. Every Thursday she has a new green post!

According to the rules I am supposed to tell you 7 things you don’t know about me. I guess it should be 7 things you want to know about me too…but no promises.

1. I have an addiction to reality TV. I just can’t look away…Kardashdians, Housewives, Big Brother…you name it, it is probably sitting on my DVR waiting for a night when TB has to work late and I can catch-up.

2. I love to cook. I absolutely love it…I am always looking for something new to try. Our schedule sometimes makes it hard to cook lots of meals…but now with MB here full-time, school starting, and lots of new friends I think there will be plenty of opportunities for me to try new stuff and cook more. Excited about that.

3. I never liked running till I started the couch to 5K in my 30’s and now I am addicted. Only have done 5Ks so far but thinking of going further this far is still to be determined.

4. I am the survivor of a horrible 3 year divorce/custody battle. Where I learned how dubbed I had been in marriage. But that is all behind me and I have a beautiful future ahead with my love bugs.

5. I usually check on my daughter about 5 times before going to bed. Love watching her sleep.

6. I fall asleep with the TV on…love sleep timers.

7. I have been to Africa, Bali, Japan, Thailand…and on and on. I love to travel and was blessed with a family and job that gave me so many great opportunities.

Whoops updating the post as I forgot to pass the award on….the award goes to The Adventures of Chip and Bob. One of my favorite reads! Check out their adventures.

My first award…so sweet!

Well I was surprised…I just blog never thought I would get a friendly little award.

But I did and it made me smile! Thanks Adventures with Three Girls. You should go check out her new blog design…she just got all fancy on me!

Passing the love along….one of the blogs I have found out in the blog-sphere that I look forward to with each post is Pretty All True. She posts “interviews” with her girls that just crack me up. Wonderful writing style.  You should check her out!