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Wordless Wednesday

We just got our first family photos back. It was so hard to choose our favorites…Sandi Bradshaw is the BOMB!!! She was great to work with, had some amazing locations for us to choose from, and the pictures speak for themselves!

Now next year I just have to get on the ball so we can get them done for our Christmas cards.

Here is one of my favorites…one of 30!

Love and Thanks

A little late in posting what I am thankful for…and there is lots to be thankful for this year.

Last night at dinner sums up a couple things I am thankful for and even more what I love!

The pictures don’t have sound so you can’t hear the giggles, laughter, and general sounds of happiness that fill our nightly dinners…but you can see the smiles.

Ice Cream Dream

Just to set the stage. MB gets off the bus from school. Mommy is making up some healthy snack. MB is asking for Halloween candy….we are still working through the bag. TB comes out of his office to join us. Goes straight to the freezer and brings out MB’s leftover family birthday cake. An Oreo ice cream cake. He grabs 2 forks. Hands on to MB. The picture speaks to the rest.

Wordless Wednesday- Can we say Candy???

A full night of trick or treating. 2 Halloween parties. 1 birthday party. A special visitor. 1 Soccer game. A trip to the spa for “frightening” pedicures. Right after a birthday week celebration…this pictures sums it up.

Lots of candy. Lots of smiles. Lots of happy…and oh so tired!

Wordless Wednesday- Trouble

Sometimes she doesn’t want to take a photo. Sometimes she is more willing. Saturday she was in full photo mode and wanted to strike a few of her “own poses” for the camera. Yes I am in trouble…and I believe we might watch too much project runway!

Wordless Wednesday…"Mom I want to Jump"

If you remember when I posted about our last family vacation to Kauai I talked about the waterfall where MB was so mad we didn’t let her jump. These photos should tell you why! First is the happy girl thinking she is going to jump and my expression is watching another kid stumble on the rocks while climbing around…so scared of something going wrong and I am ready to help (notice my hands). The 2nd photo is the jump. She still talks about how we wouldn’t let her jump.