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Soccer Soccer Soccer

The season has begun again. I think we were all excited to get MB back out on the pitch!

This year it was a big jump:

  • Up in age group
  • Bigger fields
  • 11 v 11
  • 35 min halves

It also means games under the lights.


Looking forward to another great season for MB.
This year also was the end of quiet sideline cheerleading from the stroller or the carrier. Instead MB’s biggest fan is right there yelling “Go Ma’Ma” and entertaining everyone with her outfit selections and sideline games!



A great big heart #kindness

It’s a normal Saturday.

We are out running errands and we run across a homeless man on the corner.

MB is so disappointed we don’t have our blessing bags with us in the car. (A girl scout community project that has been really rewarding). Right after we see the man we pass by a Chick-fil-A. MB immediately says “mommy, can we get him some food?”.

I will admit my first reaction was too look at the clock and think about adding another stop to our errands, but it was fleeting, and we pulled right into the drive thru to get a chicken sandwich and some water.

We then went back the way we had come and pulled up next to the man.

MB got out of the car and ran over to him and said “Excuse me sir, I got you some lunch. I hope you have a great day.”….he leans down and takes the food and with a big smile says “God Bless you”…MB comes back to the car and her eyes are filled with tears as are mine.

She looks at me and says “mom, that felt amazing. I am sad for that man, but happy that I could make his day better”. And then there was silence and reflection.

She later recited what she hears from TB every morning before school, “Make someone else’s day better” – mission accomplished!

She is a special girl. I am so proud and my heart is full.

The sweetness and happiness of that moment continued on all day. We are already thinking about our next act of kindness….



Growing up

My 2 little girls are growing up.

One is 20 weeks and doing great in the MN belly. You can read the latest update here on the blog if you haven’t already seen it.

The other one is 9 and preparing for her little sister.

One of our first projects is to clean our our shared office as it will soon become the nursery. So I made MB a deal. We never fully finished up her room because it was really in between little girl and big girl. If she helped me clean it up we would get new bedding and wall art to complete the “look”.

She jumped right in and I have to say I was really impressed at the amount of stuff she weeded through and filled trunkloads for goodwill…I am also a little in shock where everything came from 🙂

But as she gave away older dolls saving one for she really liked for her baby sister..I realized she is really growing up. Not quite a tween but not a little girl anymore…especially when I think about her going away for her first away summer camp!!!!! She is totally ready…but that is a big step.

We were really proud of her and TB decided to give her $20 over and beyond the bedding for doing such an awesome job…I really have to admit that even after moving in 2 more pieces of furniture the room looks amazing and different, can’t wait for the bedding and art to arrive. She also came behind me and wiped down everything with the magic eraser and Clorox cloths to make it extra clean…rearranging her favorite books series on the bookshelf. (photos to come) But I digress. She took the $20 and with a big smile said I think I am going to buy my baby sister something with this money. Melting our hearts just a little more!

So Saturday we went shopping. We went first to pick out some baby clothes, the first ones we have actually bought minus the required colts jersey onesie.

MB picked out a cute little sister outfit. Daddy’s little princess, she couldn’t do Daddy’s favorite girl and was a little disappointed they didn’t have daddy’s 2nd favorite girl outfits :P, and she even chose a sweet as grandma outfit and one that said I love my Uncle…

Then we proceeded to BuyBuybaby to finish off our registry there and MB really wanted to buy a pacifier…not really for her sister I found out but to try it out herself…she wanted to know what it tasted like…but she didn’t bite when I said if I bought one she would have to use it for 3 hours straight ;P. Anyway we started pointing out all the toys that she would love to get so she can play with too!!! I believe baby B is going to have her own stylist and toy selector covered for the first few years!

It was a fun special day filled with giggles and laughs and love. She is going to be such an amazing big sister and I love seeing how excited she is….we all are!!!!




Inside MB’s head

So today I thought I would ask MB what her top 5 questions were about the maybe baby…was kinda fun to see what she said. I will try and get her thoughts on the baby progress once a month as we wait for the maybe baby to arrive!

After she was done she came back in and added a 6th…daddy would be proud.

  1. I wonder where he/she is going to sleep
  2. I wonder what we will name her/him….my favorites right now are Colton and Isabella
  3. How is the baby going to act
  4. Will the baby like me and will we get along
  5. I wonder what people are going to think about the baby when they find out
  6. Will it like the Colts?

Sideways sleeper

Mb just doesn’t like to sleep normal. She likes sideways better than straight on the pillow. She likes her blanket better than the sheets. I thought it was a phase but night after night we tuck her in only to find her sideways and without a sheet sound asleep a few minutes later. I’ve stopped fighting it…but Indy baby is still holding out hope.


Setting expectations



When was the first time you got flowers? Do you remember?

I know MB will remember. Tonight wasn’t the first time but the face and smiles were just as special.

Her lovebug gets her flowers. The father daughter dance, valentines day…this year he surprised with gorgeous orange flowers. Her favorite color.

The look. The love. The quick hurry to put together a quick scavenger hunt for her valentine.

He is setting the right expectations. And I love him more and more each day!

Raising a runner


We have been “training” every Thursday night. MB and I do our girl talk runs and sometimes tb joins us…soccer has definitely increased her endurance.

So this morning we got up at 6:30 and put on our ladybug uniforms and headed to fountain hills for the iron girl 5k.

We had so many laughs and giggles trying to stay warm, hiding our cowbell, and getting ready for the race.

Before the start we sang the national anthem to the flags at half mast. MB leaned into me, my arm around her, tears in my eyes. I’m so blessed. I don’t know how those who have lost are waking up in these dark days, my heart aches for them. I appreciated the moment and took a deep breath.

Time to run. MB was strong for the first mile, especially up hill. After that we walked for maybe 10 seconds and were off again. She was keeping her eye on the other little ones and I would notice a burst of competitive energy when anyone got to was a great race, no complaints. My favorite was toward the end when I heard her talking to herself, pushing herself…then we saw the finish and it was a sprint to the end.

We finished with a 32:32 time, Mb placed 3rd in her age group, and our mother-daughter team was 9th out of 76 or so….not too bad!

Now she is asking for another one soon…..I’ve got a runner.



Girl Power

Last weekend we had such a great opportunity to watch the US Women’s soccer team play Ireland.

To say Mb was excited is a slight understatement. She spent most of the day outside of playing her own soccer tournament making a sign to root on her favorite Alex Morgan.

There were over 11,000 there to see the match but the amount of young girls was just amazing. We saw 2 other girls from Mb’s soccer team and almost all the girls were wearing a soccer jersey from one of the Phoenix clubs.

The game was super exciting including the first USA goal within the first 60 seconds of the game…final score was 2-0. Ireland had a really impressive goalie- so many shots on goal that she saved!

The game was definitely memorable, these girls are some serious smart athletes but my takeaway of the night was so much bigger.

Our daughters have real sports role models. They have girls they can put up in their rooms. They have girls that they can look up to and say one day I want to be like them. (which was just what Mb wrote in her journal that night). What an amazing change. When I was a child we didn’t have role models like that- I remember Mary Lou from the Olympics but that was it. Sports were mostly for the boys and while we played them there was just the NFL and MLB “role models”. To sit around in a stadium and see majority of the crowd was females except for those great dad’s, like TB, that brought their girls and watch their excitement, focus, and love for the game and the team. Girl Power!

I loved it. Mb loved it. Tb loved it. Go TEAM USA!




best run of the week

I know it is just Wed but I am calling it now.

Last night I needed to run but it was dark out. So I asked the family to do a quick run with me.

We all geared up.

We all stretched and off we went.

MB runs now and again but depending on the day there can be lots of walk breaks and maybe even a groan about going to far.

Not this time.

She was running fast, mixing in sprints, she was happy, skipping, and sometimes just giddy.

She also has really grown her endurance…I give credit there to soccer.

20 min or so later we had run 2.2 miles and there were no walk breaks. No complaints. We just went out an ran as a family.

Makes me so happy! The 11 miles on the docket have nothing on those 2.2 miles with my loves.

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