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Sweet steaks

I’m going to bed.

He calls back after we got off FaceTime.

Did you check photo stream he says?


Check it out I took some photos tonight.

I say ok and goodnight.

Here are the love note photos he left.

A man, a grill, and his sweet steak is there anything better.




Fall fest through the family’s eyes

Told from MB’s point of view.

You could dye your hair. There are lots of cool things. There are bouncy houses and you could  go in this machine and get blown. And how much you get is as much as the tokens you get and prizes are really cool and you can get sunglasses and you can get more things than that. I went in a bouncy house with my friends and we jumped around crazy and I was the one who helped somebody. I bounced in this and A and me played ball and it was really cool and it was awesome. Some girl got  a bike. And me and my friends had a good time and I hope my parents did too. The end.

Told from TB’s point of view.

It was really cool. We counted tickets. MB blew a tire underneath the car. I think the prizes are kinda dumb. But none of that matters cause my love bug had a good time. And she told me how she was so very proud of me cause I made it to 8000. And I wish I could of gone in the bouncy houses with MB.

Told from Indy’s point of view.

Where is my family? Why did the leave me? Who is going to feed me dinner? Ok I am going to take a nap.

Told from my point of view.

Fall fests are fun. Fall tests are tiring too. The food was yummy. We should open up a carnival, our booth made over $200 in the hour we ran it. It’s amazing how many faces you get to know after just a year and a half at the school. The kids are so excited to see each other outside of school, yet I cherish that it’s still cool to stick with your parents and enjoy some time just the 3 of us partnered with craziness with her friends. We had fun but I am happy now to be back home and defrosting! (it was a cold night in the 60’s for us Arizonans)


The plan worked

It’s late…we are working through some homework assignments and as I go
through the binder I see we have some extra work as well. Friday is Mrs.
First Grade’s birthday.

The task is to draw a picture of what you would like to do with Mrs. First
Grade on her birthday and write a quick note about what you drew and guess
her age.

Ok that part was pretty easy. MB wanted to take Mrs. First Grade to
Sprinkles. Good call if you ask me.

But now the hard part…I wasn’t ready with a gift.

I don’t want to go out…it’s late.

While I rack my brain I say what about we take her Starbucks tomorrow? MB
loves the idea and fortunately I know Mrs. First Grade’s drink of choice.
So we have that done.

I also quickly finish up the little Halloween gift I had planned for the
teacher and bus driver so we can put that in the bag. I love the idea from – Germs are Scary. So cute and inexpensive.

As I am crafting around and doing a million other things I remember I have
a Dark Chocolate Sprinkles mix in the cupboard. Bingo. We have our birthday
gift and doesn’t it just tie perfectly. MB makes her card and we are set.
Once again we have fooled the world on how together this Momma has

All that was left was Starbucks in the morning. TB was doing drop off this
morning so it was up to super dad to seal the deal.

I called to check in and turns out the plan was even better than expected.

TB and MB headed in for coffee. As they were leaving who walks in, but Mrs.
First Grade. MB asks what she is doing there and Mrs. First Grade responds
“I spilled my coffee this morning so I am stopping to get some more.” MB
responds: “I got you coffee”. A few seconds of puzzlement then TB hands
Mrs. First Grade her coffee. Smiles all around.

As MB and TB head off to school, MB told TB “my plan worked”..”it worked
perfectly”. I can just see the grin on her face and how pleased she is.

Where did they go?

I have just put MB to bed and am sitting at the computer to wrap up a few things.

MB comes out and says I want my love bug. She goes to the couch and asks how the game is going. It’s a diversion to bedtime that we all know.

TB says you can watch one more play and then back to bed.

Then the disappear.

I don’t hear TB come back out.

I look at the couch is he there? watching the game laying down?

I keep going about my business then I say his name? No answer. So I get up and look at the couch. Not there.

I head to MB’s bedroom.

What do I find?

The two love bugs snuggled up together both sound asleep.

There isn’t a better sight in the world.

Sometimes in life you worry about how they will turn out do to the circumstances around them. Will they be ok? Will this damage them? What will the impact be?  But its moments like that when you see the pure love. A daughter and a dad, exactly how it should be for her. It’s moment like these when you realize it is all going to be alright, better than alright, it’s gonna be great!

You are so cool

Today tb and mb took off on their first flight without me. It felt a little funny dropping them off at the airport.

My first weekend alone in over a
year I think. Just me and Indy for 3 days. I have lots of stuff too do and will be busy for sure. It’s just weird to have the roles reversed.

As I chatted with Tb they had a great flight. First class seats. Enjoyed some breakfast together and at some point in the flight she leaned over and told him he was Soo Cool!!!! Possibly after he taught her how to double barrel her drink.

Moments like that remind me it’s good to have the roles reversed every once in awhile. The one on one time just makes their bond stronger.

And leaves me open for a guilt free 9 mile run tomorrow. 🙂


The game is on

There are 4 little kids running around at full speed. Full of energy. Full of life. Nothing is settling them down.

Then the game starts. US versus Brazil.

TB is in the theater room ready for the game. MB is right there with them. It’s soccer. It’s the world cup.

There is silence. There is watching. There are distractions but they are focused on the game. GOAL is screamed. A goal dance is created.

A 6 year old’s test of focus. 90 min plus of watching a game. Watching the game through distractions of other little ones wanting to play and run around.

MB lost her focus during half-time and had a hard time getting back to the game. Till she remembered that TB gave up golf since he promised he would watch the World Cup game with MB. MB states this to her friends, leaves her playtime, and proceeds to climb up in the chair and watch the rest of the game with TB.

She is proud that he is there for her. She doesn’t say a word but you can tell it means something.

She is a lucky girl. I am a lucky girl.

Every girl needs a strong male figure in her life. Trust that they will be there for them no matter what. Keeping promises.

MB probably wouldn’t have remembered if TB went out to play golf instead of watching the world cup. But she does remember that he didn’t play golf, that he was there to watch the game with her.

She does remember the crazy goal dance.

I remember them snuggled up in the chair watching the game.

Their relationship is beautiful to watch.


Happy Father’s Day



We couldn’t be luckier. I have a great dad….one though I might not always have wanted to admit it was usually always right and knew what was best, but he let me learn the hard way at times too. And MB could not have a better father figure in her life….unconditional love. That says it all. Happy Father’s Day!

The Dance

Ok I really shouldn’t be blogging right now. I should be taking my shower and getting into bed. We had a full day- a wonderful family Saturday which I ended with a 60 min bike ride…and tomorrow I have a 5:30am alarm to head out and do a Splash-n-Dash. A 1000meter swim followed by a 4 mile run. Then the family is picking me up and we are heading out for a hike. I am going to be pooped tomorrow afternoon…hence why I need to go to bed.

So quickly I will share about last night’s Father-Daughter dance. What a special memory.

MB dressed up in a pretty pink dress and shoes, though her favorite was the matching purse. She helped TB pick out his shirt and shoes and they worked hard to find something that matched just perfectly.

Right before they were heading out, TB surprised MB with a flower corsage. She was speechless, a rare event.

As the got into the car, MB told me that they might not be home till 10pm or so (the dance was over at 8:30)– cause you know how these things are and they might just have to stay out late. All I can say is that I am glad TB is her date…I had a moment of thinking about HS prom. Not ready. So not ready.

They headed out to dinner with the other girls in the neighborhood and their dad’s and then went to the dance. TB kept me posted on the events by sending me photos…the girls were dancing queens. Hitting the dance floor pretty hard, except for any country music.

MB lost her purse…well her version was TB lost her purse. But someone found it and the DJ made an announcement…as MB claimed it as her’s he said on the speaker “well I would say it does match your dress”…a highlight of the evening.

As they drove home…MB was full of sweetness and thanks to TB. I only wish I had been a fly on the wall to hear the exact words. The few moments preparing to send them off were pretty magical so I am sure the entire evening was as well.  What a memory.

Pictures are up…finally

We have been in the house a year…the home warranty is ready to be renewed.

No pictures are hung in the house.

We set them where we thought they might go when we first unpacked so we could decide if we liked them before we put holes in the wall.

12 months later they sit in the same spot. Along with the photos from our first family photo shoot that look wonderful on our dining room table. NOT.

Well I decided to go looking today and make some decisions. I figured 80% chance TB wouldn’t like it and I would take it back..but figured it was worth starting the process to see if we could get somethings we liked for the living room.

Well a trip to my 2 favorite T stores later I came home with quite a few bags.

I decided on the accent color blue for our neutral toned living room. When I said that to TB he shook his head. Ok so I was figuring the 80% return rate was looking more like 90%. Anyway I said let me put things up I will keep all the tags on and lets see what we think.

Well once it was all up I got a winner!!! He was happy and I love it…and the living room finally looks lived in. The walls and little alcoves have been filled. I have my favorite photos of the lovebugs up on display. It finally looks like we live here (in at least one room!)

There are a couple more things I have to complete tonight and then tomorrow I will take pictures in the sunlight to share!

Now to figure out what is the next project…I am on a roll.

The Claw

You know those machines full of junk toys and one claw.

The one that every kid wants to play and is just frustrating and a money pit.

Yep that one.

Well tonight we were out to dinner.

There was a wait.

Guess what was right new the waiting area.

The claw.

MB asked to play.

We gave her $1.50 to play 3 times.

She got really close on the 2nd time, but of course it slipped away.

Sad eyes.

But it was our time to get a table.

Still sad eyes as we sit down.

TB then asks her a series of questions….that went something like this.

“Why do you think they put the claw there for you to play?”

“To make money”

“Yep, that is right”

(Still sad eyes)

“Ok, I have a few questions. How much money did you spend playing the claw”

“First, one dollar, then (counting fingers) 50 cents”

“Ok so how much is that”


“That’s right, and what did you get?”


“But you got to have a little bit of fun?”

(No response)

“Just a little bit of fun?”

“Yes, a little”

“Now you know at Target all those bins full of fun stuff?”


“How much does everything there cost?”


“Right- so which is more $1.50 or $1.0?”

“A dollar”

“That is right…so which would you rather do. Spend $1 and know you were going to get something every time like at Target. Or spend $1.50 on the Claw and maybe get something but probably end up with nothing”

(MB lowers her head)

“spend $1 at Target”

“That’s right” – TB smiles

MB still has those sad eyes. She gets it. She got the answers right…she knew the lesson….

…but even though she knows better she still wants to beat the CLAW.

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