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We are back!!!

Well it has been a little while since I have visited the old blog but as we get ready to turn our family of 4 into a family of 5 I am finding my voice again.

While the blog has been quiet life sure hasn’t been.

We now have a darling little 4th grader who is a bit of a tomboy, loves her futbol & football, Downtown Abbey, claims to be the #1 Colts fan in the world, and is sweet as sugar with a little sass.IMG_4823

TB and I celebrated our first year of marriage and it was just as wonderful as it should have been. To keep it exciting we jumped right into expanding our family (1st dr apt two days after our wedding!) and are now a little more than 4 weeks away from meeting baby B.


You can catch up on the latest here at AZBabyMNOven. This has truly been such an amazing experience, each day I really do need to pinch myself that this is happening. And this gift from the Ks has come with such fun extra bonuses…like extra visits with their family both here and while our paths crossed in OH. We only had one miss when MK and I passed each other in MN as one plane landed and the other one took off!

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We spent the summer traveling, relaxing, watching lots of World Cup, and preparing for Baby B. Baby B prep required a full remodel of MB and my office but it is coming together and I just love it. A fun and modern room for a fun and modern baby!


In living with our theme, lovebug adventures….TB is starting another adventure at work and so it seemed just fitting that we spent our summer getaway in San Fran where the city just seeps innovation. I really cherish these little time-outs we take….no schedule, lots of great food, good wines, and being together. We stayed at the St. Regis San Francisco which is such a wonderful hotel…I absolutely love it and can’t wait for our return trip!


That about does it…not much for just a few months uh 🙂

Now we are washing baby clothes, finishing up the last touches on the nursery and reviewing the newborn checklist to make sure we have everything we need!



Rawhide Western Town

You know when you live some place for a long time then you discover a fun little gem that your out of towners would enjoy…that was Rawhide for us.

Anytime our visitors have kids they always are looking for some “wild west” fun…we have sent them off to towns 60-90min away…turns out there is one right in our backyard at Wild Horse Pass, Rawhide Western Town.

I would highly suggesting getting the full pass for the kids so you don’t to worry about each little extra expense. The shows are cute but really short and I am not sure they are worth the individual price point but if you were able to do 3-4 for the group ticket probably a better deal.

Panning for gold was the biggest hit. That and the extras that walked around the town. The one-off interactions with each other and with the guests really made the experience.

MB and her cousin had a blast and we will totally be sending our next visitors there for a little flavor of the old west.







A day trip to Tuscon

At the beginning of the summer we had a fun day trip up to Tuscon…here is a quick summary of our visit.

1. Found an amazing Mexican restaurant thanks to Becca’s recommendation, Cafe Poca Casa. Amazing. TB and I both with blind with a chef trio plate and both of ours were out of this world, can’t wait to try it again.

2. Visited the oldest catholic church…learned they never finished the construction on one of the steeples so they could avoid paying taxes, tricky.

3. Roadtrips with cousins are lots of fun. MB loves having a buddy to explore and cause trouble with…especially in the backseat!








A perfect start to march

What a wonderful start to March.

The sun was shining. The temps were in the 80s.

So we pulled out the layout chairs and the umbrella for my shade queens.

I managed to get a good hike in and then we even did a family run after a great soccer game. The sky was so blue!

This is why I love Scottsdale. This weather is the best. As I post this sitting outside watching the IU game with the doors open and continue to soak in the outdoors.

I hope March keeps this great weekend weather!




Fun in the sun

Ahhh I love the water and sun.

We went this weekend to visit friends in Havasu.

Today we went out on the boat. Gorgeous sunny day, cool calm waters. We had a picnic, relaxed, and just hung out. Then we wrapped up the boat trip with some tubing. The screams and giggles as we bounced like popcorn on the waves, priceless. It was a perfect Saturday.

After 2 weekends of outdoor fun I’m finally getting my summer tan…yep right at the end of summer.


I’m a believer


We headed to Tucson today for Shrek the musical.

Shrek was awesome. Mb was on the edge of her seat and there were lots of giggles by all of us. They brought the humor to the Musical in true Shrek fashion.

Donkey was great and the King F was played on his knees, a feat in itself.

So worth the drive.

Mb loves going to theatre. Getting dressed up. I always use my powder brush on her face for that extra special touch.

We arrived to Tucson in time for a quick Starbucks (which kept Tb awake through the show) and then afterwards it was time to get some local flavor.

We did a quick google search for Tucson and food network and found a burger dive. Featured on man vs. food home of the 12 paddy burger challenge.

I smiled as the three of us all dressed up walk down the street of the “hippie” district into this burger dive and dug into some delicious burgers. They were out of fries or we would of enjoyed some smothered in ranch and bacon. Lindys on Fourth. Try it if you can.


Weekend in review- Louisville

I am getting back into the swing of things from a weekend away. Caught up on emails. Caught up on mail. Getting there on chores and training runs and finally time to do a little posting.

MB and I spent last weekend in Louisville visiting my best friend and her new little baby boy. My precious godson. What fun we had.

Gorgeous weather and perfect for a day at the zoo, lunch outside, walks in the park, strolls for ice cream.

Even better MB and I got to enjoy the color of fall leaves. Not something we get in Scottsdale. We picked a few to bring back to share with the class. Hopefully the color lasts…I remember something about putting them in wax paper so lets hope that works.

It was fun to be around a little baby again…he is sweet as pie. It was cute watching MB playing with Baby A. She was the total big helper. Watching him on the floor, holding hands and shaking toys in the backseat to keep him happy. I had to laugh as I heard her giving motherly advice. “you get what you get” “you have to earn ice cream”….mini me was at it again.

I have to hand it to my little traveler she was such a champ…we had some delays and there was a lot of travel for a short weekend but I never heard “are we there yet?” “I’m bored”…in fact I was thinking it but she was completely content. Thank goodness!!!!

It’s quiet here this week as MB is visiting family…but I have to finish up this art party and the clock is ticking! Not to mention some Halloween crafty I want to do.

So that’s my weekend…hope everyone else had a great one too!

Our first GS Adventure

In preparation for taking the entire troop next year my co-leader and I decided to take our daughters up for a weekend of camping and Girl Scout fun.

I didn’t really know what to expect…a reason we were doing a dry run with just our girls. We aren’t regular campers I had to go out and get my own sleeping bag.

After a 2 hour drive north and a stop for Happy Meals…we arrived at our campsite.

There was a little confusion on rooms until we settled into our cabin. Our little 1st graders rooming with 4th graders and 3rd graders. They made friends fast and then we settled in for our first night of sleep.

I laid on the bottom bunk and heard the creaking of wooden rails as the girls tossed and turned, the murmurs of whispers as girls kept talking up above, over the next 20min is was like a wave going through the cabin. You could sense when one girl gave in and went to sleep- the soft noises got quieter and quieter until all was still and asleep we went. Till somewhere in the middle of the night storms began and I laid there staring into space till little whispers started again and MB climbed down and joined me for a morning snuggle.

No showers was the rule as they were conserving water. So we changed and headed off to breakfast. 300 girl scouts from our neighborhood. Wow. After breakfast the swapping began.

A new tradition of Girl Scouts- each troop makes some sort of decorative pin that they trade. Felt made smores, clothespins girls, thin mint boxes, you name it….our girls made beaded pins on the ride up and were quick to start swapping. It was like swag for kids.

After clean-up it was time for the Wide Game. Our theme was Mind, Body, and Soul. So we had hair braiding, making soap, yoga, and a self-esteem session with Mrs. Arizona. It was great to watch the stations run by teenagers and then the 4/5th graders helping the younger girls. What great role models and experiences. This is what Girl Scouts is all about.

After the morning session we were on our own for the day. We heading back to the cabin and had our picnic lunch. The girls requested some down time and played quietly up in their bunk….then we headed off for a hike. Spotting a fox flying by…the famous lion king rock which made for some great shots….and a little bit of song singing. Along the way we found a mobile made of pine cones and sticks…so the collection began and we created ours after the hike. Followed by friendship bracelets which brought out a lot of girls and moms too and I found myself channeling my inner middle school girl showing the different ways to make them.

It was great to watch MB braid hers and being so excited that she had mastered braiding. I see lots of hair braiding in my future 🙂

After that it was dinner and s’mores making. Followed by the infamous Girl Scout campfire. Repeater songs, skits, and lots of laughs. MB sitting on my lap so she could see it all- singing aloud together.

We headed back to bed and both girls were quick to climb in bed and crash.

The next morning bright and early MB crawled down again for a snuggle. My heart melted. She had been so independent this weekend, making new friends, exploring, but she was still my sweet little girl who wanted to snuggle up close to her mommy and didn’t care who saw.

There was some stress preparing for the weekend, I was sick, I had a million things on the to-do list at home, but for 2 days I was shut out from the world just me and my girl and 300 other amazing girls and ladies. We made friends. We made memories. We learned new things. The time was simple. The time was pure.

*A note, my self-reflection:  As I laid there and snuggled with MB on the 2nd morning I realized that this experience wouldn’t have happened without the life we have now.  I have so much to be thankful for. The life we have is the life I wanted I always wanted.

Closing in

I can’t believe the summer is almost over…it seems like it just began.

As we come to close I think about the some of our fun summer memories.

A few weeks back we went to visit family in Indy.

We had some classic summer days. Playing soccer in the backyard, swinging as high as we could from the swings. Trying out new tricks in the pool, scaring mommy half to death as we went down inverted down the slide full of play toys.

Trying to eat ice cream cones faster than they melted.

Catching lightning bugs in a dark summer night.

Snuggling up at the end of the day. Tired and warm from the sun…holding each other tight.

Carefree. Unconditional. Doing what we do best.

Summer might be closing in….but those memories keep the smiles strong.

Summer escape

Not for a race. Not for a family visit.

Just an escape for the 2 of us. Planned out at the last-minute.

It couldn’t have been more wonderful.

I have only been out to Colorado in the winter…never in the summer. After this visit that will definitely be changing.

We spent a night in Denver. Had some incredible sushi…flown in fresh from Japan in the morning and the kind you just wish you had sashimi and skipped the rolls. After that we headed to a small wine bar with some live music and enjoyed a bottle plus of some red wine and live music. There weren’t many people in the bar so we had some fun conversations with the band and just enjoyed being adults with no responsibilities.

We got up the next morning, walked to breakfast, and then headed to Vail.

Ahh, Vail. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. I really can’t put into words.

There are 2 little villages about a 15min walk apart and both were alive with activity. On Saturday one had a BBQ festival with pig races and the other an art festival. On Sunday one had a farmers and art market the other one still hosting the art festival. Quaint village shops, good food, and white tents filled with locals and their goods. I was in love.

We did a great hike on Saturday, the altitude gave it some difficulty but the view was worth it.

Saturday night we took the gondola up to the top of the mountain shared a bottle of wine and some cheese, chatted up with the bartender. It was so nice to not have an agenda, to just have the 2 of us, to be in such a great place with wonderful vibes. I can’t wait to go back….just the 2 of us and the whole family too. While it is good to have some one on one adult time we both commented throughout the weekend how much MB would love it too….the place was alive with young families.

We hated to leave but as I got on the plane home I told TB it really felt like a vacation. Even though we were only there for a weekend and didn’t take a day off of work it felt like we had been gone awhile. Refreshed, renewed, ready for a week…now that to me is the perfect summer escape!

If you are heading to Vail here are some of my foodie recommendations:

Pazzo’s Pizzeria– we had one of their special pizza with cilantro and jalapeno. So yummy!

Creperie– we had the hiker sandwich (breakfast bagel) for breakfast and was delicious…then we headed back for a dessert crepe in the afternoon. Fresh fruit and ice cream. What a treat. The service could use some work, but if you are patient the food was worth it

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