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Observing, travel, and a tough job

I was at the airport yesterday afternoon and had to wait on MB’s flight to take off. This meant 15 min sitting at the gate with not much to do. I realized as I watched another crazy gate agent situation that pretty much every time I am not caught up in my world and spend a few minutes observing the interactions at the gate counter it is usually appalling

The gate agents were busy boarding the flight, checking bags for the person who was trying to bring 3 on board, dealing with re-arranging seats for a family with small children that were seated together. Meanwhile a man comes charging up the gate with his wife and little baby. He doesn’t even wait until they acknowledge him he immediately jumps into…”I was on that flight and it is delayed so can you put me on this flight and I will just drive to my destination. I have first class seats so I only want to do it if you put one of us in first class. Wait are you clearing upgrades, no I want that seat and I paid for first class tickets”. (side note he didn’t pay for first class…they were upgraded on their original flight :P)  So now the gate agents stop what they are doing and try to understand what he is asking, mind you the flight is fully boarded and they are trying to get an on time departure, but they attempted to get him and his family on the flight. Now they couldn’t do the first class..they had rules on how those work (the rules probably were crazy, but it’s not their fault). This went on and on for about another 5 min when then the original flight this guy was on starting boarding so without a word he just looked at his wife and said “let’s go board our flight”, leaving the gate agents mid-step realizing it was all for naught.

Now I travel enough and have had some really frustrating gate agent experiences when I swear I am being nice and they are being ridiculous…but then when I watch this situations and I realize I never really know what type of person they had to help before me…or after me.

It has got to be one of the worst jobs…how often does someone come up to you that doesn’t have a problem? Probably never…I mean I don’t.

So Kudos for these gate agents for keeping their cool, laughing it off, and dealing with another crazy situation in a pretty thankless job.

34 Weeks…go to newborn item?

4 weeks and 2 days to go….or less or maybe more.

This weekend’s to do is to make sure we have everything we need for bringing home a newborn.

I ordered diapers and wipes to be sent to MN…excited to try out the new Honest Diaper bundle service. Their designs are so cute!!! Baby B will have the cutest lovebug tush!

The blankets & clothes have been washed and are ready to be worn.

Bottles and pacifiers have been acquired.

A carseat and pack-n-play in MN have been arranged and ours is ready to get hooked up in the car.

The nursery is 95% of the way there.

I am pretty sure the only last thing to buy is formula…..and to make sure we get as much sleep as possible for the next 4 weeks so we have some in reserves ready for those long nights!

It’s been a long time…what is everyone’s favorite or most used newborn item?



We are back!!!

Well it has been a little while since I have visited the old blog but as we get ready to turn our family of 4 into a family of 5 I am finding my voice again.

While the blog has been quiet life sure hasn’t been.

We now have a darling little 4th grader who is a bit of a tomboy, loves her futbol & football, Downtown Abbey, claims to be the #1 Colts fan in the world, and is sweet as sugar with a little sass.IMG_4823

TB and I celebrated our first year of marriage and it was just as wonderful as it should have been. To keep it exciting we jumped right into expanding our family (1st dr apt two days after our wedding!) and are now a little more than 4 weeks away from meeting baby B.


You can catch up on the latest here at AZBabyMNOven. This has truly been such an amazing experience, each day I really do need to pinch myself that this is happening. And this gift from the Ks has come with such fun extra bonuses…like extra visits with their family both here and while our paths crossed in OH. We only had one miss when MK and I passed each other in MN as one plane landed and the other one took off!

View More:

We spent the summer traveling, relaxing, watching lots of World Cup, and preparing for Baby B. Baby B prep required a full remodel of MB and my office but it is coming together and I just love it. A fun and modern room for a fun and modern baby!


In living with our theme, lovebug adventures….TB is starting another adventure at work and so it seemed just fitting that we spent our summer getaway in San Fran where the city just seeps innovation. I really cherish these little time-outs we take….no schedule, lots of great food, good wines, and being together. We stayed at the St. Regis San Francisco which is such a wonderful hotel…I absolutely love it and can’t wait for our return trip!


That about does it…not much for just a few months uh 🙂

Now we are washing baby clothes, finishing up the last touches on the nursery and reviewing the newborn checklist to make sure we have everything we need!



Nursery Decisions

We are few weeks away from demo…waiting until after our next round of company leaves 🙂 but the planning is coming together.

This one wasn’t as easy as the other bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, or basically this was probably the toughest one we have tackled so far. Coming up with colors and patterns that made everyone happy was a challenge.

I am so thankful we have H helping again! She stopped by last week and dropped off lots of choices for us to review.


Belly buds and 22 weeks

I can’t believe how fast it is going!

22 weeks. Our little girl is pretty active in MKs belly and last week the rest of the Ks got to feel her kick! Can’t wait to feel it ourselves in a few weeks.

Baby B has also got her hearing now! Since we can’t be around her we had to great creative.

That’s where belly buds come in…


…a pretty cool invention for surrogate pregnancies if you ask me!

We just record messages and send them via their VoiceShare software to MK and she can play them to her belly buddy!

And if MK listens to them she is probably going to get a good laugh too 🙂

Our first trial was at bedtime and it didn’t process right- which is probably a good thing since most of the time we were “yelling” so the recorder could hear us!

The 2nd time we recorded we got it right. I just put the laptop on the table at breakfast and hit play. We all had a little fun and then just did our regular routine- signing off by calling Baby B by 3 different names…the poor girl might have a little confusion in the name department if this keeps up 🙂

It was great to hear from MK later that night that Baby B had heard from her family 4 times that evening.

Happy days!!!

How baby registries have changed

I will repeat myself over and over again for a while I imagine…10 years changes a lot.

Baby gear is just one of those changes.

Here are the top 5 things I learned when registering for Baby B.

1. The bottles I used with MB are no longer in production and of course TB in true form was quick to say oh yeah they were taken off the market for being so dangerous for babies…its a good thing you survived MB…who looked at me pleading please tell me daddy is kidding. He was and and we have now scanned our first baby item, Tommee Tippee bottles. Bet this gives you a little insight into how the first family registry event went!

2. There is a new store on the baby market and at least in my area gets 5 stars. After not seeing some strollers I wanted to check out the clerk told me to go check out BuyBuyBaby, who I learned are part of Bed, Bath, & Beyond. Not only were the displays so much better but we had a sales rep that was amazing..he walked us through each item we wanted in the store and gave demos and pros/cons along with his recommendations on all products. LIFESAVER!!!! From what I have heard this isn’t a unique experience and when I went back yesterday I got the same kind of help…I am in love!

3. You can now pick a carseat and pick a stroller and just get the adapter that makes the 2 work together. No more need for one travel system and then another rugged stroller to handle the soccer fields…I got the stroller we needed with the safest car seat we wanted. Score.

4. 10 years did not change my favorite diaper bag. Still love the style and design of Petunia Pickle Bottom. Have I mentioned I love the name too!!!!

5. I learned that you don’t really need as much stuff as you think. No more jumperoo for the 4 times MB really jumped in it. No more swing/rocker/chair- going with one piece of equipment that does it all. Yes all the stuff is cute and fun to have but do we really need all those choices. Less means less to pick-up and find a home for!

And on top of all that I learned that MB really doesn’t want much pink in the house…no pink pacifiers, no pink nail clippers, every once in a while she gave in when the obvious other choice was very boyish but other than that she preferred clear over pink! I also learned that 30 min is about the full attn span I can get from my love bugs combined…after that we had MB testing out mobiles, and TB saying we can’t get this one I can’t figure it out (note mobiles were not on our list to look at) and then TB sitting in strollers and MB pushing him around on test drives. Yep time to get them out of the store!!!




Holiday cards..check! #minted

Ok first off I promise I have not been abducted by aliens or quit my job….but in my possession right now the day after Thanksgiving…my Holiday cards- addressed, stamped and ready to be stuffed. I can’t really believe it myself. I am never that together.

I have to say that Minted help make it really easy this year. I got the new holiday catalog in the mail which of course reminded me that I really don’t want to wait till the week before Christmas this year…I used Minted last year and really didn’t think about going anywhere else. I loved their designs and all the options you can do with the paper and envelopes…this year’s Minted’s holiday cards really are perfect for the trends– modern, chalkboard art, metallic….I loved so many of them.

The first one I thought about for this year was…


It would be fitting but TB didn’t love it!. So then I uploaded a few photos and they have this awesome feature where your selected photo/photos are automatically shown on all the cards. You can also select the options for how many photos you want to include both front and back…like I said so many options but all so simple to use!

I am a visual person so being able to see my own photo in the card layout makes finding the perfect one so easy. After going through a few pages and narrowing down the ones I liked best I called the family in for making the final decisions…but that is when I saw this card with our photo in place and I knew this one was the one.


It is just perfect for our family! So much JOY is right!!!

On the back we had options too…we added a few more photos, a note to our friends & family!

Then it was time for the hard stuff…Minted has paper options, paper cut options, envelope liner..the options are endless and at the end I always feel like the card is just mine!

They also had a new feature this year where I could load up my addresses and they would address the envelopes for me…yep that is another reason they were ready to go. I already had my excel list so in less than 2 min it was uploaded and saved me writing each one out!

When you check out Minted, look at their stationary too…I picked up a few note cards for MB’s teachers, perfect personalized holiday gifts!

I also have to mention the customer service at Minted in amazing. When the box arrived the cards, addressed envelopes, and liners were all perfect- but I was missing the few envelopes that I didn’t have addresses for. I sent Minted an email and within a few hours I had a response and confirmation that they were shipping out the extra envelopes that next day. What surprised me further was then an hour later the customer service rep emailed me again to say she double checked the shipping info and it would be 2 days and she just wanted me to be aware…one simple email- problem solved- and updates showing that didn’t keep me guessing. Nowadays I don’t feel like you get that kinda of service often so it is just wonderful when it is so easy!!!

Now I am off to enlist MB to help me stuff them so I can get our holidays cards out in the mail on Dec 1st!!!


Full Disclosure…..after I had ordered my cards and stationary I was contacted by Minted to do a site review in exchange for a credit with Minted which of course I said yes too as you can see how much I love them! Now to figure out who I forgot about for the holidays…or maybe something just for me 🙂






Rawhide Western Town

You know when you live some place for a long time then you discover a fun little gem that your out of towners would enjoy…that was Rawhide for us.

Anytime our visitors have kids they always are looking for some “wild west” fun…we have sent them off to towns 60-90min away…turns out there is one right in our backyard at Wild Horse Pass, Rawhide Western Town.

I would highly suggesting getting the full pass for the kids so you don’t to worry about each little extra expense. The shows are cute but really short and I am not sure they are worth the individual price point but if you were able to do 3-4 for the group ticket probably a better deal.

Panning for gold was the biggest hit. That and the extras that walked around the town. The one-off interactions with each other and with the guests really made the experience.

MB and her cousin had a blast and we will totally be sending our next visitors there for a little flavor of the old west.







A little state love


When I saw these guest totes by wedding chicks I knew I had to get them. Reusable bags and cute enough to reuse plus I loved giving some Arizona love to go with our desert love wedding.

Thanks to our wedding planner thinking ahead we even got the fonts to match our invites. Can’t wait for them to arrive.
Then the next project is to fill them with more AZ love!


New favorite- Twistband

So I got my first Birchbox this week. I think I am in love. What a great new way to keep up with the latest trends and test out the products.

I have only tested out the gel cleanser from Wei to go so far and I love the packaging- just wish the directions told me if I should apply on a wet or dry face. It does seem like a handy little travel pack.

My favorite find so far is the Twistband– in fact I am ordering more was we speak. I live in ponytails in the summer with the Arizona heat and really year round weather at work or at home the hair is up a lot of the time. Half my issue is I wear it up and then it is creased when I take it out leaving me no choice but to either way and re-do or keep wearing it up.

These Twistbands seem to have solved that dilemma. They are soft and pretty- giving a little more style then the standard elastic and they don’t crease my hair. I got one sample in the box and I haven’t worn anything else since then. In love.

So I just had to share…and while I wish they were giving them to me free for review they aren’t, but I wanted to share with you- I like them that much!

Now I can’t wait for my October Birchbox- hopefully I will have a new love that I have to share again!


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