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Joy of Love: Day 4

Day 4


As I type this I realize I should of taken a photo of the gymboree tag.

We are a very heavily influenced Gymboree house.

At first I was just in love with all their lines.

Now I love a lot of their stuff and I get gift cards (the one good thing I got out of all my divorce lawyer bills) so we do a lot of gymboree shopping.

But that is not what I took photos of. As I got MB ready this morning it was the bow. It is a rare moment my girl doesn’t have a bow in her hair. We have ever color you can imagine. The holidays are covered too. I realize that as she has gotten bigger we need to be getting some bigger bows for the collection…cause bows are worn everyday!

And since MB didn’t quite understand how I just wanted photos of her bow…we got a few extra shots and one that might be my new favorite of her and MB.

Joy of Love: Day 3

Day 3

Then and Now

I had to focus on MB for this one.

I started with one focus but I can’t help but look back at photos of MB through the years, so took 2 different sets on this one. The first one are photos all mine. The 2nd one (through the years has older photos taken by others)

It is hard to believe has only been 6 mths since MB started Kindergarten. In that time she has changed so much. One thing is the teeth.

Here was when she lost her first tooth.

Now less than 6 months later. She has lost a total of 4. Two have been replaced with two adult teeth and the other two have left a huge gap and a lisp!

Now some of these in the early years were taken by others…I would give credit if I remembered. What am amazing journey it has been.

One week old

One Year Old

2 years old

3 years old

4 years old

5 years old

Today- 6 years old!!

Joy of Love: Day 2

Day 2 of the challenge.


I decided to go with Indy, our puppy, today.

We haven’t taken any photos of her recently and she has grown so much.

Plus it is freezing here today (30 degrees!!!!) yes freezing for us in Arizona.

So TB and I are snug in our sweats and not picture ready- yeah the joys of working from home.

I really loved the tip of getting on level ground with the subject.

This meant laying on the floor for photos..but totally worth it!

The Joy of Love: Day One

Ok, I never can have too much on my plate right??

I ran across this photography project for Febuary tonight and really want to see if I can do it.

I am really starting to enjoy playing and editing with photos and using the SLR camera more…it is kinda addictive.

Today’s challenge which I got 30min ago…since I was late to the game is WHAT THEY DO.

Since MB was already asleep I had to track down TB in the office.

A long 14 hour day and still plugging away. Since it was already dark out wasn’t much to be done with the light…so went black and white.

During the day Indy can be found sleeping in the office while TB works….that is when I am gone!

This totally symbolizes TB in what he does….The classic THINKER pose