Belly buds and 22 weeks

I can’t believe how fast it is going!

22 weeks. Our little girl is pretty active in MKs belly and last week the rest of the Ks got to feel her kick! Can’t wait to feel it ourselves in a few weeks.

Baby B has also got her hearing now! Since we can’t be around her we had to great creative.

That’s where belly buds come in…


…a pretty cool invention for surrogate pregnancies if you ask me!

We just record messages and send them via their VoiceShare software to MK and she can play them to her belly buddy!

And if MK listens to them she is probably going to get a good laugh too 🙂

Our first trial was at bedtime and it didn’t process right- which is probably a good thing since most of the time we were “yelling” so the recorder could hear us!

The 2nd time we recorded we got it right. I just put the laptop on the table at breakfast and hit play. We all had a little fun and then just did our regular routine- signing off by calling Baby B by 3 different names…the poor girl might have a little confusion in the name department if this keeps up 🙂

It was great to hear from MK later that night that Baby B had heard from her family 4 times that evening.

Happy days!!!

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