Holiday cards..check! #minted

Ok first off I promise I have not been abducted by aliens or quit my job….but in my possession right now the day after Thanksgiving…my Holiday cards- addressed, stamped and ready to be stuffed. I can’t really believe it myself. I am never that together.

I have to say that Minted help make it really easy this year. I got the new holiday catalog in the mail which of course reminded me that I really don’t want to wait till the week before Christmas this year…I used Minted last year and really didn’t think about going anywhere else. I loved their designs and all the options you can do with the paper and envelopes…this year’s Minted’s holiday cards really are perfect for the trends– modern, chalkboard art, metallic….I loved so many of them.

The first one I thought about for this year was…


It would be fitting but TB didn’t love it!. So then I uploaded a few photos and they have this awesome feature where your selected photo/photos are automatically shown on all the cards. You can also select the options for how many photos you want to include both front and back…like I said so many options but all so simple to use!

I am a visual person so being able to see my own photo in the card layout makes finding the perfect one so easy. After going through a few pages and narrowing down the ones I liked best I called the family in for making the final decisions…but that is when I saw this card with our photo in place and I knew this one was the one.


It is just perfect for our family! So much JOY is right!!!

On the back we had options too…we added a few more photos, a note to our friends & family!

Then it was time for the hard stuff…Minted has paper options, paper cut options, envelope liner..the options are endless and at the end I always feel like the card is just mine!

They also had a new feature this year where I could load up my addresses and they would address the envelopes for me…yep that is another reason they were ready to go. I already had my excel list so in less than 2 min it was uploaded and saved me writing each one out!

When you check out Minted, look at their stationary too…I picked up a few note cards for MB’s teachers, perfect personalized holiday gifts!

I also have to mention the customer service at Minted in amazing. When the box arrived the cards, addressed envelopes, and liners were all perfect- but I was missing the few envelopes that I didn’t have addresses for. I sent Minted an email and within a few hours I had a response and confirmation that they were shipping out the extra envelopes that next day. What surprised me further was then an hour later the customer service rep emailed me again to say she double checked the shipping info and it would be 2 days and she just wanted me to be aware…one simple email- problem solved- and updates showing that didn’t keep me guessing. Nowadays I don’t feel like you get that kinda of service often so it is just wonderful when it is so easy!!!

Now I am off to enlist MB to help me stuff them so I can get our holidays cards out in the mail on Dec 1st!!!


Full Disclosure…..after I had ordered my cards and stationary I was contacted by Minted to do a site review in exchange for a credit with Minted which of course I said yes too as you can see how much I love them! Now to figure out who I forgot about for the holidays…or maybe something just for me :)







  1. Love the card you picked out!! Though I am a bit jealous your cards are all ready to go ;)


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